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Drew Brees Wiki/Bio

Drew Brees was born on January 15, 1979, in Austin, Texas, Andrew Christopher Brees, otherwise called Drew Brees, hails from football stock. His maternal granddad, Ray Akins, is one of the unequaled extraordinary mentors in Texas secondary school football history, while his uncle, Marty Akins, was an All-Southwest Conference quarterback in 1975.

At Westlake High School in Austin, Brees lettered in both b-ball and baseball, yet he genuinely exceeded expectations on the football field. During his senior season in the fall of 1996, he drove the club to an ideal normal season record and a state title.

Brees selected at Purdue University, where he kept on sparkling as a quarterback. Over the span of his four-year vocation, Brees, a double cross Heisman finalist, guided the Boilermakers to a Big Ten Championship just as an excursion to the Rose Bowl. Brees married his school girlfriend, Brittany Dudchenko, in 2003. They have four Children together.


In spite of his outstanding school continue, Brees’ generally modest stature (he’s recorded at 6 feet) and saw average arm quality extraordinarily added to him sneaking out of the first round of the 2001 NFL draft. He ended up with the San Diego Chargers as the principal pick of the second round. On 4 Nov 2001, he played his first football coordinate against the Kansas City Chiefs.

During 2002 season, he played by and large 16 games driving the group to a 8-8 record. all through 2004 season, the Chargers has won the AFC West for the essential time in 10 seasons and he was picked to the 2004 master Bowl.

He was moreover named 2004 NFL Comeback Player of the Year. All through 2005 season, he turned into a free specialist and marked a one-year contract with the Chargers that quadrupled his compensation to $8 million for 2005. When he again turned into the free operator, Chargers offered him a 5-year, $50 million agreements that paid $2 million in base compensation the main year and subsequently the lay intensely dependent on execution motivating forces anyway he didn’t acknowledge it.

The New Orleans Saints and furthermore the Miami Dolphins were keen on Brees and he marked a six-year contract worth $60 million with the New Orleans Saints on 14 March 2006. All through 2007 season, he set the NFL record recently held by Rich Gannon for pass fruitions in an exceptionally single season with 440.

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Drew Brees Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Phone Number(504) 733-0255
House address (residence address)Dallas, Taxes, United States of America
Official WebsiteNA
Snapchat NA
Whatsapp No.NA
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/drewbrees/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DB9NFL/
Twitter https://twitter.com/drewbrees
Email AddressNA
Office addressNew Orleans Saints Training Facility (Training Facility), 5800 Airline Drive, Metairie, LA 70003-3876, USA
Office Number(504) 733-0255

Drew Brees Contact Details

Drew Brees Contact Details: (504) 733-0255

Drew Brees Address: Dallas, Taxes, United States of America

Drew Brees Phone Number: NA
Drew Brees Whatsapp Number: NA
Drew Brees Office Email ID:  NA

Drew Brees Social Profiles

Drew Brees Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/DB9NFL/

Drew Brees Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/drewbrees

Drew Brees Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/drewbrees/

Drew Brees Snapchat Profile: NA

Drew Brees YouTube Channel: NA

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  1. I am not a Saints fan, but I applause Drew for standing up for what is right in America and respecting our flag.
    We need more of this. Great job Drew!!!

  2. Please stand your ground Drew. I’m sure millions of Americans stand with you.
    During our National Anthem, your right hand should be over your heart, your left at your side, holding whatever you may have had on your head, and your eyes should be directed toward our Flag.
    Any other activity you wish to partake in should be done before or saved until after the National Anthem.
    I’m a disappointed Packer Fan. Our quarterback has yet to understand how his words and actions hurt most Veterans and many citizens. it’s ironic how many ‘Sconnies’, AKA Cheeseheads, give him a ‘pass’ on his actions, hoping he’ll come around.

  3. I am a packer fan, but also a Christian. I appreciate Drew Bresse opinion. That is shared by millions of Americans. I here they are going to do the knee again this year. If they do I’m thru forever. Last time they did it I didn’t watch it for three years. I am a die hard football fan. I served in Vietnam as three of my other brothers did. These players don’t get it. I understand there frustrations but kneeling during a football game isn’t the place to solve these problems. I hope all fans boycott. These selfish layers are ruining the game. Stick LeBron James in there too.

  4. Wake up roger this isin’t about the flag kapernick kneeling had nothing to do with the flag. It was for the injustices to black people. Kapernick has family members in the military. I cant believe drew is that stupid. maybe his line should leave a rushing lane open when they play.

    • Kaepernick’s thoughts are correct but Brees is stupid? Why can’t Drew have his own opinion, isn’t that one of his rights? The idea of kneeling during the National Anthem is not against the law and all service men and women fought and served to give you that right, no matter what you say, to kneel is a slap in our faces, you have that right but we also have the right not to like it. We need to find a better way to highlight the cause. How about,when introduced the entire unit walk out the tunnel arm in arm and meet the opponents unit, also arm in arm at midfield and take a knee as one to show solidarity as a brotherhood and act for change. Shouldn’t disrespect or appear to disrespect anyone yet Showa peaceful unity for change.

  5. Drew Brees needs to be applauded for respecting the National Anthem/USA flag and what it stands for. While I agree that “black lives matter”, the big picture is “all lives matter”. The situation with George Floyd is truly regrettable and unfortunate, but violence, looting, and rioting cannot be the answer.

  6. Not a Saints fan but thank you for standing up for the USA. Guess your fella team nates forgot when they were intentionly trying to harm opposing team players

  7. Hi Drew … your Grand-fathers are both spinning in their graves over your desertion of America the Great! I will not watch another Saints game ever!

    Retired Army Vet Vietnam Era

  8. No longer supporting Drew Brees, lost all respect when he apologized. Why didn’t you stand your ground in support of the flag? Really? No more NFL BS done with Brees too!

  9. Hello Drew,

    All Americans have tge right to peacefully protest and petition the government. The Video of George Floyd’s arrest sickened us all. The police action appeared excessive. First, your comment saying kneeling during the national anthem before NFL games is not the right time to protest is correct. Even Jim Brown, the great Hall of Fame running back says the NFL is a commercial enterprise. Protests should be done outside NFL games. Sports is where ALL AMERICANS come together to share entertainment and cheer our favorite players. Drew Brees has FREE SPEECH like any American just like Colin Kapernick.

  10. Mr. Brees, You had it right the first time, I don’t know why you decided to do a 180 on your principles, perhaps you or your family have been threatened or coerced in some way, but the Flag Deserves RESPECT!!! I agree that what happened to Mr. Floyd was Horrific,Brutal and completely Unjustified! I Pray for his Family during this Extremely Painful and Tragic Loss,but the Violent Rioting and Looting WILL NOT bring Positive Change to our Society, and neither will Disrespecting our Flag! You will have Betrayed and Dishonored our Brave Men and Women who gave their Lives for this Country if you continue down this road of Appeasing the Radical Left!!! There are many ways for you and others to address these issues regarding police brutality and racism,but taking a knee during the Anthem is NOT the way to do it! Please Understand that I bear you and your family no ill will,I’m simply expressing my Heartfelt Love for our Veterans and for this Country!
    Thank You and God Bless You and Your Family.

  11. Drew,

    So many of us love you and respect what your about. Your sportsmanship, your demeaner, everything your represent (hard working, THE dream, family man, a great person., a family guy and so much more) Because of you devotion, passion, your strive to be the best you could be at what you love – THE AMERICAN WAY. Your thoughts were 100% correct, in my book and so many other Americans! I have kids, I know you do too. This issue/crisis has be come way to political and hardworking American patriots need a “voice”. Racism is HORRIBLE. I grew up with an underprivileged adopted black child. I had his back like he was my brother, I still do. Same way Malcom should have your back. I love my brothers to death but this has gone way to far. Bad apples exist. Why is everyone buying into the hype, don’t sell out Breezy. SO many of us our counting on you, our legends/hero’s like you. People forget – this is the land of the free and home of the brave for a reason. You are entitled to your opinion, so am I. You, LeBron, Steph the list goes on and on…. you all wouldn’t be stars if wasn’t for the USA (black, white, yellow, brown or whatever). Shit, go to china or the CFL and see how much you’d be making. Courage is needed in this Country. You can deliver for us Drew. Governors are supporting looting, rioting and destroying American lives. Floyds life matters, but so does everyone else’s. I won’t touch on the FACT that Floyd is a long standing CRIMINAL because what happen to him WAS NOT RIGHT. My family fought for this county, I think yours did too. You have a voice that is needed. Just because racism exists does not mean everyone is racist. Does BLM care about Black on Black crime? Better yet does Lebron, Steph and every other black advocate care because they sure as hell would save a heck of lot more lives. Do the research, by far black and black crime is effecting us OUR county and BLM more so than Just FLOYD. Just because your teammate saw your video and called you out doesn’t mean you should let down the rest of us. This is bigger than sports and if this continues (the kneeling during the National Anthem) so many Americans will not stand for it. We’ll take a kneel to NFL. I love the NFL, the NFL is American…Kneeling and what’s going on in our County is not American. Breezy, what you said originally was how you felt…. why are you taking it back? I’ve watched you forever, from when people said you couldn’t make it, till you were my fantasy glory, till you were on Opera and told your story about your mole. You said nothing wrong, stand up for what you believe in, stand up for our kids, they’re our future…. because this is the GOD DAMN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Please Drew, because if you don’t, America will never be America and ether will sports.

    A beloved supporter and fan,



  12. So many people agreed with you Drew. Then you showed us what a coward you really are. Do you realize that you’ve been strong armed by deviants? If you are not with the truth you are against it. Now your very wife is submitting to the mob. The NFL is full of ignorance and irrelevant people who we do not need as a part our culture. Thanks for letting us see who you really are.

  13. You will make a great politician. You don’t know which party you support. You flip flop on the NFL flag issues. Your wife says white folks are wrong merely loving like God does. Whew buddy….. Has that fence ride working out for you Bree.

  14. If the NFL allows players on the field during the National Anthem and they take a knee, I will never watch anything from the NFL for the rest of my life. This is history repeating itself: 1930s Italy and German – Black shirts and Brown shirts.
    Those who ignore history are destined to repeat it.

  15. Sorry to see your 180 turnaround and capitulate to the violence of the recent protests. With that Mr. Brees you have encouraged them. Yes Sir, you have encouraged them! Endorsing this crap along with the NFL wasn’t necessary as (we) all know that due to your celebrity status, along with many other popular celebrities you could have done it without giving in to a violent culture. Bad timing. Bad choice. Good-bye to being one of my all time favorite QB’s and good bye, good riddance to the NFL!

  16. Mr. Brees,
    Does your support for BLM now extend to their demands to tear down all statues and images of Jesus. You abandoned your grandfathers to support these radicals, now do you abandon Jesus. Good bye to the great cathedral of St. Louis.
    Where does this madness stop. I feel racism is horrible, but BLM is a destructive anarchist group. Want to help the black community – then reinstate the voucher system giving them an education that enhance their chance for success.
    When you take a knee for BLM you are selling your soul.

  17. My husband passed away on Christmas Eve, 2019. he loved football, NFL and college. During his long battle with stage 4 lung cancer, he was always excited to watch his favorite team, The New Orleans Saints, play. It was great to see him find some joy during the dark days as the disease progressed. He was proud of this team and of course, Drew Brees. He drew me into this game I knew nothing about and I enjoyed it too. I even learned about plays and what they meant, penalties, (oh we hated those) and that the word “down” really meant making progress. In light of the recent comments and actions of his beloved Saints I am heartsick. Why are they kneeling and being disrespectful? Names of criminals on helmets? Drew Brees, you have stabbed me in the heart because my heart is full of memories of my husband cheering you on, forgetting for those few hours that there may not be any more seasons for him to enjoy. The people, who consequently died due to confrontations with law enforcement, were involved in criminal acts, and you revere them. Can’t you see that Black Lives Matter is a smokescreen for an organization that has duped many people, including you multi millionaire players. Please, get the facts, let our judicial system figure this out. Justice for criminals, justice for victims? Destroy innocent lives by burning and looting their property. Who wins here? Apparently the criminals. And as far as All Lives Matter, another spin off comment I hear all the time, in my opinion, they do not. You do harm to my child or grandchild, race and color not even an issue, you no longer matter. You deserve nothing. So, in your minds, put your child or loved one in the place of the victims involved with your helmet heroes and kneel on that. Does it feel good now? So, in summary, stop the politics and get back to the sport we used to love. If you think you are patriotic, you suck at it. I used to cry whenever the National Anthem was played. Now I cry because you have disgraced it. Remember us, the ones who have created your wealth, because we can turn that around in a heartbeat. And, just so you know, the color of the person under the helmet never made any difference to my husband. They were heroes, they were great athletes, they were his lifeline for his remaining days. As his widow, I advise you, tell your marketing department that you like your lifestyle because its going to change drastically if someone doesn’t wise up soon.

  18. I am so fed up with these players supporting criminals. How about the victims ? Drew, how about the young lady who was raped by this criminal


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