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Penney S. Azcarate

Penney Azcarate is a well-known figure in the state of Virginia who serves as a judge in her professional life. She is a member of the 19th Judicial Circuit and was elected to that position by the General Assembly of Virginia on February 25, 2015. She began performing the duties associated with her office on July 1 of the same year. On June 30, 2023, she will have completed her eighth and last term, which will end with the coming of the new year 2023. Penney is now receiving a significant amount of attention from the media as a result of the fact that she is expected to preside over the verdict process of the ongoing domestic abuse case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard this week, most likely on Tuesday.

Penney was born in September 1997, which means that she is currently 54 years old. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice at Old Dominion University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in the subject in 1988. In later years, she attended George Mason University School of Law to earn her Juris Doctor degree, which she was awarded in 1998. At this time, Penney is doing the obligations that come with her position as a Circuit Court Judge in Fairfax County. After completing her study and receiving her J.D. from the George Mason University School of Law in 1998, she immediately began her judging practices. She had been a judge since 1996.

Azcarate has a long history of serving the public, which she began when she was accepted into the ROTC program at Old Dominion University, where she volunteered her time for a total of four years. This devotion helped her get a scholarship to Old Dominion University. In spite of this, she has also spent a number of years gaining expertise in her reserve tasks while also completing law school. After receiving her degree in law from George Mason University, she worked as an assistant commonwealth attorney for a period of five consecutive years before transitioning into a career in private practice. After that, in the year 2008, she was chosen for the position of General District Court Bench by the general assembly, which came with a number of obligations.

After making history by being the first woman to hold the position of chief judge in 2008, she was eventually promoted to the Fairfax County Circuit Court in 2015. During the time that Judge Penney served on the bench, she oversaw the establishment of the first Veterans Treatment Docket in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This is one of the specialized courts that assists veterans who are dealing with mental health concerns or substance misuse issues. In addition to this, judge Penney Azcarate started paying attention to the trend of military personnel who were being brought before her on criminal charges despite not having a prior criminal record. She understood how important it was for the veterans to have access to the essential resources so that they could make the transition back to normal life and get treatment for their mental health and drug misuse concerns.

The judge was equally concerned about the welfare of veterans who had committed petty charges that did not include physical violence as well as felony offenses. She has made the decisions that are relevant to the provision of resources to the veterans in order to assist them and facilitate their reintegration into the community. As a result of the significant impact of her treatment, the county of Fairfax in Virginia has now established a Veterans Treatment Docket in each of its three distinct types of courts. While law students are completing their summer internships, part-time jobs, or externships, Judge Penney provides them with the experiences of practical knowledge and everything that could be possible in their school career.

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In addition, Judge Penney offers advice to law students. He provides law students with the experiences of practical knowledge and everything that could be possible in their school career. She gives talks about the significance of helping others, forming connections, and expanding one’s professional network in order to broaden one’s professional alternatives. Azcarate, who is currently in the middle of her 50s and has a husband named flack Eddy Azcarate, is a member of the Fairfax County Police Department and lives a happy married life. The fact that the family has produced four grown children by this point does not indicate anything about the members of the family or their identities.

Because of her high-profile and easily controllable position in the Fairfax County Circuit, Judge Penney Azcarate is almost certainly raking in a substantial amount of money. This is a certainty. Because she solely practices law and serves as a judge, it is impossible for us to ignore the fact that Ms. Azcarate brings in an estimated amount that is in the millions of dollars. As a result of the fact that she began working with her practices almost immediately after finishing her studies, she is currently earning an amount that is as high as her estimated net worth of $5 million.Send an objection letter to the objectors if you believe that the defamation action that Johnny Depp is bringing against his ex-wife Amber Heard is taking longer than it should.

The attorneys for both sides in the case have raised several objections to the questioning of witnesses in the courtroom in Fairfax, Virginia, over the course of the previous month. The majority of these objections have been based on “hearsay.” The judge has agreed with a significant number of their objections. Consequently, this results in more sidebars. Because of this, there are even more objections. Penney Azcarate has been serving as the Chief Justice of the 19th Circuit of Virginia since 2015 when she was appointed to that position. Eminently experienced, but by no one’s definition of “old,” the Honorable Justice is a former Marine who graduated from Old Dominion and George Mason University School of Law. She is just old-school in the sense that she has a strike zone for hearsay objections that is similar to what was used in the past.

This judge is a purist,” Rossi remarked. “She is upholding that objection because, from an academic and technical standpoint, it is hearsay. However, in actual practice, judges do not prohibit it. On Thursday alone, Judge Azcarate upheld multiple hearsay objections and reminded Heard, while she was testifying, not to “say what you said,” but rather to focus on what she had heard Depp (who is present in the courtroom, so this is OK) says to her. Heard stuck to what she had heard Depp say to her. The infamous defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which has been going on for a little over a week, is currently in recess.

During the trial that took place in Fairfax, Virginia, counsel for both sides raised several objections during the questioning of witnesses, and Judge Penney Azcarate allowed a significant number of those objections to stand. Continuing to raise complaints will only result in further sidebars and additional objections. Although he believes the judge to have an exceptional judicial temperament, I must politely state that I disagree with a great number of her judgments. When you quote someone who was not present in the courtroom, you are engaging in the use of hearsay. Gene Rossi, an analyst for Law & Crime, stated during the live stream on Thursday that “if I’m on the witness stand, and I’m stating something to someone outside the courtroom, that is technically hearsay.

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Since 2015, Judge Penney Azcarate has held the position of Chief Justice of the 19th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Commonwealth of Virginia. She served in the United States Marine Corps and received degrees in law from Old Dominion University and George Mason University. The majority of the objections that have been raised during this trial have been for hearsay, and on Thursday, May 5, Judge Azcarate upheld a number of those objections. Hearsay” is defined as “a declaration made outside of court that is presented to show the veracity of whatever it states,” as stated by the Legal Information Institute. Evidence-based on hearsay is frequently excluded from trials.

However, there are a wide variety of exceptions and exclusions. It does not make a difference whether the comment was made verbally or in writing for something to be considered hearsay. In the vast majority of cases, hearsay cannot be used as evidence in legal proceedings. The following is an excerpt from the website: “Once an attorney files an objection, the court issues a judgment.” If an objection is sustained by a judge, it indicates that the judge accepts the validity of the objection and rules that the question, testimony, or evidence in question should not be allowed. When a court “overrules” an objection, it indicates that the judge does not agree with the objection and that the judge will proceed with the inquiry, testimony, or evidence that was objected to.

Penny Azcarate stated that Depp’s legal team had shown enough evidence to warrant continuing to pursue the matter. After the plaintiffs have presented their case, Heard’s request to strike is essentially a formality, and it was believed that Azcarate would deny such an effort. On Tuesday morning, the attorneys for both parties gave oral arguments regarding the motion. However, the jury was not present for these arguments. The major goal of the legal team representing Heard is to ensure that the defense has specific appellate rights in the event that they are required.

Even though Depp is not specifically mentioned in the opinion piece, his legal team contends that there is a sufficient connection to Heard’s allegations from 2016 that he physically mistreated her. Azcarate stated that “if there is a scintilla of evidence that a reasonable jury could weigh, then the matter survives a motion to strike.” In other words, if there is any evidence at all, the matter can be considered. She stated that there was “evidence that jurors could weigh that showed that the statements were about the plaintiff, that the statements were published, and that the statement was false, and that the defendant made the statement knowing that it was false, or that the defendant made it so recklessly as to amount to a willful disregard for the truth.

She said that the evidence was “evidence that jurors could weigh that showed that the statements were about the plaintiff, that the statements were published, and that the statement was false.” The fact finders are responsible for determining how persuasive that evidence is. She stated that she would not make a decision on whether or not a claim of defamation should be allowed to proceed over one of Heard’s tweets at this time. Michael Spindler, an economic damages expert, testified earlier in the morning that Johnny Depp “suffered lost earnings of approximately $40 million” over a nearly two-year period following the publication of the op-ed. Spindler’s testimony was in response to a question about how much money Depp had lost as a result of the op-ed.

This included a loss of booking for non-franchise films totaling $20.1 million and a loss of playing Jack Sparrow in a sixth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise totaling $20.3 million, after agency commissions. Currently being questioned by the attorney for Heard. On Tuesday, May 31, the jury in the defamation trial pitting Amber Heard against Johnny Depp continued their deliberations for the second day. After the final statements were given by the teams representing Depp and Heard on May 27, the jury deliberated for a total of two hours before reaching a verdict.

After that, Judge Penny Azcarate sent the jurors home and instructed them to continue the deliberations after the holiday on Memorial Day. Even though the jury reconvened in the court in Fairfax County on Tuesday, they were unable to reach a decision before the court was dismissed for the day. In addition to this, it was disclosed that the discussions would continue on Wednesday, June 1st. In the proceeding that took place on Tuesday, the legal team representing Johnny Depp submitted a motion seeking to strike what they deemed to be an “inappropriate argument” made by the attorneys for Amber Heard during their closing statement. In spite of this, Judge Azcarate did not take up the motion and made it clear that she is unable to take the submission into consideration at this time because the case has already been handed over to the jury.

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  • Birthday/Birth Date: September 1967
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  • Age: 54 Years old
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  • Occupation: Judge
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  • Salary of Penney S. Azcarate: $800k 
  • Net worth: $800k 
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  1. Penney S. Azcarate was born on September 1967.
  2. Her Age is 54 years old.
  3. Her birth sign is NA.

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