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Wi Ha-Joon Wiki/Bio

Millions of people all over the world became enamored with Netflix’s survival K-drama Squid Game, especially one of its stars: Wi Ha-Joon.

According to the storyline, a group of people enters a million-pound game for the chance to win their lives. Wi Ha-Joon plays Detective Hwang Jun-ho, who infiltrates the game in search of his older brother and meets the other contestants. The Squid Game cast and the South Korean actor have captivated viewers, and it’s hard to blame them. They’re also extremely popular amongst us!

Prior to the Netflix series, rising star Wi Ha-Joon had a number of noteworthy roles. The actor, on the other hand, is a mystery. Let’s get started, shall we? His birthday is August 5, which makes him a Leo. Wi Ha-Joon was born on that date, in 1991. Two months ago, he turned 30. He’s still young at heart.

Wi Ha-Joon has 6.5 million Instagram followers under the handle @wi wi. Photographs from behind the scenes of his shows and of him as a model have fans swooning.

Despite the fact that Wi Ha-Joon has only been acting since 2016, he has already appeared in a number of critically acclaimed blockbuster films and television series. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum, a South Korean horror film from 2018, gave him his first break as a leading man. Additionally, he has appeared in smaller roles in films like Something in the Rain and Romance is a Bonus Book, which earned him a nomination for Best New Actor at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards in his native South Korea.

In December 2021, he’ll be seen in the police drama Bad and Crazy. According to Wi Ha-Instagram, Joon’s which doesn’t reveal anything about his personal life, he isn’t currently seeing anyone. The actor appears to be very private in his personal life.

Even so, he makes up for it by sharing adorable photos of himself with his niece! Wi Ha-Joon opened up about what first drew him to the role of detective Jun Ho in an interview with Sports Chosun translated by Soompi. His character was “incredibly charming,” he said, but he also said the role was very lonely because he often had to perform alone.

Wi Ha-Joon expressed his admiration for the character in an interview with Men’s Health Korea: “After skimming the script, I was blown away by how engaging it was. I wanted to be a part of something new, and I adored the lead character, Hwang Joon Ho.” We have nothing but praise for them! The actress, who turned 30 in August, is from South Korea’s South Jeolla Province. This is what he said about his father: He runs an abalone farm, he said on the show Problem Child in the House.

Being a family-oriented person, Wi cherishes the time he gets to spend with his niece and nephew. Several Instagram videos show them having fun on a swing set or Wi’s niece kissing him on the cheek, prompting Wi to write, “whether it’s a kiss or a headbutt, I am healed best because of you”. While he made his directorial debut with the short film Peace in Them in 2012, it took him until Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum to get his big break (2018).

Wi has roles in two other films this year, as well, including Squid Game and Shark: The Beginning. In December, he will star as “K” alongside Lee Dong-Wook and Han Ji-Eun in TVN’s K-drama Bad and Crazy. We starred as a successful book designer in the K-drama Romance is a Bonus Book (2019), where he attracted attention for his bromance with fellow actor Lee Jong-suk.

For Soompi, his character’s personality matches his own: “I get along with men while playfully fighting,” he said in an interview. Lee Jong-suk was extremely gracious in his hospitality and took excellent care of me throughout my stay in Seoul. He also gave me a lot of encouragement and praise, which made me feel at ease on set.”

We almost caused a stir when he went shirtless for the first time during a recent cover shoot for Men’s Health Korea. The actor talked candidly about his fitness regimen during the interview.

Ever since I was in the military, I’ve used weight training to bulk up and get in shape. The flu pandemic has forced him to work out at home instead of the gym five days a week. As evidenced by his Instagram profile, the South Korean actor enjoys a variety of sports, including acrobatics and volleyball. Wi said he enjoys the show in an interview with Men’s Health Korea. In a blink of an eye, I finished reading the script and was blown away by how engaging it was.” As far as he’s aware, it was something new to see.

Lee Jung-Jae, the star of Squid Game, appears in very few scenes with Wi’s character, but Wi is a fan and has said that Lee’s acting “deeply inspired” him.

According to Wi’s own admission in an interview with K Bi Zoom, he was nervous about playing his on-screen brother opposite veteran Korean actor Lee Byung-hun… However, it ended up being a fantastic experience. The experience of working with you was even better than I had hoped for.” When we’re not on-screen, he still takes good care of me, and that touched me.”


Wi Hyeon-Yi is Wi Ha-actual joon’s name. He chose the name “Ha-Joon” as a stage name because the CEO of his entertainment company said the meaning of his real name wasn’t good. Wi Ha-Joon, by the way, is an uncommon last name in Korea. The surname “Wi” is not as common as “Kim,” “Park,” or “Lee.” It was revealed during Wi Ha-appearance joon’s as a guest on KBS’s variety show Problem Child in House that he had to tell a lie in order to get the role of Coin Locker Girl.

Wi Ha-Joon had to be able to drive and smoke in order to be considered for the role. He lied about his smoking and driving habits to get through the audition and get his big break as an actor, despite the fact that he wasn’t either. The audition for Coin Locker Girl went well for Wi Ha-Joon by chance. With only three weeks to prepare for his debut film, he was forced to obtain a driver’s license and learn to smoke.

Wi Ha-Joon quit smoking after the production of Coin Locker Girl was completed. Today, he’s a non-smoker! Wando County, in South Jeolla Province, is where Wi Ha-Joon grew up. He formerly resided on the island of Soando. This means that he was raised speaking a dialect other than the standard dialect of Seoul or Gyeonggi, which is called satori (regional dialect). Ha-Joon relocated to Seoul at the age of 18 to pursue his acting career goal of becoming a famous actor. Pursuing his dream, on the other hand, was a difficult undertaking because it required him to learn the Seoul dialect while simultaneously eradicating satori.

Wi Ha-Joon had to go to great lengths to become fluent in the dialect of Seoul. For example, he didn’t talk on the phone with his hometown friends for over a year because they only spoke satori. Wi Ha-Joon portrayed a murderer in the 2021 thriller film Midnight. He’d been bulking up for a while and was about 76kg when he started filming for Midnight. However, in order to play a lanky murderer in Midnight, he had to shed 13 pounds of weight quickly. Other than dieting, he researched the profiles of various serial killers, looking for traits that could help him succeed.

However, assuming the persona of a murderer had its own set of difficulties. To put it another way, Wi Ha-Joon found it difficult to stop thinking about his role even after the filming was over. Wi Ha-Joon revealed in a Netflix interview that he was a member of the school’s dance team in middle and high school. He loved to dance so much that when he first arrived in Seoul, he wanted to be on stage as a dancer rather than an actor.

Earlier this week, he shared a cover of Noze’s Street Woman Fighter song Hey Mama on his Instagram page. This quick cover was a hit with his followers and quickly went viral. Many criticized Wi Ha-acting Joon’s and dancing abilities, as well as his physique. But Wi Ha-favorite Joon’s food isn’t just any instant noodles; it’s a special kind. It was revealed in an interview with Netflix that his preferred pairing for instant noodles was abalone. To make shabu-shabu-style abalone, you must blanch it in piping hot ramen soup.

Wi Ha-Joon stated during the Squid Game press conference that if he were to win, he would use the winnings to open a gym. Nothing about him is a mystery when it comes to his love of working out at the gym. A recent article about Ha-Joon appeared in Men’s Health, which featured him as a cover model. Wi Ha-Joon had just over 300,000 Instagram followers prior to the release of Squid Game. The number of Squid Game’s Instagram followers is increasing at a rapid pace now that the game has gone global.

Mark and Taeyong from NCT DUO have more followers than him right now. The SHINee member even has a larger fanbase than Taemin. Given Taemin’s K-pop clout, this is a huge accomplishment. Popular South Korean actor from the hit Netflix series Squid Game, best known as Hwang Joon-ho. As well as Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum and Midnight, he has a long list of film credits to his name.

Born in Wando County, South Jeolla Province, South Korea, he was raised in South Korea. He posted pictures of himself having fun with his niece on Instagram. Despite his success as a K-drama star and worldwide sex symbol as Ha-Joon, who portrays Hwang Jun-ho in the show, Ha-Joon is dedicated to improving Asian representation in the media.

New and original Korean work will let the world enjoy Korean content in the future, I hope, as we continue to see more diverse Asian representation in a variety of roles. Police officer Hwang Jun-ho goes undercover to find his missing brother by participating in the deadly games. Ha-Joon plays Hwang Jun-ho.

As a result, I went into the audition feeling like I had to do this project because it featured incredible actors and a fantastic director. In a recent interview about the show, he stated, “I really wanted to do well” (via Soompi). Because he had his own story and introduced viewers to various events, I thought Jun Ho was charming when I first saw the script, even though the actor didn’t get much screen time. As an actor, I had to work hard to track down my older brother while also documenting what was going on inside, so I focused on maintaining the tension throughout the scene. The character there with the best sense of justice was him because he was honest and determined. All he would change is to have more scenes with his Squid Game co-stars if given the chance.

Facts About Wi Ha-Joon :

Birthday/Birth Date: 5 August 1991
Birth Place: Soan-myeon, Wando-gun, South Korea
Age: 30 Years old
Official TikTok:
Occupation: actor 
Height: 1.8m.
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Wi Ha-Joon: NA
Net worth: NA
Total TikTok Fans/Followers: NA
Facebook Fans:  NA
Twitter Followers: NA
Total Instagram Followers: 7.7m followers
Total YouTube Followers: 262 subscribers

Some Important Facts About Wi Ha-Joon :

1. Wi Ha-Joon birth date is 5 August 1991 (age 30 years)

2. Wi Ha-Joon’s age is 30 years.

3. Wi Ha-Joon’s birth sign is Leo.

4. Wi Ha-Joon height is 1.8m.

5. Wi Ha-Joon’s net worth is $3 million.

Wi Ha-Joon Fan Mail address: NA

Wi Ha-Joon Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail, and More Details

Wi Ha-Joon Phone Number, Email ID, Address, Fanmail, Tiktok and More
Email AddressNA
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wiha.joon.9
House address (residence address)Soan-myeon, Wando-gun, South Korea
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/wi__wi__wi/
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Phone NumberNA
Snapchat IdNA
TicTok IdNA
Twitter NA
Whatsapp No.NA

Wi Ha-Joon Phone Number:

Wi Ha-Joon Address: Soan-myeon, Wando-gun, South Korea

Wi Ha-Joon Phone Number: NA

Wi Ha-Joon Whatsapp Number: NA

Wi Ha-Joon Email ID/ Email Address: NA

Wi Ha-Joon Social Profiles

Wi Ha-Joon Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/wiha.joon.9

Wi Ha-Joon Twitter Handle: NA

Wi Ha-Joon Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/wi__wi__wi/

Wi Ha-Joon Snapchat Profile: NA

Wi Ha-Joon YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0g17yy-vKLfYEifOGBA1-A

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