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Penn Badgley Wiki/Bio

Penn Dayton Badgley, better known by his stage name Penn Badgley, is an American actor and musician best known for his roles as Dan Humphrey on The CW’s adolescent drama Gossip Girl (2007-2012) and Joe Goldberg on Netflix’s thriller You (2018-present). Aside from that, his acting credits include John Tucker, Must Die (2006 film), The Stepfather (2009 film), Easy A (2010 film), Margin Call (2011), and Greetings from Tim Buckley (2012). On February 26, 2016, his band MOTHXR published their first album, ‘Centerfold.’ He is a gifted individual in general.

Penn Badgley wiki

Netflix has yet to confirm a third season of You, but Penn Badgley’s chat with Entertainment Tonight suggests that an announcement might be coming soon. Penn started talking about Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) in season 3 during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, but soon changed his mind, probably since a third season for the blockbuster Netflix drama has yet to be announced. The program is expected to return for a third season. We’re not clairvoyant, but You is a smash hit, and Netflix adores a smashing success. Penn also appears to be anticipating next season, which is a positive indication.

On November 1, 1986, Penn Dayton Badgley was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Penn Badgley is a singer-songwriter and actor from the United States. Penn is the son of Lynne Murphy and Duff Badgley, who worked as a carpenter as well as a newspaper journalist. Duff Badgley ran for Washington’s legislative leader as a Green Party candidate in 2008. He was 12 when his parents separated. Penn Badgley spent his childhood in Virginia, Woodlake, and Seattle.

Before Penn Badgley transferred to St. Christopher’s School, he attended Woolridge Elementary, where his mother worked toward becoming the PTA president. Penn Badgley relished the opportunity to play young soccer under his father’s tutelage. Penn Badgley was a member of the Seattle Children’s Theater while attending Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma, Washington. Penn Badgley began performing voice-overs for children’s radio stations not long after that.

Penn Badgley is a husband and father of two children. On the 27th of February 2017, he married Domino Kirke. Following their 2014 relationship, they dated for three years. There are no children between the two of them. There has been no news about their divorce or extramarital encounters, implying that their marriage is in good shape.

Penn BadgleyHe is a happy and contented member of his family. His wife is aware of his job and doesn’t mind if he goes about his business as he wants. They both value each other. Although the couples are less likely to divorce, it is still too early to make any predictions. His career is going well for him. He had previously been in a three-year relationship with American actress Blake Lively and a one-year relationship with Zoe Kravitz.


Penn Badgley moved to Hollywood when he was 11 years old and began looking for work in the acting industry. During this period, Penn Badgley was also looking for a singing gig. Penn Badgley’s pop hit was released in 1998. Penn Badgley began attending Santa Monica College at the age of 14 after passing his California High School Proficiency Exam. Penn Badgley was accepted to the University of Southern California but had to withdraw due to legally obligated obligations. He then enrolled in Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, for a lengthy period.

Penn Badgley’s first acknowledged job was the voice-over for the video games Mario Golf 64 and Mario Tennis 64, which he did in the year 2000. Penn Badgley had his acting debut in the film Will and Grace, and subsequently appeared on series such as Daddio, What I Like About You, and The Brothers Garca. Penn Badgley won the Young Artist Award for Best Daytime Series Performance in 2001.

Penn Badgley is best known for playing Dan Humphrey on The CW’s Gossip Girl. In addition, Penn Badgley has appeared in several films. Greetings from Tim Buckley (2006), Easy A (2010), The Stepfather (2009), Margin Call (2011), and John Tucker Must Die (2006) are just a few of them (2012). Penn Badgley is now the lead singer for Mother, a Brooklyn-based alternative rock band (adapted as MOTHXR). Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg in the Netflix original series You.

Penn Badgley was ranked 75th among the “100 Sexiest Men” by BuddyTV in 2011. Penn Badgley was named to the National Celebrity Cabinet, a group of high-profile individuals that help the American Red Cross in 2010. Penn Badgley is a friend of DeRay McKesson, a Baltimore lobbyist, and considers himself a Black Lives Matter supporter. In addition to acting, Penn Badgley is an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights. Penn Badgley and artist Domino Kirke started working together in 2017. In a New York courtroom, they tied the knot.

Penn Badgley picture

He began by flipping the Golden Age TV drama equation on its head. Its act is becoming old after three seasons. The drama, starring Penn Badgley as Joe, a stalker, and killer with whom we have access to his internal monologue, is impossible to compare to shows like “The Sopranos” and “Breaking Bad,” except for one thing. Those programs’ fan audiences ended up rooting for the evil guy since they featured major characters who committed horrible things. On “You,” the audience is urged to initially cheer for the bad guy, and then to grow to know him as a result of their efforts.

This has proven to be a winning recipe for a program that thrived on Netflix after being canceled by Lifetime; the streaming service has confirmed a fourth season renewal before the third season’s release. Despite this, the program appears to be suffering from a lack of originality. The show’s title has always been a double-edged sword: In its depiction of Instagram-ready milieus, the film served out Joe’s ideas on the “You” he’s after, as well as a distorted version of ourselves. The program is called “You” because it is dedicated to displaying to an audience their interests and themselves. What it lacks inaccuracy at times, it makes up for in sheer volume of sarcastic references.

As the program’s unending procession of carnage has dwindled in impact, that part of the show has evolved to demand more and more of viewers’ attention. Beginning the season in a different location provides new opportunities for social satire. However, it may appear that the program is embracing the fact that beginning with an incorrigible psychopath allows you to increase the body count while without truly developing a character. Changing the setting adds variety — and new reasons for why modern life may drive someone to murder. However, Badgley’s Joe continues to think in the same jumbled fashion about most circumstances. “You” have demonstrated a remarkable capacity to alter its circumstances. Its protagonist lacks mobility, and the show feels more trapped as a result.

Joe is back to his old ways, striving for an edge or pure animal delight. Joe is always on the lookout for more, or hiding his tracks, after marrying and raising a kid with impetuous Love (Victoria Pedretti). He sees women as sources of pleasure and companionship, yet he would harm or murder them in order to keep them for himself. Joe and Love both have a propensity to go to any length for love, but Joe’s version is planned, whilst Love’s outbursts have serious implications for those who cross her or endanger her marriage.

These bloody eruptions, which result in a body count, are woven into a tale about achieving home ideals almost too smoothly. Joe was sheltered by the show’s social satirical impulses in the first two seasons: in this reality, he is the least outré person in every conversation, allowing him to avoid scrutiny. Joe is more likable than the snobs, addicts, and oddballs he encountered, thus the odds were set in his favor for viewers at home.

The pair, for example, discusses in hushed tones a quarrel over a dead corpse in their couple’s therapy session, but this season’s gestures towards murder as a way of life appear affected and airless. We already know that neither Joe nor Love have a sense of shame or conscience. Love murdering that person was a poor option not because murder is a bad thing to do, but because it will be a big pain to clean up, and hasn’t she done enough violence recently?

Even a better program wouldn’t be able to handle the attempt to give Joe and Love’s inner lives and interactions significant treatment. To wit, the revelation that Joe is suffering from a form of postpartum depression, in which he feels alienated from his son and separated from his own emotions, would impact most emphatically with an audience that believes Joe is capable of feelings beyond self-interest. There’s no ambiguity in this score; it’s just a vacillation between primarily portraying him as cold-blooded and occasionally tossing in a hint towards feeling lonely in the suburbs, which is where this season is situated.

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In a similar vein, the storyline of the program gradually portrays the world around Joe as being destructive and wicked in its own right. In this new season, one of Joe and Love’s victims is a vaccine skeptic whose refusal to have his family immunized against measles leads to the infection of Joe and Love’s baby boy. From this vantage point, the viewer’s indignation is understandable — yet the show doesn’t appear to be playing by the rules.

Joe has progressed from hunting out and killing defenseless women to working with his wife to correct societal injustices in three seasons. What the program was doing was vulgar, but it had a complication: it was trying to generate pity for a craven abuser of women by putting him against familiar settings. Placing him in a new environment and declaring him to be a slightly compromised decent person looking out for his family strains both belief and interest.

In some respects, the popularity of “You” has made you a victim: The first season created a character of evil and sought to make him both frightening and appealing. Joe is either dealing with his thoughts about parenting or striving to assist his wife in her righteous revenge missions, which is a balance that the program couldn’t sustain realistically.

Joe’s troubles are increasingly becoming a somewhat exaggerated reflection of the audience’s own, the program seems to be suggesting. “You” he is. But the show’s history is littered with too much gruesome violence for us to empathize with him or accept it on its own terms. The mercenary eagerness to blast through the plot and load on setting details in “You” keeps it discursively entertaining. However, “You” has lost the narrative by attempting to not only humanize but also to justify a character whose monstrosity was his whole purpose.

According to Variety, the next season will focus on Joe and Love’s relationship as they raise their son Henry in California. However, as Joe develops an interest in his next-door neighbor, their family life begins to unravel. Caroline Kepnes’ novels You and Hidden Bodies serve as the basis for the series.

Penn Badgley bio

Berlanti Productions and Alloy Entertainment, in partnership with Warner Bros Television, will produce the fourth season.  Sarah Schechter, Leslie Morgenstein, David Madden, Gina Girolamo, John Scott, Neil Reynolds, Michael Foley, and Justin Lo will also serve as executive producers with Berlanti and Gamble.

Facts About Penn Badgley:

Birthday/Birth Date: 1 November 1986
Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Children: NA
Age: 34 Years old
Official TikTok: NA
Occupation: Actor
Height: 1.75 m
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Penn Badgley: NA
Net worth: 8 Million Dollars
Total TikTok Fans/Followers:
Facebook Fans: 2.4 M Followers
Twitter Followers: 388.2 K Followers
Total Instagram Followers: 3.6 M Followers
Total YouTube Followers: NA

Some Important Facts About Penn Badgley:

1. Penn Badgley’s birth date is 1 November 1986.

2. His age is 34 years old.

3. His birth sign is Scorpio.

4. His height is 1.75 m.

5. His net worth is 8 million Dollars.

Penn Badgley Fan Mail address:

Penn Badgley,
Anonymous Content,
3532 Hayden Avenue,
Culver City, CA- 90232,
United States

Penn Badgley Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail and More Details

Penn Badgley Phone Number, Email ID, Address, Fanmail, Tiktok and More
Email AddressNA
House address (residence address)Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Phone Number(310) 558-3667
Snapchat IdNA
TicTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

Penn Badgley Phone Number:

Penn Badgley Address: Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Penn Badgley Phone Number: (310) 558-3667

Penn Badgley Whatsapp Number: NA

Penn Badgley Email ID/ Email Address: NA

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Penn Badgley Facebook Fan Page:

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Penn Badgley Snapchat Profile: NA

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