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Beautiful OB Wiki/Bio

Beautiful OB, often known as O.B, is an American YouTuber that specialises in gaming-related content such as livestreams and ‘Let’s Play’ videos.

With his wife, three cats named after League of Legends characters and his dog, Daisy, Patrick now lives in Arizona with his family. “O.B.” is the name he goes by in both real life and on his YouTube channel. he has a YouTube character that is kid-friendly and makes humorous videos and livestreams. His gaming buddies include Camodo Gaming, SpyCakes, The Frustrated Gamer, and more. At VidCon 2019 in Dallas, Texas, he met Camodo Gaming, Spycakes, and The Frustrated Gamer for the first first time. O.B. and Camodo Gaming are close friends. With the help of O.B. and The Frustrated Gamer, Draegast, BaronVonGames, and Blitz documented their trip to Hollywood.

He’s a video game critic who focuses on family-friendly fare. He’s played Garry’s Mod, LEGO, Hot Wheels, and Brick Rigs for his 1.3 million followers. When he originally joined YouTube in 2006, he went by the screen name despyz2. His real name is Patrick O’ Brien Jr. Both he and Kindly Keyin produced family-friendly games. As a Tesla owner, O.B resides in Tucson, Arizona and enjoys the benefits.

Beautiful O.B. is a well-known YouTube personality. His birthday is September 9th, and he was born in the United States. Additionally, Beautiful is highly renowned for her work as a game commentator specialising on kid-friendly content. As of this writing, he has more than half a million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

The United States is the country that gave birth to this magnificent work of art. To appeal to a wider demographic, both he and Kindly Keyin designed games aimed at a younger demographic. In 1997, O.B. had his first birthday on the ninth of September. He has reached the age of twenty-four, making him the oldest person in the room. It’s Virgo’s zodiac sign, and his birth flower is the Aster and Morning Glory.

When he first joined YouTube in 2006, he went by the nickname “despyz2” before becoming popular. YouTuber Beautiful is an American. Beautiful O.B’s nett worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million dollars. He’s made so much money from his YouTube stardom career.

An American YouTuber by the name of Beautiful OB is recognised for her gaming-related content, such as livestreams and “Let’s Play” videos, on the platform.

Now that he’s settled down in Arizona, Patrick and his family have three cats named after League of Legends characters as well as a pet dog named Daisy. On his YouTube channel and in real life, he goes by the name “O.B.” He has a kid-friendly YouTube persona and makes entertaining videos and livestreams under that name. They include Camodo Gaming, SpyCakes and The Frustrated Gamer. He met Camodo Gaming, Spycakes, and The Frustrated Gamer for the first time at VidCon 2019 in Dallas, Texas. Camodo Gaming and O.B. are close friends. Draegast, BaronVonGames, and Blitz documented their trip to Hollywood with the support of O.B. and The Frustrated Gamer.

An expert in family-friendly games is his speciality. There are more than 1.3 million people who follow him on social media because he plays a variety of video games. In 2006, he was known as despyz2 when he first joined YouTube. Patrick O’Brien Jr. is his full name. The games he and Kindly Keyin created were suitable for families. O.B., a Tesla owner in Tucson, Arizona, appreciates the advantages of his vehicle.

She’s one of the most well-known YouTube stars. A native of the U.S., his birthdate is September 9. As a game pundit specialising in kid-friendly content, Beautiful is well-known. According to YouTube stats as of this writing, his channel has more than half a million subscribers.

This incredible piece of art was created in the United States. For the sake of diversifying his audience, he and Kindly Keyin created games aimed for younger audiences. On September 9, 1997, O.B. celebrated his first birthday. He’s the only one over the age of twenty-four in the room. Virgo is a zodiac sign, and the Aster and Morning Glory are his birth flowers.

The account “despyz2” was the one he used when he first joined YouTube in 2006. Beautiful, the American YouTuber, was born and raised in the United States. From $1 million to $5 million dollars, O.B.’s nett worth might be estimated. He’s gained a fortune thanks to his YouTube fame.
The gorgeous O.B. is a well-known face on the video sharing website YouTube. On September 9, 1997, he was born in the United States, and his birth place is the United States. As a gaming analyst, Beautiful is well-known for her efforts to provide content that is appropriate for children. For the past many years, his more than half a million fans have been thrilled by him playing a variety of video games such as LEGO games and Hot Wheels.

The term “beautiful” was originally used in the United States. Aiming for a broad demographic, he and Kindly Keyin created games for children and parents. He was born on a Tuesday, on the 9th of September, 1997. This is a lovely O.B. He has officially turned the big 4-0 age. Aster and Morning Glory are the two flowers that represent his zodiac sign, Virgo.

Long before he was popular, he enrolled for YouTube in 2006 using the nickname despyz2. Beautiful is a U.S.-based television network. One million to five million dollars is estimated as Beautiful O.B’s nett worth or income.


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The YouTube channel Beautiful O.B has more than 1.31 million subscribers. The company was founded in 2006, and its headquarters are located in the United States. “How does Beautiful O.B. make money?” is the question everyone wants to know the answer to. There is a lack of transparency from the YouTuber when it comes to their financial situation. We can, however, come up with a good approximation of the truth.

Nett worth spot says that beautiful OB’s nett worth is somewhere around $2.2 million, yet this figure may or may not be accurate Based only on YouTube’s expected advertising revenue, the $2.12 million estimate is generated. It’s likely that Beautiful O.B.’s nett worth is in fact greater than previously thought. Beautiful O.B.’s nett worth is estimated to be closer to $2.97 million when additional revenue streams are taken into account. Every day, the Beautiful O.B YouTube channel receives an average of 294 590 000 views. Advertisement-supported channels make money every time 1,000 videos are viewed on them. It is possible for YouTube channels to make anywhere from $3 to $7 every thousand views of a video they post on the platform. If Beautiful O.B.’s nett worth falls within this range, Net Worth Spot estimates that she earns $35,35 thousand each month, or $530,26 thousand year.

Some YouTube channels make even more than $7 for every 1,000 views they receive. A year’s advertising income might bring in $954,47 thousand if Beautiful O.B’s earning potential is realised. It is rare for influencers to rely solely on a single source of revenue. Influencers can generate money in a variety of ways, the most frequent of which is through the sale of their own products, sponsorships, and affiliate commissions.

Facts About Beautiful OB :

Birthday/Birth Date: September 9, 1987
Birth Place: Tucson, Arizona
Children: NA
Age: 34 years
Official TikTok: NA
Occupation: YouTuber
Height: NA
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Beautiful OB : NA
Net worth: NA
Total TikTok Fans/Followers: NA
Facebook Fans: NA
Twitter Followers: NA
Total Instagram Followers: NA
Total YouTube Followers: 1.4M subscribers

Some Important Facts About :

  1. Beautiful OB was born on September 9, 1987
  2. His age is 34 years
  3. His birth sign is Virgo

Beautiful OB Fan Mail address:

Beautiful OB,

Tucson, Arizona

Beautiful OB Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail and More Details

Beautiful OB Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Facebook NA
House address (residence address)Tucson, Arizona
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone Number+1(530)899-5525
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

Beautiful OB Phone Number:

Beautiful OB Address: Tucson, Arizona

Beautiful OB Phone Number: +1(530)899-5525

Beautiful OB Whatsapp Number: NA

Beautiful OB Email ID/ Email Address:

Beautiful OB Social Profiles

Beautiful OB Facebook Fan Page: NA

Beautiful OB Twitter Handle:

Beautiful OB Instagram Profile:

Beautiful OB Snapchat Profile: NA

Beautiful OB YouTube Channel:

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