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Sofie Dossi Wiki/Bi


Sofie Dossi is an American television personality, gymnast, aerialist, YouTube phenomenon, contortionist, and social media sensation. She was born in Cypress, California, and currently resides in California. Her appearance on the eleventh season of the talent competition show “America’s Got Talent” in 2016 was the initial spark that ignited her rise to fame.

It was a talent show that was shown on NBC in the United States from May 31, 2016, all the way until September 11, 2016. Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell, Mel B, and Heidi Klum served as judges throughout the series. Sofie’s performance was also observed by Reba McEntire, who was a guest judge in the second round and was present during that round.

Nick Cannon, an American actor, comedian, and rapper, made his way back to the show in his capacity as a host. Dossi was able to secure the victory with an outstanding second performance from McEntire, which earned her the golden buzzer.

She was not successful in her attempt to win the series and could only position among the top 10 competitors. Her triumphs on the show helped her garner a larger following on various social media platforms as well.

The conclusion of the competition, which took place on September 14, 2020, resulted in the singer and ukulele player Grace VanderWaal being crowned the winner of the show. After that, she proceeded to make a total of three appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Sofie DossiHer birthday is June 21st, and she was born in Cypress, California, in the United States. Because of this, Sofie Dossi will turn 19 years old the following year, in the year 2020.

Since she was a child, she has always had a passion for dancing and gymnastics, and because contortion is such a fantastic combination of the two, she eventually decided to become a contortionist. Her advantage was enhanced by the fact that she possessed a supple back. She came to the conclusion that she was one of a kind after going to attend a performance by a contortionist from the “Cirque du Soleil” and seeing that she could do what he was doing as well. She was 12 years old at the time of the event.

She learned most of what she knows by herself and spent most of her childhood dozing off in front of the television because it was “fun.” She mentioned to ABC News that she used to watch “SpongeBob SquarePants” or “Tom & Jerry,” and that while she was doing so, she would frequently enjoy her time in this manner by lifting her feet over her head while sitting on the couch.

Dossi, who learned everything on her own, doesn’t just practise her moves; she also comes up with new ones on her own. The family has made their home in Southern California for the time being. The Dossi family’s former living room now serves as their gym for training purposes. There is no longer any space in the room for a couch because it is currently completely occupied by the mats and Dossi’s equipment.

Sofie Dossi demonstrates that her body is a fantastic instrument by using it to perform feats that, at first glance, appear to be impossible or to be optical illusions. She does this by utilising her body as an instrument. The hand balancing and contortion artist contorts herself into positions that are beyond comprehension. If you don’t believe us, you can see plenty of evidence of her ability to twist herself into a human pretzel on her Instagram account. It’s going to be a challenging trip, unlike anything you’ve ever been on before.

Dossi possesses a genuine sense of humour, and she will post videos of herself eating pizza with her feet or fitting into spaces that are physically impossible for her to enter. In addition, Dossi is tremendously strong and incredibly flexible. She even went so far as to enter a crowded In-N-Out Burger and eat a cheeseburger with her feet in front of a crowd of hundreds of customers. What a hilarious way to pass the time!Sofie Dossi image


But Dossi is more than just her serious strength, her propensity to indulge in crazy antics, and her remarkable flexibility. In addition to the many accolades and awards that she has already obtained, Dossi has a lengthy list of objectives that she wishes to accomplish. If you are curious about where Dossi came from, then you should keep reading. This has been kept a secret about her all along.

When you first saw Dossi doing that thing that she does so well, you probably thought to yourself, “Wow, I wonder how long Dossi trained in an Olympic gym to be so flexible?” Or maybe you imagined that she went to a prestigious boarding school for athletes. Surprisingly, this is not the case: homegirl is an independent artist who taught herself everything she knows. Telephone Number for Sofie Dossi “When I was 12 years old, I was watching videos of Cirque du Soleil on YouTube, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘Hey, I can do that!'” As a consequence of this, I continued to observe, and I started to teach myself ” She came clean about it during an interview with Everly Mag. “I’ve always been adaptable, but it wasn’t until then that I realised it was anything really noteworthy.” After that, she persisted in her routine of consistently engaging in practise and training. Although that might seem hard to believe, it is completely accurate. What a fantastic accomplishment!

Gymnastics and ballet were the first steps in Dossi’s journey towards becoming a contortionist when she was a child, but those activities were just the beginning of her journey. She explained her interest in the activity by saying,   She had a clear comprehension of the objectives that were set before her.

Dossi was launched into the public eye in a manner that was nothing short of spectacular when, in 2016, she made her debut on the enormously popular show America’s Got Talent. She not only did wonderfully, but she also made it all the way to the finals, which is no small feat! Dossi, on the other hand, demonstrated that she was more than capable of completing the assignment, as she consistently impressed the panel of judges. Dossi was present during the entire event, so she was able to see the audience members who repeatedly stood to praise her.Sofie Dossi picture

Dossi had a wonderful experience on the programme, and she will always remember it fondly despite the fact that she did not end up winning it. She declared that her participation in America’s Got Talent was the most memorable experience of her entire life in an interview with Everly Mag. “It pushed me to the limits of what I imagined I was capable of accomplishing,” the speaker says. That seemed like it would have been a really fun trip for her!

Dossi also had the opportunity to participate in one of the most iconic moments from the AGT competition. She shared that the day she found out she had won the Golden Buzzer was the happiest day of her life. “A glittering gold showering down on you and a standing ovation from a vast audience and distinguished judges! It doesn’t get any better than that!” We’re sure!

Some people try out for America’s Got Talent in the expectation that it will be their big break, but unfortunately, the majority of those people wind up going back home without having gained the traction necessary to get their careers off the ground. Dossi, on the other hand, was just getting started when her time on the show came to an end, thus she was not in the same position as the other contestants. In point of fact, she mentioned that after leaving AGT, life has been “wonderful” for her. She stated this in response to a question posed by Celeb Mix: “I’ve been giving a tonne of live concerts all over — everything from NBA halftime shows to corporate and private events.” “Halftime Performer of the Year” was a title that Sports Illustrated bestowed upon me in January… I greatly appreciate the honour! Especially for someone of your age, to get an honour of this calibre is quite remarkable.

It is not easy to get on America’s Got Talent, and it is much harder to get as far as Dossi did once you are there. Therefore, it did not come as a surprise when she was selected to be one of the fifty competitors who were invited to return to NBC in 2019 for America’s Got Talent: The Champions. After all, she did walk away with a golden buzzer from the first competition, conclusively demonstrating that she possessed some level of ability.

However, this did not prevent Dossi from going above and beyond and bringing her A-game to the champion stage, where she pushed the boundaries of what was possible. At one point, the only part of her body that was still attached to the hula hoop was her neck. She was spinning very high in the air. It’s only her neck, that’s all there is to it. The judges made a remark about this, pointing out that there was no nett underneath her to catch her in the event that she fell. I have no doubt that the palms of everyone’s hands were wet in that room! Dossi stunned the audience and delivered an entirely new performance during this round; unfortunately, she was eliminated in the end and did not go to the finals.

On competitions like “America’s Got Talent,” “American Idol,” and “The Voice,” the chairs in which the judges sit are likely one of the most exciting aspects of the event. When a well-known actor or actress is cast in one of those coveted roles, they add their own unique character and flair to the show, which can have a huge impact on how the other performers deliver their parts.

Dossi, one of the contestants on America’s Got Talent, was asked which of the judges she enjoyed performing for the best. She expressed her admiration for Heidi and Mel by saying, “I admire Heidi and Mel because I’m all about women strength,” in an interview with Heavy. On the other hand, the one whose opinion is the most important to consider is Simon. He actually came up to me on stage and on the red carpet a few times to tell me how much he like my song selections, attire, and everything else about my performance and how fantastic it was overall. Naturally, this meant a great deal to the young musician since Simon Cowell is a renowned figure in the music industry.Sofie Dossi wiki

Facts About Sofie Dossi :

Birthday/Birth Date:  21 – 06 – 2001
Birth Place: Cypress, California
Children: NA
Age: 20 (as in 2021)
Official TikTok: NA
Occupation: YouTuber
Height: 5  ’ 1″
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Sofie Dossi : NA
Net worth: $5 million
Total TikTok Fans/Followers: NA
Facebook Fans: 197014
Twitter Followers: 58.9K
Total Instagram Followers: 4.1 Million
Total YouTube Followers: 6.8M subscribers

Some Important Facts About :

  1. Sofie Dossi was born on 21 – 06 – 2001.
  2. Her age is 20 (as in 2021).
  3. Her birth sign is Cancer.

Sofie Dossi Fan Mail address:

Sofie Dossi,

Cypress, California

Sofie Dossi Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail and More Details

Sofie Dossi Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
House address (residence address)Cypress, California
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone Number+1-800-798-XXXX
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

Sofie Dossi Phone Number:

Sofie Dossi Address: Cypress, California

Sofie Dossi Phone Number: +1-800-798-XXXX

Sofie Dossi Whatsapp Number: NA

Sofie Dossi Email ID/ Email Address:

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Sofie Dossi Facebook Fan Page:

Sofie Dossi Twitter Handle:

Sofie Dossi Instagram Profile:

Sofie Dossi Snapchat Profile: NA

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