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Tray Rush Wiki/Bio

Tray Rush image

On February 19, 1989, TRAY RUSH was born. This is how it works: He was born in Toronto, Ontario. He now lives there. He hasn’t talked about his family or how he went to school. There have been a lot of videos of Tray and Kesha talking about how they feel about each other. They are now married. They have three lovely children. A YouTube account for Kameiro was set up for him when he was born. His younger daughter, Cali, has been in many of his videos. Elijah, a young boy, was also taken in by the people who lived there.

When Tray was born, he wanted to do this for as long as he has been alive. Was his first choice to be an actor. He changed his mind and decided to go with basketball instead. There was still a hidden desire in Tray to play basketball. When he got a scholarship for basketball, he moved to LA. Even so, he had to go back because he had to take care of his cousin in that place. he decided not to go home and started looking for work that would help him make money. This is how it worked out: At that point, the tray was almost giving up on ever making it in the acting world.

His job search was finally over. To learn about her, he went to meet Kesha there and found out what she was like. Then Kesha said he should make YouTube videos for people to see. Before, “Today with Tray” was the name of it. Then “The Rush Fam” was the name. These are some of the videos that can be found on his YouTube account: his wedding videos. Most of the things that had ever happened in Tray’s life were talked about, and he was very honest about it. It didn’t work out at first, but he kept getting better and became a big YouTube star. The tray no longer works and blogs full-time.

His first video was a vlog. That’s when he started making vlogs about what he did every single day. As time went on, Kesha started to show up in Tray’s videos a lot more often than before. In the next post, he talked about all the fun things he did with Kesha. First, they went on their first date. They also married. His posts talked about them. When he had time, he also made a few videos for story time. A lot of the things he talked about in his storytime videos were how he dealt with anxiety and despair and how he learned to deal with them better.

Tray RushAfterwards, Tray named his family T-Squad. First, he talks about it. He and Kesha have worked together on a few videos about dating, marriage, and having kids, and they did them together. Besides, they don’t pass up the chance to play practical jokes on each other all the time, either. You can find “worst birthday gift” jokes, “insect pizza trick” jokes, and many other things in a lot of their prank movies. Those are just some of the movies in the show.

Tray and Kesha have always made videos that make their fans and viewers excited about their challenge videos, which they have done a lot of. Things like the “Makeup Challenge,” “Eating the Hottest Snacks,” and the “Whisper Challenge” have been on their to-do lists. A lot of people like to watch “Baby Eating Warheads” and “What’s Wrong with Cali” from Tray. They’ve been seen more than six million times.

There, Justin Trudeau and Tray Rush could work together on a video. They were looking for someone who could make a YouTube video in which the Prime Minister talked about some things. Before he talked to him and Kesha, Justin Trudeau told them about their time on the show. The person Tray met was “out of this world.” The tray has more than 700,000 fans on YouTube.

Over 200 million people have already watched this. You can find his family vlog channel on YouTube called “The Rush Fam.” It has been getting a lot of attention. His wife’s name is Kesha, and she is named after her. He films with her. His kids also often appear in his videos. There is a new video on YouTube by Tray every day, so you can see it. Prank videos, challenge videos, travel vlogs, and storytime videos are the main types of videos that he makes, but he also makes a lot of other videos.

He made a video with him. As well, Tray Rush has talked about how he has had to deal with anxiety and depression in some of his videos, as well. YouTube is where many people have seen his videos about gingerbread houses, back-to-school shopping mishaps, a girl who can’t go to school, and more. In this picture, you can see how his channel looks now.

The tray has always wanted to work in the entertainment business, but he didn’t know how. There were two things that were his first choice: acting and basketball. Somewhere inside of Tray, he still had a secret love for acting. As soon as he got a scholarship to play basketball, he moved to LA and lived there.

It’s not like he could go back to Toronto because he had to take care of his cousin there. To pay for his bills, he looked for a job. The tray had almost given up on making it big as an actor by that point.Tray Rush picture


When he got a job at the store, Kesha was the first person who came to see him. After they got to know each other, Kesha told him to start making YouTube videos, which he did. Today with Tray was the name of the tray’s YouTube account. Soon after changing the name to “The Rush Family,” he did the same thing again. In the channel, you can see a lot of different videos, like his wedding videos.

Some of the things that had happened in Tray’s life were talked about in this meeting. But not all of them. It didn’t work out well at first for his YouTube channel. He kept going, and soon it was well-known. For now, Tray only makes videos and doesn’t work.

This is how the first video he made went. It was just a general vlog. In the next few years, he started posting videos of his daily life on YouTube. There were more and more videos where Kesha was shown in Tray’s videos. After that, he wrote about all the things he did with Kesha that were very special to him. Then he wrote: It was his first date with her. It was his first trip with her. When he talked about the wedding, A few videos for storytime were also made by him, too, How he talked about his anxiety and depression in the stories he made for story time: At first, Tray called his family the T-Squad. When he starts a new video, he still says that word. This is how it works: A lot of the videos they have made are about relationship problems, getting married and raising kids. They play pranks on each other all the time, too. “Worst birthday gift Prank,” “Insect Pizza Prank,” “Breakup Prank,” “Got beaten up Prank,” “I am pregnant Prank,” and many more are in their prank series.Tray Rush image

This is how they do their challenge videos: Tray and Kesha post videos that make people laugh. Some of the things they’ve done are the “Makeup Challenge,” “Eating the Hottest Snacks,” and the “Whisper Challenge.” In each of the videos “Baby Eating Warheads” and “What’s Wrong with Cali,” it has more than six million views. Also, these are some of Tray’s most-watched videos.

Tray Rush then had the chance to work with the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, on a video project together. He did, and it turned out well. A YouTuber who could make a video where the Prime Minister talked about a few different things was what the Prime Minister’s office was looking for, They were then interviewed by a local news station. They talked about their work with Justin Trudeau. That’s what Tray said. He said that his experience was out of this world. Today, more than 700,000 people follow Tray on YouTube. His videos have already been seen more than 200 million times.

At the time that Tray Rush was born on February 19, 1989, he was living in Toronto, which is in the United States. When he talks about his parents, he doesn’t talk much about how he was raised or how he learned. They have made a lot of videos about their relationship being mixed-race. The tray is married to his longtime girlfriend, Kesha, and they have a lot of videos about that. They have three lovely children. Kameron is their first child, and she has her own YouTube page. His younger daughter, Cali, has been in some of his videos before. She has been there before. They’ve also taken in a boy named Elijah, and he is now living with them. People think Tray Rush has a lot of money or wealth. They think it’s between $1 million and $5 million. From his first job on YouTube, he has made so much money.Tray Rush image

Facts About Tray Rush:

Birthday/Birth Date: February 19, 1989
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario
Age: 33 years old
Official TikTok:
Occupation: Youtuber
Height: 5’11” Males
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Tray Rush:
Net worth: NA
Total TikTok Fans/Followers: 2.7 Million
Facebook Fans: 9.1K 
Twitter Followers:
Total Instagram Followers: 797k
Total YouTube Followers: 8 Million

Some Important Facts About :

  1. Tray Rush was born on February 19, 1989
  2. His age is 33 years old.
  3. His birth sign is Pisces

Tray Rush Fan Mail address:

Tray Rush,

Tray Rush Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail and More Details

Tray Rush Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website


House address (residence address)Toronto, Ontario
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone Number+1(431)244-0647
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Twitter NA
Whatsapp No.NA

Tray Rush Phone Number:

Tray Rush Address: Toronto, Ontario

Tray Rush Phone Number: +1(431)244-0647

Tray Rush Whatsapp Number: NA

Tray Rush Email ID/ Email Address:

Tray Rush Social Profiles

Tray Rush Facebook Fan Page:

Tray Rush Twitter Handle: NA

Tray Rush Instagram Profile:

Tray Rush Snapchat Profile: NA

Tray Rush YouTube Channel:

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