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Raytheon was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1922 as the American Appliance Company by three scientist-engineers, Lawrence K. Marshall, Charles G. Smith, and Vannevar Bush. Its initial concentration was on novel refrigeration technology, but it quickly turned to electronics. The business created a “gaseous rectifier,” an electron tube capable of converting home alternating current to direct current for radios, obviating the need for costly short-life batteries. In 1925, the firm changed its name to Raytheon Manufacturing Company and began successfully marketing their rectifier under the Raytheon brand name. Raytheon Manufacturing Company was formed in 1928 when Raytheon combined with Q.R.S. Company, an American maker of electron tubes and switches. In 1933, it expanded its product line by purchasing Acme-Delta Company, a transformer, power equipment, and electronic car parts manufacturer.

Physicists in England devised the magnetron, a specialised microwave-generating electron tube that greatly increased radar’s ability to detect enemy planes early in World War II (see radar: History of radar). Raytheon was awarded a contract to refine and mass-produce the magnetron for ground-based, airborne, and shipborne radar systems with the help of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Radiation Laboratory (which was just founded to explore microwave radar). By the end of the war, the business had produced approximately 80% of all magnetrons. Raytheon was also a pioneer in the development of shipboard radar systems, particularly for submarine detection, during the war. Microwaves can cook food, according to Raytheon’s research on the magnetron tube. The Radarange microwave oven for commercial use was first shown in 1947. It bought Amana Refrigeration, Inc., a refrigerator and air conditioner maker, in 1965. Raytheon began marketing the first countertop domestic microwave oven in 1967, using the Amana brand name and distribution channels, and quickly became a major manufacturer in the microwave oven industry.

The Submarine Signal Business (established in 1901), a leading manufacturer of maritime safety equipment, was acquired by the company in 1945, allowing it to extend its electronics capacity. Raytheon produced the first guidance system for a missile that could intercept a flying target thanks to its expanded capabilities. The Lark missile, introduced in 1950, was the first of its kind to destroy a target aircraft in flight. Following that, Raytheon was awarded military contracts to build the air-to-air Sparrow and ground-to-air Hawk missiles, both of which were inspired by the Korean War. It remained a prominent missile manufacturer in succeeding decades, producing the Patriot antimissile missile and the air-to-air Phoenix missile, among others. Raytheon purchased Apelco-Applied Electronics in 1959, bolstering its commercial maritime electronics capabilities. It changed its name to Raytheon Company in the same year.

Beech Aircraft Corporation, a leading producer of general aviation aircraft founded in 1932 by Walter H. Beech, was acquired by Raytheon in 1980. Through the acquisition of Corporate Jets Inc. from British Aerospace in 1993, Raytheon expanded its aircraft activities by adding the Hawker range of business jets (now BAE Systems). Beech and Hawker manufactured business jets such as the Hawker 800XP and Horizon, the Beechjet 400A, and the Premier I as part of the Raytheon aircraft subsidiary; the popular Beech King Air line of twin turboprops; and single-engine piston aircraft such as the Beech Bonanza. The single-turboprop T-6A Texan II, a Beech special-mission aircraft, has been selected as the primary training aircraft for the US Air Force and US Navy.

During the Persian Gulf War in 1991, Raytheon’s Patriot missile got widespread international attention, resulting in a significant rise in sales outside the United States. Raytheon purchased the defence electronics and aircraft-modification businesses of Chrysler Corporation in 1996, and the defence electronics units of Texas Instruments and Hughes Electronics, producer of various missile systems, in 1997, in an effort to create leadership in the defence market. In the 1990s, it also sold off a number of non-defense enterprises, notably Amana Refrigeration. In 2007, it sold its aircraft division, which included the Beech and Hawker product lines, to investors who formed Hawker Beechcraft, Inc.

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Raytheon Company
Ethics Office
870 Winter Street
Waltham, MA 02451-1219

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Raytheon Headquarters Phone Number: 800-423-0210.

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