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Sora Simmons Wiki/Bio

SORA SIMMONS is a well-known social media person who first came to attention on the video-sharing app TikTok. She has a lot of followers. For his skits and lip syncs, he has been getting a lot of attention. His TikTok account, called skywave, has more than 2.7 million followers and about 85 million likes on the platform. If you look at his sora.simmons account, he already has more than 177,500 followers, which is a lot of people.

It’s called 69sorasimms, and the Fortnight streamer Sora Simmons has more than 4000 followers on Twitch. He streams the game there. He was the star of TikTok, where he made original skits, POV videos, and lip-sync performances that were different from the rest. Soon after, he started getting a lot of attention on TikTok and had a lot of people follow him on his own account, too. It started in 2018. Sora Simmons had an Instagram account at the start of the year. When he is on the site, he doesn’t post very often. Even though he has a lot of fans, he still has a lot of followers on social media platforms like Instagram.

The skywave YouTube account was set up by Sora Simmons at the beginning of May in 2020. His first video was called “Sora Simmons Live Stream.” It was put on YouTube. Livestreaming video game material was the first thing he did on his channel. Later, he changed his focus to making short point-of-view films, which he did for a while. Sora Simmons is also on Twitch. She broadcasts the popular multiplayer video game Fortnight, which can be found on the App Store and Google Play. Sora Simmons was born on October 22, 1999, in Okinawa, Japan. She is a Japanese actress and model who is only 18 years old.

They all live in the same house. He has three sisters and a brother and they all live in the same house. Until now, very little has been learned about his father. Sora is born under the sign of Libra. This means that she was born at the right time. Sora is a big fan of basketball, and he has shared pictures of himself playing the game on his Instagram account. He also likes video games, especially Fortnight, which he recently bought.

Sora Simmons Phone Number

If you want to see him play the game on Twitch, you can see him doing so all the time. He has also posted some things about the game on his YouTube channel, which you can see here. They are close, and he has even asked them to appear on his YouTube channel. In Twitter, Sora shares bits and pieces of his life. People know that he likes to keep most of his personal life a secret. Before, he hasn’t told anyone about his previous relationships, and he hasn’t said whether or not they’re still together now.

For his text-based observations and analyses, which he shares with his more than 430,000 Twitter followers, he is also very well-known. She has the zodiac sign Libra, according to astrologers, and that’s what makes her unique. The sora, as it is known. By September of last year, Simmons had set up an Instagram account so that he could show the world pictures of himself. When he joined TikTok in October of this year, he became a member of the service.

He was able to add more video to his output. Sora Simmons is a well-known Japanese TikTok star and model who has become well-known around the world because of her work. Sora has been an inspiration to a lot of people all over the world because of his new ideas and high-quality materials. He is one of the few TikTok artists who has more than 917,500 followers in a short amount of time, which is a lot. People can use social media to help them build an audience and make the most of the people who already like them.

Many of these people are becoming well-known on social media, with Sora Simmons being one of the most well-known, as well. He is thought to be one of the most important people in the world. He is well-known for his looks, his cute smile, his sense of style, and his great personality. Other than that, he is well-known for his Instagram photos and videos that are very interesting to look at.

He has a lot of people who love him. It is one of the best algorithms in the world for finding people who are smart. One of those smart people is Sora, who has been on TikTok. His clever, but careful, methods get millions of people to watch his movies, which leads to the rise of a funny influencer with a lot of fans. Sora Simmons, who goes by notskyyjade, needs to stay consistent, record a lot of videos every day, and put out high-quality material that people want.


Following his success on the popular app, he wants to inspire the next generation to follow their dreams and achieve success. His TikTok account has almost 917,500 fans. So, you can see how he gives them credit for his success by posting new things that they can enjoy on a regular basis. In general, it takes a long time to build meaningful relationships with people. But because he was so outgoing, this happened very quickly. It’s fun to watch his videos and be a part of them by liking, commenting, and sharing them with your friends. When people try to do what he did, he is more than just a model for them to follow.

He has been able to turn his excitement into a job that he enjoys as well. As someone who is an Influencer, his content makes him different from the rest of them. This makes him stand out from the rest of them, too. He posts reels and IGTV videos on a regular basis so that he can keep control of his fans. Because he is so well-known, a lot of well-known companies want him to help them promote their products.

His fashionable look has made him a lot of people like him. Before she became a professional, Sora Simmons started a blog on Instagram, which was the first step in her career. In September of this year, he started working for money for the first time. The next year, he signed up for TikTok. In December of that year, he began posting videos to his TikTok account. If you look at the TikTok account of Sora, you’ll see that he made his first video in May this year. This time though, it’s from him. When he drops his towel while taking a shower in his bathroom, he takes a video of it. This is his first video. After that, he made a transition movie and some dance moves for the audience to see. His video was quickly seen by a lot of people. It was also released in June 2020, and it had 1.9 million views, 440.9 thousand likes, and 17.3 thousand shares. In no time, the video was at the top.

If you want to know what his next step is, he’ll start making funny skit videos and lip-sync videos, which quickly become popular online. He has also worked with other TikTok stars, such as Paul Hodder and Sora Simmons, who are now single, on projects. he is kind and beautiful. It says in the title that he hasn’t yet named anyone as his girlfriend or boyfriend, but he hasn’t. He wants to spend less time with women and more time pursuing his goals. Unfortunately, there is no information about their previous relationship. After a few years, he might, on the other hand, be dating a beautiful young woman.

There are a lot of women who seem to like the man who stands at about 5’6″ and weighs about 70 kg. At this point, there is no information about how tall he is. With blue eyes, a light complexion, and black hair, he, too, is a young man who looks great. He’s very thin. There were more views and likes when Madison was in his video. In addition to Tik Tok, he also has a YouTube account. He spends a lot more time on TikTok than he does on YouTube, but it’s not the same. Despite being on the channel, he doesn’t make a big difference. He has less followers on his YouTube channel than he does on TikTok, but he has more followers on TikTok.

Facts About Sora Simmons:

Birthday/Birth Date: 22 October 1999
Birth Place: Escondido, California, United States
Age: 24
Official TikTok:
Occupation: TikTok Personality
Height: 6 feet 1.83 
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Sora Simmons:
Net worth: NA
Total TikTok Fans/Followers:
Facebook Fans:
Twitter Followers:
Total Instagram Followers:
Total YouTube Followers:

Some Important Facts About :

  1. Sora Simmons was born on 22 October 1999
  2. His age is 24
  3. His birth sign is Libra

Sora Simmons Fan Mail address:

Sora Simmons

Escondido, California,

United States

Sora Simmons Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail and More Details

Sora Simmons Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Email AddressNA

Facebook NA
House address (residence address)Escondido, California, United States
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone NumberNA
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

Sora Simmons Phone Number:

Sora Simmons Address: Escondido, California, United States

Sora Simmons Phone Number: NA

Sora Simmons Whatsapp Number: NA

Sora Simmons Email ID/ Email Address: NA

Sora Simmons Social Profiles

Sora Simmons Facebook Fan Page: NA

Sora Simmons Twitter Handle:

Sora Simmons Instagram Profile:

Sora Simmons Snapchat Profile: NA

Sora Simmons YouTube Channel:

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