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ConocoPhillips Corporate Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address, and Corporate Office Info

ConocoPhillips is a U.S. oil and gas business formed in 2002 when Phillips Petroleum and Conoco merged. ConocoPhillips was a fully integrated petroleum business from 2002 to 2012, active in all stages of the industry from exploration and drilling to wellhead production, refining, and final product marketing. The company’s “upstream” and “downstream” segments were broken off in 2012. ConocoPhillips thereafter became an upstream firm, exploring and producing crude oil and natural gas resources all over the world, as well as oil sands in Canada.

Phillips 66, a separate corporation engaged in the refining and marketing of petroleum products around the world under brand names such as Phillips 66, 76, and Jet, as well as the parent company’s holdings in the manufacturing of petrochemicals, was formed from the former downstream parts. The new ConocoPhillips and Phillips 66 companies split off “midstream” activities like natural gas processing and transportation. The headquarters of both companies are in Houston, Texas. Phillips was founded in 1917 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, to purchase Frank and L.E. Phillips’ oil-producing estates in Oklahoma and Kansas. The purchase of a refinery in 1927 paved the way for the company’s evolution into an integrated oil company.

The same year, it established its first gas station and started selling the Phillips 66 brand, which was inspired by a road test of a new fuel in which the car attained a speed of 66 miles per hour on Highway 66. Phillips Chemical Firm, a subsidiary of the company, was founded in 1948. In the mid-1980s, Phillips was successful in avoiding two aggressive takeovers. It bought Tosco Corporation in 2001, which owns the 76 brand of gasoline and the Circle K convenience store chain.

Phillips worked in all aspects of the petroleum industry, including exploration and development, transportation, refining and processing, marketing, and distribution. It built significant oil and gas holdings in the North Sea, Venezuela, Alaska, and off the coast of China, with refineries, pipelines, and tankers as part of its activities.

Phillips had subsidiaries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and East Asia, and sold gasoline for automobiles and aeroplanes, oils and greases, kerosene, and liquefied gas. ConocoPhillips offered gasoline brands such as Phillips 66, Conoco, and 76 in the United States, as well as Jet and SECA in various European and Asian nations, after the 2002 merger.

Continental Oil Corporation, or Conoco, is a former American petroleum company that was founded in 1875 in Ogden, Utah, as the Continental Oil and Transportation Company. In 2002, ConocoPhillips merged with Phillips Petroleum Company to form ConocoPhillips.

It was reincorporated in 1885 as part of the countrywide Standard Oil trust, under the new name Continental Oil Company (see Standard Oil Company and Trust). Its primary business in the early years were the selling of oil and allied products, primarily in the Rocky Mountain region and California. The corporation was re-incorporated in 1913, two years after the Standard Oil combine was dissolved by the United States Supreme Court. Continental Oil became a fully integrated oil corporation between 1913 and 1929. It had operations in most states west of the Mississippi River, including filling stations, and its activities spanned from production to marketing.

Conoco had 1,800 producing wells and sold half of the gasoline consumed in the Rocky Mountain states by 1929. It amalgamated with Marland Oil Company (established 1917), which had wells and marketing operations from Oklahoma to Maryland, that same year. Conoco purchased fields or refineries in Louisiana, Canada, Libya, Dubai, the North Sea, and Indonesia after WWII. It bought Consolidation Coal Firm, the second largest coal company in the United States, in 1966 and began mining uranium and copper shortly after. Chemicals, plastics, and fertiliser businesses were later diversifications.

It was bought by E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Company in 1981 and renamed the Continental Group. The company also had interests in coal, other ores, and chemicals, in addition to petroleum products. Conoco broke away from Du Pont in 1998 and operated as a separate entity until merging with Phillips Petroleum in 2002 to establish ConocoPhillips.

ConocoPhillips Corporate Headquarters Address and Phone Number
The company is based in TX , United States. Do you have anything to share with the corporate headquarters? If yes, please take a note of the headquarters address of name Inc. below:
ConocoPhillips Corporate Headquarters Address


P.O. Box 30170

College Station, TX 77842
United States.

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ConocoPhillips Headquarters Address:  Computershare, P.O. Box 30170, College Station, TX 77842

ConocoPhillips Headquarters Phone Number: 281-293-1000.

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