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Peet’s Coffee & Tea Corporate Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address, and Corporate Office Info

Peet’s Coffee & Tea is a super-premium coffee roaster dedicated to providing the freshest, darkest-roasted beans for home and business enjoyment. The company is committed to giving its consumers with a personalised and outstanding experience while they enjoy high-quality coffee, tea, and related items. Peet’s is a privately held company dedicated to strategically expanding its successful online, mail-order, and retail business offerings while retaining a distinctive culture and a customer-centric emphasis.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Inc. was founded in Berkeley, California, in the mid-1960s and now has 57 retail locations (38 in northern California) as well as a mail-order and online channel selling 33 varieties of coffee and different teas. By late 2000, it had launched its first national advertising campaign and was gearing up for an initial public offering.

The first public offering, which took place on January 25, 2001, was a spectacular success, raising $24.6 million for the firm. Peet’s sales profile is distinctive: around 15% to 20% of their sales originate from brewed coffee, compared to 85% at comparable mass-market coffee businesses. The remainder of its sales are made through online, in-store, and mail-order sales of beans and teas.

Since its inception, the company has prided itself on the quality of its beans and the responsiveness of its service. Peet’s roasts coffee on-demand six days a week and arranges daily orders for roasting and shipping the following day. Peet’s makes a particular effort to attract a college-educated audience between the ages of 25 and 45. Around a third of Peet’s customers purchase only beans, a third purchase only beverages, and a third purchase a combination of the two.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea was founded in 1966, when the term “excellent coffee” referred to vacuum-packed percolator grinds. For the prior decade, national coffee brands had been debasing their product by increasing the quantity of inexpensive, tannic robusta coffee beans in their blends.

Meanwhile, in the 1950s, Arthur Peet, a Dutch immigrant with a taste for dark roasts in the European manner, began importing arabica coffee beans, which produce the strong, oily brews preferred by Europeans. Peet grew up in Alkmaar, Holland, working in his family’s coffee and tea business. Following World War II, he worked in Indonesia’s tea industry.

Arthur Peet began brewing his own blend of dark roast beans in the mid-1960s in San Francisco, which he sold at his first retail location on Walnut and Vine Streets in North Berkeley. Although critics derided his dark-roasted coffee as tasting ‘burnt,’ the brew immediately gained popularity among students, artists, authors, and musicians, and the firm swiftly established a reputation as a small, premium seller of high-quality beans with a cult-like following.

Peet’s would open its second location in Menlo Park five years later and its third one on Domingo Avenue in Berkeley nine years later, in 1980. Peet’s has always prioritised quality over quantity and the roasting of premium beans over the establishment of coffee shops. Indeed, it purposefully concentrated on the selling of whole beans for home consumption and guaranteed fresh bean delivery directly from the roasting factory. It was just as content for customers to order coffee via mail and prepare their own morning cup at home as it was for them to come in and get a cup of ready-made coffee.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, this devotion was maintained. ‘I still view us as a speciality roaster rather than a beverage bar,’ Jerry Baldwin, who purchased Peet’s from Arthur Peet in 1984, was quoted in a 1999 San Francisco Chronicle article as stating. Peet’s coffee beans and teas were never vacuum-sealed and were always transported within 24 hours of being custom roasted. Coffee was freshly brewed every half hour at the store, and no beans were permitted to sit for more than seven days.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea Corporate Headquarters Address and Phone Number
The company is based in CA , US. Do you have anything to share with the corporate headquarters? If yes, please take a note of the headquarters address of name Inc. below:
Peet’s Coffee & Tea Corporate Headquarters Address

1400 Park Avenue

Emeryville, CA 94608-3520


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Peet’s Coffee & Tea Headquarters Address: 1400 Park Avenue, Emeryville, CA 94608-3520, US

Peet’s Coffee & Tea Headquarters Phone Number: 1 (800) 999-213

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