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Federico Michael Gaytan, a Mexican-American who streams on the website Twitch and is a popular personality on YouTube, goes by the alias Fedmyster online. His first job was at a company called “Offline TV,” where he worked as a video editor. He currently contributes videos and streams to his accounts on YouTube and Twitch. Fedmyster is well-known in the gaming community for his IRL streams and content relating to the video games “League of Legends,” “Fortnite,” and “Apex Legends.”

While he was working for “Offline TV,” he had already achieved a certain level of notoriety. Despite this, his notoriety as an independent video maker skyrocketed after he started using the platform known as “Twitch.” Even though Fedmyster has been banned from the platforms on multiple occasions, this has had no impact whatsoever on the popularity of the site. Fedmyster has had a prosperous path in the world of online business, despite the fact that he did not complete his education and that he overcame a challenging childhood.

Fedmyster’s real name is Federico Michael Gaytan, and he was born in the United States of America on August 7, 1995. His parents are of Mexican and American descent. There are two brothers in all. Fedmyster received his education at what is now known as the “University of California, Santa Cruz.” However, because he was responsible for providing for his family, he was forced to give up his education before it was completed. Fedmyster supported himself during his studies by working as a sales associate at Office Depot for a period of half a year.

He worked as a sales consultant and was in the computer and laptop sales industry. He started off working at a store in Encino, but eventually he was moved to Santa Cruz so that he could continue his education while he was still working. During his time in college, Fedmyster applied to work for “Riot Productions,” but he was ultimately unsuccessful. His past experience includes serving as a production assistant for the teen comedy titled “G.B.F.,” also known as “Gay Best Friend,” which made its debut at the “Tribeca Film Festival” in 2013.

Fedmyster started working as an editor and filmmaker at ‘Life Lab’ Santa Cruz, a major California-based platform for garden-oriented science, nutrition, and environmental education, in October of 2014. He has continued in those roles since that time.

On December 4, 2014, Fedmyster debuted his channel on the video-sharing website YouTube. The majority of his live streams, footage, video game content, and vlogs can be found on this channel. Fedmyster has hosted several of his fellow streamers, including Pokimane, Disguised Toast, LilyPichu, and Scarra, at his home for the majority of the videos that he has uploaded on YouTube.

On March 29, 2016, Fedmyster published the first video to be found on the channel, which was titled “TSM vs C9 Playoff Hype Trailer.” The video entitled “EYETRACKER EXPOSES ME feat. Yassuo & Pokimane” is currently the most-watched video on the channel. It has received more than 3.6 million views. At the moment, there are more than 273,000 people subscribed to the channel.

Fedmyster wikiFedmyster was given the chance to work as a full-time video editor for Christian “IWDominate” Rivera, a content creator and a former semi-professional player for the organization known as “Team Liquid.” In June of 2017, he was extended an invitation to become a member of “Offline TV,” an online social entertainment group based in California.

On July 8, 2017, “Offline TV” published a video on “YouTube” in which they presented Fedmyster as the newest member of the collective. Over time, he collaborated with them on a number of videos, each of which garnered millions of views across the channel. Fedmyster was given an official title as a member of the talent group in January 2018, in the midst of his increasing fame.

Around the same time, he shifted his focus from editing to streaming and launched his career as a streamer on the platform known as ‘Twitch.’ Later on in same year, Fedmyster saw his popularity on ‘Twitch’ skyrocket. Within the span of barely three months, his emote on Twitch known as “Fed7” was used approximately 431 million times. It quickly rose to become the most used emoji on the website at the time. This was a significant accomplishment in Fedmyster’s long and illustrious career.

In February of 2019, Fedmyster introduced his second ‘Twitch account, which was titled ‘FEDMYSTER2’ As a direct response to the overwhelming number of requests from his audience, he has decided to shift the focus of his primary channel to include more real-life broadcasts and has created a second channel specifically for gaming content. On his first ‘Twitch’ account, Fedmyster has amassed a following of more than 311 thousand people, and on his second account, he has approximately 17 thousand.

Just before Fedmyster began his job as a content developer on a full-time basis, he was involved in the first major scandal of his professional life. According to the rumors, he was kicked out for using Photoshop to alter improper photos of his roommates, Pokimane and Lilypichu. However, throughout everything, Fedmyster was protected by his housemates, and Lilypichu even acknowledged his skills as a “Photoshop” user. Despite this, the post could not be published since it violated Twitch’s terms of service.

Because of this, Fedmyster was restricted for a period of one day. On his channel on the video-sharing website YouTube, he discussed it in a video that has received one million views. A few time after Fedmyster began creating content on a full-time basis, he received a second ban from the platform. This time, he was given a seven-day ban for failing to supervise a racist comment that was being broadcast in one of his streams. Fedmyster was kicked off the platform for a period of one week and fourteen days on April 1, 2019, after he was seen live-streaming from Japan while under the influence of alcohol and destroying property.

Fedmyster picture

On the other hand, he apologized and admitted that he was entirely responsible for the deed. On April 14, 2019, the restriction was finally lifted. In the year 2020, OfflineTV kicked Fedmyster from the show after two of his housemates accused him of sexual harassment and unwanted touching. Fedmyster had a challenging childhood because, after the death of his father, he was required to leave college in order to take care of his mother and brothers financially. In a couple of his streams, he has discussed how the death of his father has caused him to second-guess some of the decisions he has made in his life. In addition, he admitted that he regrets having placed blame on his parents for the decisions that he has made in the past.

Fedmyster frequently discusses the challenges he encountered after joining ‘Offline TV,’ which can be found in the following sentence: The compensation that he first earned for his work online was significantly lower than the amount that he was getting in the past. As a consequence of this, the choice was precarious. Only for the purpose of impressing a girl he had a crush on, Fedmyster studied the violin for a full three years. Thirteen of his years were spent playing soccer. After some time, he came to the conclusion that the activity was causing him to experience more stress than he could handle.

Because of this, he decided to switch from playing soccer to football instead. Unfortunately, not long after the initial try, he suffered a fracture to his collarbone. Both “Forrest Gump” and “Pulp Fiction” are at the top of Fedmyster’s list of all-time favorite films. His companions in the world of social media influencers and pals have nothing but praise for Fedmyster. It is said that he is the one who is most like Pokimane. To show her appreciation and help Pokimane celebrate reaching one million followers on ‘Twitch,’ Fedmyster presented her with a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

An indelible mark has been made on the world of streaming as a result of the debilitating drama that involved both streams and was discussed at length on various social media platforms. Continue reading for a comprehensive timeline of the events that have transpired between the two parties throughout the years. In 2017, Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan became a member of the content producer group for the first time. However, in 2020, he was pressured to leave the organization in the wake of allegations of sexual assault and the subsequent whirlwind of events that followed.

The charges of sexual assault against fellow OfflineTV member and internet personality Fedmyster were made public on June 27 by OfflineTV members Yvonne “Yvonne” Ng and Lily “Lilypichu” Ki. Yvonne had accused him of trying to touch her under her shirt while drunk and making inappropriate overtures toward her. Lily suggested that he would engage in inappropriate behavior toward her by massaging her thighs, among other things. Imane “Pokimane” Anys made the decision during the same month to stand up for her pals and turned to her platform to “paint a better picture” about the entire event. She also revealed her experiences with the person who has now left OfflineTV.

The document was made of screenshots and’receipts,’ in which he attempted to discredit Pokimane’s first assertions and claimed that he and Pokimane had a good connection in spite of everything that had occurred between them. After that, he took to Twitter to explain that the document in question was confidential and that everything that had been bothering him in his relationship with Pokimane had been resolved.

Pokimane, on the other hand, was uninterested in keeping quiet and allowing others to take his statements as gospel truth. After a few days had passed, the Twitch star finally released what seemed to be the conclusive statement regarding the tumultuous nature of her relationship with Fedmyster. She provided a comprehensive explanation of Fedmyster’s feelings regarding Yvonne and the other members of OfflineTV.

She added that his resignation from the organization did not have any connection to any potential romantic involvement that the two of them might have had. The accusation that Pokimane “led” Fedmyster has never been taken seriously by her since she has always been quick to refute it. The moment this statement was made, discussion ensued. When it came to holding male figures accountable in comparison to their female counterparts, the gaming community was criticized for having double standards, and Poki once again turned to her Twitter account to vent her anger about such standards.

On his YouTube channel, the only thing that has been uploaded in the past two years is a video with the title “Changing my life,” which records his life after OTV.In spite of the fact that he stated that he would resume broadcasting on Twitch in June 2021, he has only done it once, and he has not gone live since then. Fedmyster rose to prominence on Twitch as one of the platform’s most-watched in-game live streams, but it now appears that he may have retired from video creation altogether.

These accounts swiftly captured the top ranks in the category by using thousands of view bots, but just minutes later, Twitch banned them and shut them down. Now, Fedmyster’s account has been compromised with crypto scam streams that are quite similar, which has led to the suspension of his account. Pokimane is widely recognized as one of the most popular and successful broadcasters. Her hard work paid off, as she is now the sixth most popular streamer on Twitch, with 8 million followers. She has had her fair share of struggles, but they have paid off (source: Twitchmetrics).

When streamers Lilypichu and Yvonne accused Fedmyster of sexual assault, the scandal surrounding him quickly became the most talked about topic on the internet. The streamers claimed that Fedmyster had inappropriately touched them or had touched them in a manner that caused them to feel uncomfortable. Poki soon followed suit and began to tell her side of the tale. In it, she claimed that Fed had “stepped boundaries” with her and even went on to suggest that the streamer was responsible for destroying her relationships with other guys. Poki’s account was soon followed by Fed’s.

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Fedmyster Phone Number, Email Address, Contact No Information, and More Details

Fedmyster Addresses:

House Address:

Fedmyster, Granada Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States

Fanmail Address / Autograph Request Address:

Granada Hills,
Los Angeles,
United States

Fedmyster Contact Phone Number and Contact Details info

  • Fedmyster Phone Number: Private
  • Fedmyster Mobile Contact Number: NA
  • WhatsApp Number of Fedmyster: NA
  • Personal Phone Number: Same as Above
  • Fedmyster Email ID: NA

Social Media Accounts of Content Creator ‘Fedmyster ’

  • TikTok Account: NA
  • Facebook Account (Facebook Profile): https://www.facebook.com/Fedmyster
  • Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/fedmyster?lang=en
  • Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/fedmyster/?hl=en
  • YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Fedmyster
  • Tumblr Details: NA
  • Official Website: NA
  • Snapchat Profile: NA

Personal Facts and Figures

  • Birthday/Birth Date: 7 August 1995
  • Place of Birth: Granada Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Wife/GirlFriend: NA
  • Children: NA
  • Age: 26 Years old
  • Official TikTok: NA
  • Occupation: Youtuber
  • Height: NA


  • Salary of Fedmyster: NA
  • Net worth: NA
  • Education: Yes
  • Total TikTok Fans/Followers: Not Known
  • Facebook Fans: 10K followers
  • Twitter Followers: 246.4K Followers
  • Total Instagram Followers: 187K followers
  • Total YouTube Followers: 399K subscribers

Fedmyster bio

Zach Herron Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Email AddressNA
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Fedmyster
House address (residence address)Granada Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fedmyster/?hl=en
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone NumberNA
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Twitter https://twitter.com/fedmyster?lang=en
Whatsapp No.NA

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Some Important Facts About Fedmyster:-

  1. Fedmyster was born on 7 August 1995.
  2. His Age is 26 years old.
  3. His birth sign is Leo.


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