PointCrow Phone Number, Email ID, Address, Fanmail, Tiktok and More

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PointCrow Phone Number, Email ID, Address, Fanmail, Tiktok and More

A well-known content producer who is probably most recognized for his PointCrow channel that is hosted on YouTube. On this channel, he uploads videos of himself playing video games, with The Legend of Zelda being the title featured the majority of the time. He currently has more than 1.1 million followers and subscribers on the video site. The video that he uploaded to YouTube with the title “Zelda, however, if I say “bear” then 20 bears spawn” is by far his most popular video there. There have been more than 4 million people who have viewed it. His given name is Eric, although he goes by Eric as a first name. His mother has a dog whose name is Xena, and that dog’s name is Xena. He has collaborated with one of the other players on YouTube who goes by the name SmallAnt.

PointCrow is a YouTube channel that was launched the same year (2019) and has its headquarters in the country of the United States of America. According to the data that was compiled by NetWorthSpot, PointCrow most likely has a net worth that is somewhere in the vicinity of 579.44 thousand dollars. despite the fact that it is impossible to evaluate PointCrow’s net worth at the present time. Although it has not been possible to verify PointCrow’s real net worth, our website presents an opinion that is generally accepted and estimates that PointCrow’s net worth is $579,444,000 at this time.

On the other hand, this estimate takes into consideration just one of the potential avenues for financial gain. There is a possibility that PointCrow has a bigger net worth than 579,44 thousand dollars. If we consider every possible source of revenue for PointCrow, we have determined that the company’s current net worth is around 811,21,000 dollars. The PointCrow YouTube channel typically receives roughly in the range of 80,48 thousand views on a daily basis. On YouTube, monetized channels mostly rely on revenue from advertisements as their primary source of income.

YouTube channels that are monetized have the potential to earn between $3 and $7 for every one thousand views of the videos they host on the platform. If PointCrow falls within this range, then the estimates provided by Net Worth Spot suggest that PointCrow has a monthly income of $9.66 thousand, which works out to an annual income of $144.86 thousand. On the other hand, it’s possible that our estimate is well off the mark. It is possible that PointCrow will make more than 260.7 thousand dollars in revenue each year if all goes according to plan. It is hardly impossible that PointCrow has access to additional avenues of financial gain.

The most frequent ways for influencers to generate money are through advertising their own products, accepting sponsorships, and earning commissions as affiliates. They can also make money by accepting sponsorships from other companies. Fans of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have not yet given up hope for the game, despite the fact that Nintendo has already moved on to the next installment in the series. A user on YouTube going by the name Waikuteru just recently uploaded a video that demonstrates a fresh new multiplayer version for the game that lets two people play together with split-screen gameplay.

PointCrow Phone Number

The mod can be found here. A user who goes by the handle Kirbymimi is the one who originally developed the modification. The change, on the other hand, is subject to a number of conditions and restrictions. “Up to four people will be able to play simultaneously through the course of the game thanks to the patch,” Kirbymimi explained further. “However, there are some boundaries that are currently being worked on, and it is imperative that you are aware of these limitations before beginning.”

Because there is now no option for split-screen play, all players are forced to fight with the first player for visibility on the screen. This is currently the major disadvantage the game has to offer. Because of this, it can be more challenging at times for other players to see or control what is going on in the game. As a direct consequence of this, a button has been integrated into the game that, when hit, teleports all other players to the first person who initiated the teleportation, thereby preserving the cohesiveness of the group.

It functions fairly well, but once split screens have been constructed, it will very probably function even better than it does now. It is not the first time that a multiplayer mode has been added to Breath of the Wild; in fact, this is the second time that it has been introduced. It would appear that work on making such a mod began not long after the game was made accessible to the public in the year 2017 when it was the case that the game was released. A user on YouTube who goes by the handle PointCrow issued a challenge to anyone who is capable of developing a multiplayer mod for the game and gave $10,000 to the person who successfully completed the challenge.

When it was first announced, a number of potential participants expressed interest in accepting the challenge. On the other hand, this specific version of multiplayer has made significant advancements because it is the first time that it has been made openly accessible to users. As a result, it has set a precedent for future implementations of multiplayer. Previous attempts to integrate multiplayer only got as far as the closed beta stage.

When it was first released, Breath of the Wild stunned the gaming community with its lovely world, nice graphics, and a few hidden arrows in the sky. As a result, it was subsequently voted as one of the best games in the history of gaming. Because of this, the game was given serious consideration for the role of a competitor for the title of the finest game in the history of gaming. Even while the vast majority of users found it enjoyable to explore the digital world of Hyrule on their own, many players wished that they could take part in some kind of multiplayer mode that would enable them to share the experience of exploring the game world with their friends.

These expectations and desires have been fulfilled at this point in time. The question of whether or not The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 will include co-op gameplay has not been answered. On the other hand, the mod for the currently available game is scheduled to make its debut in its beta version this coming Friday, July 29, much to the excitement of the fan community. However, it is sad for gamers because the mod is not compatible with the hardware that Nintendo officially distributes, and as a direct consequence of this incompatibility, it is extremely doubtful that the mod will ever be converted to Switch in the near future. Nevertheless, this is a huge step in the right direction.

One of the reasons why the patch for KotOR 2 has not been released yet is because the corporation has very strict rules and procedures about game patches. Since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was first made available to the public, gamers have been pleading with Nintendo to include some kind of multiplayer component in the game. However, not all ears are deaf, and in November of the previous year, a content creator who goes by the name PointCrow issued a challenge to the internet to develop a multiplayer mode for Breath of the Wild that can support between two and four players and offered a reward of ten thousand dollars to the person who did it. The mode needed to be able to support between two and four players.

Now, after a few months have passed, PointCrow and Kirbymimi have presented the results of the challenge, exhibiting multiple Links in a variety of clothes and exploring the in-game realm of Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. PointCrow and Kirbymimi’s presentation can be found here. Not only can the characters in the game see each other on the screen, but they can also see each other while they are actually playing the game. This allows them to inflict damage on one another and even team up to take on common foes. Having said that, there is still an extremely large amount of work to be done with regard to the mod.

The most obvious issue is, by a wide margin, the game’s ability to generate adversaries. The amount of damage that enemies suffer is synchronized among all players, but the locations of adversaries are not. As a result, certain foes will appear to flee on the screen of one player even while they are still within the effective range of the other players. Because the mod is being worked on by a team consisting of only three people at the moment, the slow pace at which development is proceeding is not particularly unusual. The good news is that when PointCrow’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild mod reaches the point where it can be played, they intend to make it available to the gaming community for no cost at all.

Naturally, this leads to the following questions: how will Nintendo react to the fact that their game has been altered? Will Nintendo, like it has done in the past with a variety of other endeavors and activities, make an effort to legally stop the project in its tracks? Because its existence has been brought to the attention of the general public, the mod is currently safe to use; nevertheless, the mod itself is not available to a larger audience, which prevents Nintendo from having the right to take legal action. It is possible that the company has its sights set on turning a profit off of the co-op mod that will be included in the subsequent sequel.

Breath of the Wild, the next installment in the Legend of Zelda series, was released in 2017 to universal praise from critics. It was finally determined to be the best game of the year by Nintendo, which was the only company to do so. This was due to the game’s extensive player-driven story and large open world. People have always wished for a multiplayer expansion for BOTW, despite the fact that the game is so expansive and there are seemingly an infinite amount of different ways to play it. Since there was no official multiplayer mode accessible, one of the authors opted to create their own version of the mode.

In November of 2021, PointCrow held a contest in which the winner would receive ten thousand dollars and the opportunity to design a multiplayer update for Breath of the Wild. A little more than a year later, the release window for the mod’s official version has been determined. On March 30, PointCrow posted a teaser video for the mod on Twitter. In the video, there was a brief example of how the mod should be used. In addition to that, he indicated that he intended to release the mod to his YouTube channel during the summer of 2022 and that he intended to do so.

PointCrow said, in a previous communication he had with Dexerto, that he would be presenting the $10,000 bounty as a prize to individuals who were contributing to the mod. This bounty is intended to encourage and recognize individuals who make significant contributions to the project. In addition to that, he said that he was the one who had recruited the developers and that he had been paying them ever since he first became aware of the work they were doing.

PointCrow Phone Number, Email Address, Contact No Information and More Details

PointCrow Addresses:

House Address:

PointCrow, California, United States

Fanmail Address / Autograph Request Address:

United States

PointCrow Contact Phone Number and Contact Details info

  • PointCrow Phone Number: Private
  • PointCrow Mobile Contact Number: NA
  • WhatsApp Number of PointCrow: NA
  • Personal Phone Number: Same as Above
  • PointCrow Email ID: NA

Social Media Accounts of Content Creator ‘PointCrow ’

  • TikTok Account: NA
  • Facebook Account (Facebook Profile): https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/pointcrow
  • Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/PointCrow
  • Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/pointcrow
  • YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/PointCrow?app=desktop
  • Tumblr Details: NA
  • Official Website: NA
  • Snapchat Profile: NA

Personal Facts and Figures

  • Birthday/Birth Date: January 21, 1998
  • Place of Birth: California, United States
  • Wife/GirlFriend: NA
  • Children: NA
  • Age: 24 Years old
  • Official TikTok: NA
  • Occupation: Youtuber
  • Height: NA


  • Salary of PointCrow: $579.44 thousand.
  • Net worth: $579.44 thousand.
  • Education: Yes
  • Total TikTok Fans/Followers: Not Known
  • Facebook Fans: Not Known
  • Twitter Followers: 112.6K Followers
  • Total Instagram Followers: 33.6K followers
  • Total YouTube Followers: 1.38M subscribers

PointCrow Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Phone NumberNA
House address (residence address)California, United States
Official WebsiteN/A
Snapchat IdN/A
Whatsapp No.Not Avaliable
Personal No.N/A
Instagram Idhttps://www.instagram.com/pointcrow
Facebook Idhttps://www.facebook.com/hashtag/pointcrow
Tinder IdN/A
Twitter Idhttps://twitter.com/PointCrow
Youtube ChannelNA
Email AddressNA
Office NumberN/A

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Some Important Facts About PointCrow:-

  1. PointCrow was born on January 21, 1998.
  2. His Age is 24 years old.
  3. His birth sign is Aquarius.

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