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Shenseea Wiki/Bio

By her stage name, people know her. This is how you say it: However, Shenseea is not her real name. She used to be called Chinsea Linda Lee when she was a little girl. For herself, she changed the name of her band. Born on October 1, 1996: In Jamaica, where she was born and raised, she went to school and worked. For a while, she lived there.

When she was a child, she moved a lot between her home in Mandeville and her home in Kingston. There, she was born. Before, they would go back and forth between Mandeville, which was then known as St. Elizabeth, and the city where she grew up in Kingston. It didn’t matter that they moved away when she was three, because her grandmother stayed in the same town as her family.

To see her as often as they could, they made the trip back and forth as often as they could. She didn’t join her family in Kingston. This went well for them. She is a young mother with a child. When she was 19, she became a teenage mother. Her teen years are over. Born in 2015: There, she was 19. When she was a child, she had a daughter named Rajeiro Lee who lived with her family. Her son, on the other hand, isn’t talked about much.

She has worked with some of the most well-known people in the movie business. If you want to know more about a famous person who has worked with Christina Aguilera, you can look at this person. It was Megan Thee Stallion, who has only been around for a short time, who worked with her on her last project. Though she’s already made a name for herself, When Shenseea has worked with the best people in the world, she has learned a lot.

Shenseea Phone Number

Teen mom: Her mother died five years after she became one. Having to go through this is hard for anyone. When her mother died, it was a surprise. As a young mother in her early 20s, she didn’t think this would happen. They came together for her when the news broke in June of 2020.

Her new boyfriend isn’t the same one she had before. New boyfriend: Her name has been in the news. In the past, she was seen holding hands with a man named London On Da Track at the Super Bowl in Los Angeles. London On Da Track is a rapper. However, she says that he was only there to help her and that there is nothing wrong with him. Nobody else on Earth has any light. There were a lot of people who didn’t believe that she was holding hands with London On Da Track. When she fell, he was there to help her get up.

Before, they’ve been spotted together, and the public has been wondering if they’ve been dating for a long time. This hasn’t helped them, though.

She likes to keep things quiet. The least we can say is that she is very private, but we can’t say for sure. They know some parts of her life have to be made public. That’s also true. She also knows that she’s not there to share everything and make a fuss about things that aren’t her business.

When she does her job, she goes by a stage name. Shenseea is her stage name. She changed it to a stage name because it was more personal, but it was still Chelsea. She was born on October 1, 1996, in Jamaica. When she was very young, she moved there from the United States with her family.

She was born in Jamaica and grew up there, so she was born there as well as raised there. She lived there for a long time when she was born. She has lived there all her life. Besides Mandeville, which is where she was born, she lived there most of her life. She moved a lot between Mandeville and her second home in Kingston for most of the time.

Her grandmother still lived in St. Elizabeth, so even though her family moved there when she was three, they kept going back and forth. She didn’t go with her family to Kingston, which worked out for them. Back and forth: They went whenever they could.

She’s a young mom. The last time she had a child, when she was 19, she was still a young mother. She is now an adult. She had a son in 2015. At the time, she was 19. The name of the child she had with her husband is rajeiro Lee. She doesn’t talk about her son’s father, though. Nobody knew that she was pregnant when he was born because her name wasn’t well-known. The world didn’t need to know about her baby’s father.

It turns out that her son is a model. He does that for a living. When he was born, his mother didn’t have long to get to know him. Right away, he was a model for the magazine. Babybop Kids hired him when he was just four years old, and he has been with them ever since. His mom, too, is very excited about this. Why are they getting into this field? Because he likes it. When he’s old enough to understand, he’ll get a head start on his own job. As a movie star, she’s worked with some of the best people. They have worked with Christina Aguilera, one of the best-known singers of the last few decades, and she is one of the people who has worked with them.


In the beginning of the year, Megan Thee Stallion worked with her. People don’t know Megan, but she has been around long enough to make a name for herself in the past. When Shenseea has worked with the best people in the world, she has learned a lot. A lot of people don’t like when their parents die because they don’t want them to. In five years, she lost her own mother. In her early 20s, when she was a young mother, her mother died.  The news came out about her in June of 2020. Her fans, friends, and family all came together.

She has been seen with a new man in the last few days. When a new man was seen with her, her name came up in the news. Last week, if you saw her at the Super Bowl in LA, she was holding hands with a guy named London On Da Track. When she says that he helped her, she says there was nothing wrong with what he did.

Her claim that she only held hands with London On Da Track because he helped her stand up when she fell was hard for people to believe. It hasn’t helped their situation at all that people have been speculating about how long they’ve been together, which hasn’t helped them at all.

Because of money problems that aren’t common in the Kingston area, Chinsea couldn’t go to school and didn’t finish it. A setback might make some people give up on their dreams in order to make ends meet. Even though it wasn’t easy for Chinese because her son Raj was so cute, she had another reason to keep going: To make sure he got everything that came his way as a single mother, Chinsea had to keep going. Romeich Major, the entertainment and promotion kingpin in the Kingston area, met her around this time, and he was very interested in her.

When you sign a deal with a record company, on the other hand, the world of artiste development doesn’t start. MTV show Jamz and Hits was on a long time ago when Shenseea came up with the idea to start making music. Her favorite musicians as a child were Whitney Houston and Beenie Man. They were also Buju Banton and Bounty Killer and Buju Banton, and they were all very popular in her country at the time.  She took the first step toward her dream at church.

People liked her voice, so she kept singing in the church and even joined the choir. This helped her become better at being an artist and a performer.

Shenseea was the first artist to record for Romeich Entertainment. In the beginning, Shenseea didn’t start to think about her music career very seriously until she signed with Romeich. This was supposed to be a job where she would promote brands like Hennessey and Red Stripe at important events in Jamaica, but it quickly turned into a chance for her to start her own business and show off her skills. She also built up a huge fan base.

This is where Shenseea now spends most of her day. She records a new song every single day. They didn’t believe it when Shenseea came out with her first song in January 2016! A lightning bolt went through the island. In the end, Shenseea couldn’t meet all of her school goals, but they gave the artist a new way to reach her goal of becoming an internationally known artist.

This helps Shenseea be better at both art and business. He is always there to help her and show her how hard work pays off.

Music by Shenseea will be heard around the world one day. For now, enjoy the music Shenseea is putting out on her social media accounts, the radio, and at the many events she is going to be at, as well. Open the door to Shenseea’s house. One way to go from here is onward.

People who spread lies about her in order to get people to read their blog have been called out by Shenseea. When Drake isn’t happy with, the same site that led to Drake’s pregnancy rumors last year. She used social media today to disprove the blogger’s new story about how she “caught farts,” which she said was true. An Instagram story called “Shenseea Was Taken to the Hospital After Holding in Gas Around Her New Rapper Boyfriend” was on her Instagram Stories at the time.

Publicly, Shenseea has told a blogger who spread lies about her in order to get more people to read her blog Drake looks angry at, the same site that made the Drake pregnancy hoax last year. When a new blogger said that she had been “caught farting,” the 25-year-old took to social media this morning to show that she was lying. “Shenseea Hospitalized After Holding in Gas Around New Rapper Boyfriend” is an Instagram post that the Body Count singer put up.

Facts About Shenseea:

Birthday/Birth Date: March 19, 2000
Birth Place: Seongdong-gu ,Seoul, South Korea
Age: 24
Official TikTok:
Occupation: Singer
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Shenseea:
Net worth: NA
Total TikTok Fans/Followers: 2.4m
Facebook Fans: 1.1m
Twitter Followers: 211.7K 
Total Instagram Followers: 5.4 Million
Total YouTube Followers: 2,2 Million

Some Important Facts About :

  1. Shenseea was born on March 19, 2000
  2. Her age is 24
  3. Her birth sign is Libra

Shenseea Fan Mail address:

Castilyn Eleanor Williams

Shenseea Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail and More Details

Shenseea Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Email AddressNA

House address (residence address)Seongdong-gu ,Seoul, South Korea
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone Number1(848)328-0677
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

Shenseea Phone Number:

Shenseea Address: Seongdong-gu,Seoul, South Korea

Shenseea Phone Number: 1(848)328-0677

Shenseea Whatsapp Number: NA

Shenseea Email ID/ Email Address: NA

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Shenseea Facebook Fan Page:

Shenseea Twitter Handle:

Shenseea Instagram Profile:

Shenseea Snapchat Profile: NA

Shenseea YouTube Channel:

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