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The average 19-year-old American is spending their second year of college balancing their academic obligations with their desire to have a covert Friday night party in their roommate’s dorm room with a keg of Old Milwaukee.

A 19-year-old Nashville Predators player, Seth Jones, is everything but typical.

The Predators’ fourth overall choice in the 2013 NHL draught has performed admirably since making the team out of training camp. As a result of colleagues’ injuries, Jones has been able to play a significant role in the team’s success, while coping with greater expectations and the demands of a high-pressure job. When it comes to adapting to the professional lifestyle, Jones has an advantage that few sportsmen possess.

Popeye Jones, Popeye Jones’ father, is an assistant coach with the Indiana Pacers and spent 11 seasons in the NBA. It was during this time that Amy Jones relocated from her home in New York City to Tennessee to be there for her son and provide him with much-needed assistance. Barry Trotz, the coach of the Nashville Predators, has found it easier to manage a 19-year-old player because of Jones’ smooth transition.

When it comes to Seth, “I’ll say this about Seth—got he’s a fairly decent teacher with his father and his mother,” Trotz stated. The advice he has received from both of them has been excellent,” says his friend. For a 19-year-old, he has a very mature demeanor. Compared to some of our older players, I think he’s a lot more mature than he appears to be.

His upbringing may have had an impact on him, but I don’t think that’s the whole picture. As a top draught pick and having a rich background, he’s handled the limelight very well. The word “mature” comes to me right away. His mother, Jones says, is a huge help throughout the season because who really wants to cook for themselves at the age of 19? Aside from that, it’s not all that different from his time spent playing in the WHL with the Portland Winterhawks and staying with a host family who provided him with food and lodging during the season.

It’s not like Jones hates going home because he has a wonderful relationship with his mother, he said. “However, it’s very much like having a billet mother. She prepares dinner for the family. She’s very attentive to my needs.” New York Rangers forward Michael Del Zotto has a fair notion of what Jones is going through this season, despite the fact that Del Zotto didn’t have as comfortable a situation in his rookie season.

Del Zotto, like Jones, was 19 when he made his NHL debut in the 2009-10 season after being selected in the first round. In contrast, Del Zotto lived with teammate Brian Boyle, a 25-year-old stranger, for his first season after playing an additional season in the Ontario Hockey League. Due to the fact that Del Zotto’s father moved him from city to city when he was growing up in Stouffville, Ontario, he wasn’t properly prepared for life in New York City.

In Del Zotto’s case, relocating from a small hamlet to New York City was a major adjustment. However, the initial few minutes of the film were a little too fast-paced for my taste. It was difficult at first, but you get used to it as you adapt to a new way of life.

That was a lot of fun. We lived together. To be honest, it was just great fun because we were both a few years older than each other and he was always there to lend a helping hand. I had no idea what it was like to be a kid and have to deal with things like renting a place and making rent payments. When it came to things outside of the rink, he was a big assistance.”

All 82 games will be played by Jones. This accomplishment would make him only the 17th NHL defenceman to play at least 80 games as a teenager.

One thing that both Jones and Del Zotto have in common is that they had just started a new job.

Isolation is possible for a 19-year-old who is surrounded by folks in their late-20s and 30s. What 27-year-old in their right mind would want to spend time off the ice with a teen, anyway? Playing video games with someone’s mother is a no-no. This isn’t going to be a good time for anyone.

But Ryan Ellis, the 11th choice in the 2009 draught, and Mattias Ekholm, who is 23 years old, have become close friends. Despite the fact that Jones and Ellis share a dorm room on the road, Jones says he hasn’t felt left out for a second.

Rush, the Ron Howard-directed Chris Hemsworth race car flick starring Chris Hemsworth, was recently enjoyed by Ellis and Jones, according to Ellis.

For the first time in years, this year’s team is a tight-knit one, according to Jones. Having Elly as my roommate this year has been wonderful. What’s that? We’re having a great time together. Ekky and I spend a lot of time together. The younger members of the group tend to stick together, while the elder members tend to go their own way.

A young Rangers squad in 2009 helped Del Zotto acclimatize to life in New York City, but he still struggled with the transition when he arrived for rookie camp in 2008.

The first time I was drafted, I arrived here alone for a month and felt completely at a loss. It was a difficult time for Del Zotto.

“My first year, we had a youthful team. A big aid was the presence of younger men who made you feel like you were still a youngster. With Boyler by my side, I was able to make the adjustment simpler and feel like I wasn’t alone. Having the support of everyone in the office made the transfer a lot smoother.

Seth Jones Phone Number


All-Star in the National Hockey League One exception to this rule was that Seth Jones was taught to be colorblind, except when it came to tracking down a black puck in the dark.

“Popeye” Jones (his father) was a former NBA star and his white mother was a college professor; they reared him in that way. Some African-American kids have come up to me and told me that I was their favorite player,” Seth Jones told The Undefeated. “It’s nice to hear that.”

It appears like they are wearing my T-shirt jersey. Wow, that’s a great idea. I’m on board with any and all efforts to improve the game in any way possible. If you see a black kid yelling for hockey or me, you’ll know it’s an uncommon thing. We all get delighted when we witness something like that.”

In 1958, Willie O’Ree became the first black player to play in the NHL. Today, there are only 18 black players on the 30 NHL teams, including Seth Jones. Additionally, it appears to be a genetic trait. Among the three black players on the USA Hockey junior squad that won the IHF World Junior Championship last week was Caleb, his younger brother.

A brighter future for black players in the NHL can be seen. Although there are only a few black NHL players, they don’t think it’s important to draw attention to their group.

As a member of the black community, “we don’t single each other out,” Seth Jones remarked. What they and I aren’t in favor of is “singling out five guys and attempting to differentiate us from everyone else.”

Seth Jones is proud of his African-American background, but he didn’t grow up in a predominantly black neighborhood.. The suburbs of Denver and Dallas, where he was raised, were overwhelmingly white and prosperous. From his hockey world, he was surrounded by mostly Caucasian, Canadian or European friends. The Dallas Mavericks’ former guards, Jason Kidd and Jason Terry, whom his father coached, were among those he interacted with.

A more predominantly white neighborhood was the norm for Seth Jones growing up. It was a Christian school where I went.” My favorite sport is ice hockey. I was exposed to a lot of white kids as a child. This is how I see myself. I am both black and white. I don’t fit into either category. While playing, “I’m just another human,” I tell myself. He was echoed in that regard by his mother, Amy, who explained how she reared her children.

“We rarely, if ever, talked about race,” she claimed. No one in my family or my children’s circle of friends ever had an issue with it. People are just that: people. Our discussion was actually more about kids who are less affluent or less well-liked, and how to intervene if you witness them being bullied or mistreated by other students. In my memory, they have never had to deal with racism in any kind whatsoever. “They’ve had a great deal of luck,” he said.

Popeye Jones, Seth’s father, grew raised in Dresden, Tennessee, a small town. About 95% of the population is Caucasian, with only 4% being African American. After playing high school basketball at Dresden High School and earning two Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year honors at Murray State, the former basketball star claims to have never encountered any race-related concerns.

Popeye Jones claimed, “I didn’t have any racism issues in Tennessee.” Several of my pals have admitted to me that they’ve had racial issues in the past. Then then, I had a large group of white pals who played sports with me. With the majority of students being Caucasian, I never had any issues.

“You were aware of [racist].” You’ve always wished to protect your children from the dangers of it. They were informed about it by you. You’ve heard stories about some people. In any case, the underlying message was always one of empowerment: “You’re unique, and you can succeed at anything in life.'” His sons grew up to become NHL All-Stars and potential NHL stars, according to the 11-year NBA veteran.

When Popeye Jones’ eldest son, Justin, came home from school one day, he stated he had met someone who claimed to be an ice hockey player, Popeye Jones recalled. “Seth was only a few years old.” So we set out for the ice-hockey shop since [Justin] wanted some new gear. As a father who grew up in a small town playing basketball and baseball, I had no idea what hockey was.

“As a sports fanatic, I found it exciting to watch and learn about the sport. It seemed like a good idea for [Justin] to give it a go, and Seth just happened to join us.

Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche shared the Pepsi Center venue, where they often ran into each other. Big man Popeye Jones called Avalanche great Joe Sakic for suggestions to give his hockey-obsessed boys during the 1999-2000 season.

My kids are interested in hockey and I don’t know what to do about it, Popeye Jones admitted. His gaze fell on my height and he noticed. Joe was a small man. By the looks of it, they’ll be quite tall. Make sure they’ve learned how to skate’ “Joe Sakic said you better know how to skate,” I told my sons. A great skater is a requirement.’

As a result, they began taking skating lessons, focusing on the finer points, and learning their edges to become better skaters. You can see it if you watch Seth today. As a skater of his size, he’s got a lot of potentials.”

Facts About Seth Jones:

Birthday/Birth Date:  3 October 1994
Birth Place: Arlington, Texas, United States
Age: 27 Years old
Official TikTok:
Occupation: Ice hockey player
Height: 6’4″
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Seth Jones: $3,51,75,000.00
Net worth: $3,51,75,000.00 
Total TikTok Fans/Followers: NA
Facebook Fans: NA
Twitter Followers: 48K Followers
Total Instagram Followers: 72K Followers
Total YouTube Followers: NA

Some Important Facts About Seth Jones:

1. Seth Jones was born on  3 October 1994 (age 27 years), Arlington, Texas, United States

2. His age is 27 years.

3. His birth sign is Libra.

4. His height is 6’4″.

5. His net worth is $3,51,75,000.00.

Seth Jones Fan Mail address:

Seth Jones, CAA Sports,

2000 Avenue of The Stars,

Los Angeles, CA 90067-4700, USA.

Seth Jones Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail, and More Details

Seth Jones Phone Number, Email ID, Address, Fanmail, Tiktok and More
Email AddressNA
Facebook NA
House address (residence address)Arlington, Texas, United States
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Phone Number(424) 288-2000.
Snapchat IdNA
TicTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

Seth Jones Phone Number:

Seth Jones Address: Arlington, Texas, United States

Seth Jones Phone Number: (424) 288-2000.

Seth Jones Whatsapp Number: NA

Seth Jones Email ID/ Email Address: NA

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Seth Jones Facebook Fan Page: NA

Seth Jones Twitter Handle:

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