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Mr Beast Wiki/Bio

MrBeast, whose real name is James Stephen Donaldson, is an American YouTuber, entrepreneur, and giver. He is also known as Jimmy Donaldson. He is famous for his YouTube channel, which is mostly about expensive stunts. He is one of the top 11 YouTubers with the most subscribers. He is a well-known athlete and philanthropist. He co-founded Team Tress, a fundraiser that helped raise a lot of money for the Arbor Day Foundation.

MrBeast is one of the most watched YouTubers because he does tricks that get people’s attention. These tricks often take him a long time to make and pay him a lot of money. MrBeast’s first videos on YouTube were computer game walkthroughs, which he posted when he was 13. However, it took him years to get known and find videos that people wanted to watch. It’s hard to believe that the YouTuber is only 23 years old when he has 67.5 million Subscribers.

MrBeast has a few different types of videos on his channel that make up the bulk of his content. The names of these recordings range from “Experiencing the Same Drive-Thru 1,000 Times” to “Last to Remove Hand, Gets Lamborghini Challenge.”

On his channel, MrBeast has a few types of recordings that make up the bulk of what he does. He actually does painful, hours-long tricks that have been called “Junklord YouTube,” as well as “last-person-to-leave” challenges in which he gives away a lot of money. The names of these recordings range from “Experiencing the Same Drive-Thru 1,000 Times” to “Last to Remove Hand, Gets Lamborghini Challenge.”

MrBeast also does stunts with gifts and good causes that get a lot of attention. He once opened a place to sell cars where he gave them away for free. He is also known to give away a lot of money to little things on Twitch and YouTube, as well as to servers and Uber drivers in person. As of 2021, MrBeast is 23 years old because he was born on May 7, 1998. He was born and raised in Kansas, USA, in a Christian family with a long history. He was born in the United States and is a Christian. In his early years, he went to Greenville Christian Academy in Greenville, North Carolina.

Mr Beast Phone Number

Donaldson started college at the end of 2016, but not much is known about what he did there. The YouTuber said he only did it for two weeks before quitting and telling his mother, “I’d rather be poor than do anything else.” Even so, Donaldson’s mother made him leave the family home in North Carolina when he was 18. He said later that this was because “she loves me and just wanted me to be successful.” Since he was a child, he has always wanted to do something good for society and show off his skills to everyone.

MrBeast is a well-known YouTuber who is known for his wild antics and charitable work. He is also said to have started a type of YouTube videos called “pricey stunts.” Also, MrBeast is a co-founder of Team Trees, which is a fundraiser for the Arbor Day Foundation. For the cause, more than $21 million has been raised.

In 2012, when he was 13 years old, MrBeast started putting videos on YouTube under the name MrBeast6000. In the past, his videos ranged from “Let’s Play” videos to videos where he talked about how rich other YouTubers were. On the other hand, MrBeast’s videos stayed small, with an average of about a thousand views per. He didn’t become famous until 2017, when his “counting to 100,000” video got tens of thousands of views in just a few days. MrBeast is best known for his YouTube videos, in which he often gives away large amounts of money, says or reads long words or repeats them, or does the same task for hours or even days. In the past few years, MrBeast has become a very popular YouTuber because he never gives up on challenges that are hard and new.

Most of his channel is run by MrBeast, his roommate Chris, and a few other people who work with him. They make unique videos of themselves outside as experiments, challenges, or just for fun. He and his roommate also make a lot of donation videos for Twitch Streamers, especially for girls and famous Fortnite players. His main channel is the 17th most subscribed to in the US right now.

Quackity’s YouTube channel has 709 videos up to this point. The channel has 67.5 million subscribers on YouTube, of which 1.6 million joined in the last 30 days. There have been 12.22 billion views on the channel as a whole. Quackity is the 11th most subscribed-to YouTube channel in the world and the 8th most subscribed-to channel in the USA. On average, 65.44 million people watch his videos. His estimated potential earnings from the channel are $1.76 million per video and between $677,64K and $2.09M per month from his partners. In January 2017, MrBeast put up a nearly 24-hour-long video of himself counting to 100,000. He worked on this trick for 40 hours, but some parts were sped up to keep the whole thing under 24 hours.


MrBeast says that the next month, a movie called “Counting to 200,000 (Road to a Mil)” was posted, but it also had to be sped up. It was because 55 hours of counting was more than YouTube’s limit for uploads. He has also tried to break a window with a hundred megaphones, waited an hour for paint to dry, tried to stay underwater for 24 hours (but couldn’t because of health problems), and both failed and succeeded at spinning a fidget spinner for a day, but the video is lost. In March 2019, in Los Angeles, he planned and filmed a real-life battle royale competition with a prize pool of $200,000.

Two games were played at the same time as Apex Legends. Each game won $100,000. He gives away a lot of money in some of his videos. In December 2018, for example, the company gave away $100,000 worth of goods to homeless shelters. This included $32,000 to the Veterans Army Wounded Warrior Program, $70,000 to Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and $10,000 to a local animal shelter in Los Angeles.

During the PewDiePie vs. T-Series battle, MrBeast bought billboards and radio ads to help PewDiePie get more subscribers than T-Series. It’s a competition to see who can get the most YouTube subscribers. In the same way, MrBeast bought a lot of seats at Super Bowl LIII for people wearing shirts that said “Sub 2 PewDiePie.”

Honey and MrBeast have worked together on a lot of videos, and MrBeast is liked by a lot of YouTubers. Honey is a free add-on for your browser that helps you save money when you shop on different websites. In a similar way, Quidd was MrBeast’s first sponsor. They helped pay for videos like the one where he gave a homeless man $10,000 and paid for his Uber ride from North Carolina to California, which was 2,256 miles. Quidd is a messaging app where you can use in-app dollars to buy stickers you can send to your friends.

TikTok only sponsored one video by MrBeast (formerly known as It’s a popular social media site like Vine, where people can post 15-second to 60-second videos with music in the background. In the same way, EA sponsored him for an Instagram giveaway to promote Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and, most importantly, Apex Legends. In the same way, MrBeast uses money from his own goods store to help pay for making expensive videos. He does this by selling gift certificates with the names of his crew on them that give a 10% discount on their first purchase.

Mark Rober, a veteran NASA engineer and YouTuber, and MrBeast started a fundraising challenge called #TeamTrees on YouTube on October 25, 2019 at 19 UTC. The goal of the project was to raise $20 million for the Arbor Day Foundation by January 1, 2020, and to plant trees by December 20, 2022. In return, the charity said it would plant one tree for every dollar given. Some YouTubers who have brought this idea to light are Rhett & Link, Marshmello, iJustine, Marques Brownlee, The Slow Mo Guys, Ninja, Simone Giertz, Jacksepticeye, Jeffree Star, and Smarter Every Day.

In January 2020, they plan to start planting trees in national parks in the United States. By the 24th hour of the 67-day effort, people had given about $4 million. Then, on December 19 of that year, they reached their goal of $20,000,000. As of March 6, 2020, the project had raised more than $21.7 million. Some of the most important contributions to the initiative have come from business leaders like Jack Dorsey, Susan Wojcicki, Elon Musk, and Tobias Lütke. “MrBeast” just opened 300 “MrBeast Burger” restaurants in different parts of the United States. MrBeast Burger’s food is made in another restaurant or industrial kitchen and is only available for delivery.

This is a great way for a business that is already doing well to bring in more money. Even though you can’t come in and sit down to eat, everyone is used to the safety and convenience of delivery these days. On their menu, you can find the Nashville Hot Chicken Tender Sandwich, a lot of different burgers, like the Beast Style, Chandler Style, and Chris Style, as well as crinkle-cut fries and a few other strange things.

Mr. Beast is famous now because he posed for a picture with Hollywood actor and WWE wrestler John Cena, who just recently came back to the company. At the time of writing, the tweet had 320,000 likes and 10,000 retweets, which is crazy since the photo was taken just two days ago at WWE SummerSlam. Logan Paul is fighting well-known boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jake Paul is fighting Tyron Woodley at the end of August, and KSI’s second album, “All Over the Place,” is number one on the UK albums chart. Mr. Beast’s selfie with John Cena shows that YouTube stars are becoming more well-known.

Facts About Mr Beast :

Birthday/Birth Date: 07 – 05  – 1998
Birth Place: Kansas
Age: 23  (as in 2021)
Official TikTok:
Occupation: YouTuber
Height: 6 ‘ 3″
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Mr Beast :
Net worth: $25  million
Total TikTok Fans/Followers:
Facebook Fans: 1,992,053
Twitter Followers: 11.2 Million
Total Instagram Followers: 13.4 Million
Total YouTube Followers: 117  Million

Some Important Facts About :

  1. Mr Beast was born on 07 – 05  – 1998
  2. His age is 23  (as in 2021)
  3. His birth sign is Taurus.

Mr Beast Fan Mail address:

Mr Beast,


Mr Beast Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail and More Details

Mr Beast Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website 
House address (residence address)Kansas
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone Number+1–917-259-6364
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

Mr Beast Phone Number:

Mr Beast Address: Kansas

Mr Beast Phone Number: +1–917-259-6364

Mr Beast Whatsapp Number: NA

Mr Beast Email ID/ Email Address:

Mr Beast Social Profiles

Mr Beast Facebook Fan Page:

Mr Beast Twitter Handle:

Mr Beast Instagram Profile:

Mr Beast Snapchat Profile: NA

Mr Beast YouTube Channel:

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