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Sanmina Corporation was created in 1980 by Jure Sola for the purpose of manufacturing innovative electronic circuit cards, back planes, and enclosures for the telecommunications sector. Sanmina completed its acquisition of competitor SCI in 2001, and Sola was named CEO and chairman of the newly formed Sanmina-SCI Corporation in 2002. As of 2004, the merger represented the industry’s largest ever. The united firm was a market leader in contract manufacturing of electronic components and services for original equipment manufacturers in the communications, industrial and medical instrumentation, and information technology sectors.

Sola was born in Croatia and immigrated to the United States in 1968 as a 17-year-old. He joined the management team of the electronic manufacturing company Lika after earning an engineering degree from San Jose State University. Lika manufactures electronic transducers and control instruments for factory automation. He cofounded Sanmina in 1980 and immediately began serving the company in a variety of executive capacities. In 1991, Sola was appointed chairman and president of Sanmina.

For the most of its history, the contract manufacturing industry has lacked respect. Numerous engineering businesses choose to design items and then outsource manufacturing to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). In the 1990s, the majority of corporations that created finished goods sought to decrease unnecessary resources and people by outsourcing continuous manufacturing to other enterprises. Sola capitalised on this trend early on to propel Sanmina forward. In 1997, the company ranked ninth among contract manufacturers, avoiding consumer products in order to focus on high-end networking and telecommunications applications. Sola claimed in Electronic Business that his business approach is “to pursue things that are more challenging to create internally” (August 1, 1998).

Sanmina maintained a 15% operating margin for the majority of its life, an achievement that pleased rival contract manufacturers. Sola attributed the company’s success to the niches he targeted, excellent management, and a track record of cost control. Comparing Sanmina’s operations from well after it became profitable to those during its infancy, when the business had nearly as much debt as revenue, Sola observed, “We operate identically” ( Electronic Business , August 1, 1998).

In the 1990s, OEMs and contract manufacturers began to work similarly—both had developed a true cooperative and integrated culture. Contract manufacturers such as SCI participated in OEM design meetings and supplied services across the supply chain, from design to box construction. SCI was a vertical integration pioneer, designing and manufacturing nearly everything for the Apollo space programme. By the late 1990s, the majority of SCI’s revenue came from personal computers and government contracts.

Sola determined in the late 1990s that Sanmina’s revenue stream needed to be broadened by appealing to a broader group of clients; he proposed an amicable merger with the larger SCI. “We established the company to a certain degree with specialty technology,” Sola explained, “but we needed to establish the principles of system assembly” ( Electronic Buyers News , December 17, 2001). Acquiring SCI skills would result in faster advancements than building them internally. Sanmina generated more than two-thirds of its revenue from the communications sector, which was experiencing severe deflation at the time; the very cyclical nature of that business, along with significant operational leverage, necessitated Sanmina’s diversification.

Sola and Sanmina acquired SCI in July 2001 in a stock swap valued at over $6 billion, making it the largest acquisition in the electronic manufacturing services industry’s history. Through joint operational efficiency and internal component sourcing, the new Sanmina-SCI saved approximately $150–200 million per year. The new corporation has manufacturing operations in 23 countries and yearly revenue in the neighbourhood of $12 billion. It was placed among the world’s top five electronic makers. Sanmina-SCI earned revenue through sales of communications equipment, high-end computing, personal computers, multimedia, and medical/aerospace/industrial products.

Sola set his sights on Asia, intending to take advantage of China’s lower workforce. “Our strategy is to win new product introductions and designs in Japan while manufacturing in China,” he explained ( Electronic Buyers News , December 10, 2001).

Analysts expressed reservations about Sola’s capacity to integrate the Sanmina and SCI business models. Sanmina provided clients with advanced manufacturing technologies, whereas SCI specialised in high-speed assembly; the two platforms necessitated distinct customer interactions and pricing strategies. Sola believed that the acquisition’s potential outweighed the risks.

Sanmina Corporate Headquarters Address and Phone Number
The company is based in CA , United States. Do you have anything to share with the corporate headquarters? If yes, please take a note of the headquarters address of name Inc. below:
Sanmina Corporate Headquarters Address

Sanmina Corporation 2700 North First Street San Jose

CA 95134
United States.

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