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Markus Persson Wiki/Bio

He’s generally regarded to as the first big-name game creator in the history of the computer industry. By creating a creative, adventurous sandbox game that lets players construct, craft, and mine, he disrupted the video game industry’s monotony. He was so engrossed in programming because of his desire to create a virtual Lego game with limitless construction possibilities that he dropped out of high school. After a lifelong fascination with computers, Markus Persson created one of the world’s most widely played and appreciated video games, Minecraft. Teenage fans in the business call him ‘Notch,’ and he has created several games for die-hard gamers.

A number of important organizations have praised and honored his extraordinary and unique work on video games. In addition, he has taken part in a number of tournaments as a way to demonstrate his prowess in game development. As a testament to his exceptional abilities, he’s won competitions for designing video games within a 48-hour period. When Microsoft acquired Mojang in 2014, he became the world’s newest and one of the world’s youngest billionaires. He then purchased an opulent glasshouse on the crest of Beverly Hills.

“Notch” Markus Alexej Persson was born on 1 June 1979 in Stockholm, Sweden to a Swedish-Finnish family. He is the son of an American mother and a Swedish father. Both his Swedish father and his Finnish mother worked as nurses; Birger worked for the railroads in Sweden, and Ritva was a nurse in Finland.

Toys like Legos were part of his childhood, but when he discovered his father’s Commodore 128 home computer, he began learning how to program and make games about cowboys and Indians instead. After playing with various type-in programs, he created his first game at the age of eight, which was a text-based adventure game.

He started as a game developer in 2005, but he left in 2009 to work as a programmer for Jalbum for two years before returning to in 2010. It was in May 2009 that he and his good buddy Jakob Porter, who had co-founded Mojang AB, started making video games. In 2009, he began work on his first sandbox video game, Minecraft, and left Jalbum to work on it full-time instead of part-time.

In 2010, he made the decision to leave his employment in order to devote all of his time and energy to Minecraft. In 2011, he handed over the creative reins to Jens Bergensten, who worked on the game until that point. In addition to Android and iOS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 6, PlayStation 7, PlayStation 8, and Windows Phone are all supported by different versions of Minecraft.

It was revealed in 2012 but shelved for lack of interest and emphasis on other projects that he was working on a second game called 0x10c, a sandbox science fiction computer game. The game is currently being developed by a group of his supporters. ‘Minecraft: The Story of Mojang’, a 2012 documentary on the birth and growth of Mojang and Minecraft, included him.

He also participates in numerous competitions, such as Ludum Dare, the Jave 4K Game Programming Contest, and LD12, in addition to working on new games and maintaining existing ones.

He has consistently taken part in the Ludum Dare 48-hour game development contests, which are held every year. Breaking the Tower, Meta gun, Prelude of the Chambered, and Minicraft are a few of his works. In November 2014, he sold his firm, Mojang, to Microsoft for $2.5 billion in cash, thereby passing over the rights to the Minecraft video game to the buyer. In 2009, he combined his two favorite childhood pastimes to create Minecraft, a popular open-ended survival computer game. His business, Mojang, then developed and marketed the game in 2011.

Wurm Online, a 3D MMORPG he co-created with designer friend Rolf Jansson in 2012, was their first big project together. But he’s stopped working on it. Scrolls, a strategic collectible card game developed with Jakoc Porter utilizing the Unity game engine, was launched in 2014 and can be played on a variety of gaming devices thanks to his third game.

Three Game Developers Choice Awards in 2011 recognized his sandbox computer game, Minecraft, for its innovation and best downloadability. The Independent Games Festival awarded his game, Minecraft, two prizes in 2011: the Audience Award and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

The Minecraft video game he created earned the Golden Joystick Award for Best Downloadable Game in 2012.The Times magazine has named him one of the ‘100 Most Influential People.’.  Up to the end of October 2014, Minecraft had sold over 60 million copies worldwide, including 12 million copies sold on Xbox 360 and 17 million copies sold on computers. This all-time best-seller video game broke all previous sales records.


His wife, Elin Zetterstrand, better known as ‘Ez’ in the Minecraft video game, proposed to him on August 13, 2011. However, on August 15, 2012, the pair announced their split via the social networking site, Twitter.

After spending $70 million on a contemporary-style home in Trousdale Estates near Beverly Hills, California, he bought it in December 2014 and equipped it with all the ultra-luxury custom features he could dream of.

Many of his coworkers at Mojang were formerly employed by Jalbum, his prior company. Carl Manneh, CEO of Mojang, was one of them.
His co-founders Carl Manneh and Jakob Porter also left the company following Microsoft’s announcement of the Mojang takeover deal.
He is a well-known video game designer and programmer, whose name is Markus Persson. The video game firm he co-founded in 2010 is called “Mojang.” He controls that company. His efforts to the video gaming business have earned him a slew of awards and acclaim.

Stockholm, Sweden, is the birthplace of Jörgen Persson (born June 1, 1979). When he was seven, he began learning how to program on his father’s computer. At the tender age of eight, he made his first text-based adventure game. He began working as a game developer for in 2005. After four years of showcasing his abilities, he quit working for Jalbum. For the Java 4K Game Programming Contest, he has created a number of other games apart from this.

As a bonus, he’s a partner in Wurm Online’s founding. In November 2011, Persson became well-known for creating the sandbox game ‘Minecraft,’ which he released. He quit his job to focus solely on the game. The game sold one million copies in the year it was released, and then another million in the months that followed. As a result of the game’s success, Persson had to expand his Minecraft staff. He also created a mobile version of the game, dubbed the Pocket Edition, for use on iOS and Android devices. In 2012, an Xbox version was created and launched. Since its first release, more than twenty million copies of the game have been sold.

A number of prizes have been bestowed upon it, and deals have been struck with toy manufacturers such as LEGO. Until 2011, when he officially stepped down as the game’s chief designer, he was Scrolls was the brainchild of Markus Persson and a buddy, who wanted to combine elements of collectible card games and board games. In addition, Persson participated in a number of Ludum Dare 48-hour game development competitions during his career. Ludum Dare 12’s ‘Breaking the Tower’ was produced in two days for him. Meta gun was created for Ludum Dare 18; Prelude of the Chambered, likewise created in two days for Ludum Dare 21; and Minicraft, created for Ludum Dare 22, were all Ludum Dare competitions.

After a long courtship, he tied the knot with Elin Zetterstrand in August of that year. In the Minecraft community, she is known as ‘Ez,’ while on Twitter, she goes by the handle @ezchili. However, he updated his Twitter status to single in August of that year. As a member of the Swedish Pirate Party, he is an outspoken opponent of piracy. In his thirties, Persson exudes charm rather than the ruthlessness that one might expect from a savvy businessman.

With a net worth of $150 million, Markus Persson is better known to his adolescent followers as “Notch.” Markus Persson was born in Sweden and raised in Sweden. He records music while he’s not working on computer programmes. Under the pseudonym Markus Alexei, he’s put out music. Video game designer and programmer Persson says he doesn’t want to be a billionaire. Instead, he wants to pursue his passion for creating video games.

Minecraft’s wizard, the game industry’s top ‘Notch,’ and Sweden’s largest taxpayer all plan to stay. Discover the gaming personality that everyone wants to be: Markus Alexej Notch. Markus, alias Notch, was just another ‘Kings’ game developer nerd. In the early 2000s, I had a conversation with Jakob Porter over a cup of coffee about making a first-person sandbox video game. A virtual environment where you can create your dream home and earn points by cruelly harming others. Even Southpark made an episode on how adults think Minecraft is a stupid idea, but kids love it. However, Notch and Jakob proposed their initiative on solid planning grounds. They were able to carry on this communication not only through work changes but also until their friendship blossomed into something more permanent. As a result, the company known as Mojang, led by Notch, rose to prominence in the development of Minecraft.

When Mojang first began in 2009, its goal was to present Minecraft to the country’s gaming board as an established organization. The demo was launched in 2009 and was an instant hit. As a result, the full version was created, which was a hit among kids of the ‘Dos’ and ‘Apple’ generations alike. аrkus еrоn is a well-known Swedish game designer and programmer. Se is famous for making an N-R-F-Sandbox video game. In 2010, he co-founded a video game company with Sakob Sorter and Sarl Sanneh called sNG. Sosa became popular and received support during its demonstration in 2009. As a video game programmer, he’s one of the most impressive there is.

Facts About Markus Persson :

Birthday/Birth Date: 1 June 1979
Birth Place:  Stockholm, Sweden
Children: NA
Age: 42 Years old
Official TikTok: NA
Occupation: programmer 
Height: 1.75 m
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Markus Persson : NA
Net worth: NA
Total TikTok Fans/Followers: NA
Facebook Fans: NA
Twitter Followers: NA
Total Instagram Followers: NA
Total YouTube Followers: NA

Some Important Facts About Markus Persson :

1. Markus Persson birth date is  1 June 1979 (age 42 years)

2. Markus Persson’s age is 42 years.

3. Markus Persson birth sign is

4. Markus Persson height is 1.75 m

5. Markus Persson’s net worth is 170 crores USD.

Markus Persson Fan Mail address: NA

Markus Persson Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail, and More Details

Markus Persson Phone Number, Email ID, Address, Fanmail, Tiktok and More
Email AddressNA
House address (residence address)Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram NA
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Phone NumberNA
Snapchat IdNA
TicTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

Markus Persson Phone Number:

Markus Persson Address:  Stockholm, Sweden

Markus Persson Phone Number: NA

Markus Persson Whatsapp Number: NA

Markus Persson Email ID/ Email Address: NA

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Markus Persson Instagram Profile: NA

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