Judo Sloth Phone Number, Email ID, Address, Fanmail, Tiktok and More

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Judo Sloth Phone Number, Email ID, Address, Fanmail, Tiktok and More

Andrew, a.k.a. Judo Sloth, is a popular Clash of Clans YouTuber from the United Kingdom. He was born in 1988, making him between 34 and 35 years old. He started playing Clash of Clans in 2014 and has since uploaded every single Clash of Clans instructional, including explanations of armies, hero skins, gold pass, and base layout videos. He has 1.4 million people subscribed to his channel. His creation code is “judo.” Judo Sloth Gaming is well recognized for the gameplay videos he has created for Clash of Clans. He uploads movies discussing various strategies and tips for Clash of Clans.

He has more than half a million people subscribed to his channel on YouTube.On February 5, 2014, Judo Sloth Gaming launched the gaming channel on YouTube. More than half a million people have subscribed to his channel, with over 100 million views. Judo Sloth Gaming is a well-known YouTuber that has amassed more than 500,000 followers; thus, the platform serves as his primary source of revenue. However, no information on his income or net worth can be found.

At the beginning of his movie, Judo Sloth Gaming brought the levels of the Town Hall 15, all of the Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Gold collectors up to their full potential. In addition, all the storages were improved with runes and stocked to capacity (Runes of Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir). The attacker could locate the loot of 2 million of money and elixir by filling up all the storages, the Town Hall, and the collectors. In addition, they were able to find 14,000 black brews. And in the end, Judo Sloth created a new record for the most loot lost in a single Clash of Clans battle.

The new Monolith and magic towers were included in the film by Judo Sloth so that it would be more entertaining to watch. The challenge for the attacker to get three stars was increased due to this addition. Even though the attacker did not steal all three stars from the base, he still thrived in stealing 1.8 million worth of resources. Clash of Clans has just gotten an upgrade that is among its most significant ever. The Town Hall 15 update was released earlier this month, and with it came the introduction of a whole new Town Hall level and improvements to buildings and troops. Moreover, it included the introduction of four new Hero Pets.

If you strike without any plan, your soldiers will take significant damage, even though the map doesn’t appear to pose much of a challenge at first glance. In light of this, let us play it safe and take Judo Sloth’s advice on how to complete this task and get all three stars. You will need to assault this map from all four sides, as Judo describes; nevertheless, the first thing you should do is place a Yeti on the side of the map’s distinctive “1” that is located to the south. You won’t understand the significance of this victory until much later in the challenge when you’ll be conducting raids all over the area. Yeti will demolish the Air Defense structure.

Judo Sloth Phone Number

When it is finished, position a Wall Breaker such that it is just on the other end of the “1” that is located in the north of the map. This will create an opening inside the map. You may now employ your Queen on the left side of the map to take out the Barbarian King, demolish the Mortar, and storm the Town Hall. If the opponent has more than one Queen, you may eliminate both by combining the abilities of an Air Warden and a Head Hunter on the right side of the map. When everything is done, you may launch a full-scale assault from the northern entrance of the map.

There is no need for concern if you cannot get all three stars since you will have unlimited opportunities to try again. In the multiplayer online strategy game Clash of Clans, players assault their opponents’ bases by sending Super, Dark Elixir, and Elixir soldiers, respectively. Magic goods, hero skins, limited-edition sceneries, and in-game base challenges are some of the new additions to the game that have been made. Adding base challenges was one of the additions to the game that was met with the most significant positive feedback. Every player will eventually face these challenges, demanding them to assault formidable bases already created, including a particular set of troops.

After a successful assault, players will be rewarded with experience points, money, elixirs, dark elixirs, and other objects of magical power. The most recent base challenge in Clash of Clans is called the Spooky Challenge, and this post will detail the most effective technique for completing it. The most recent challenge, published just in time for Halloween and showcases the game’s brand-new Spooky Scenery, was only made available to players. To get experience points and various other resources, players are required to defeat the base using the soldiers sent to them. In addition, participants can earn the most recent Archer Queen hero skin, known as “Spooky Queen.”

The Spooky Challenge takes place in the most recent iteration of the Spooky Scenery, which has lush green pastures and crumbling bridges that add to the overall appearance of foreboding. It has various Poison Halloween special traps, including two X-bows and many Hidden Teslas. To get three stars and unlock unique gifts, players must defeat all the defenses and the Town Hall with the assigned forces. In contrast to everyday challenges, participants are not allowed to assemble their armies to conquer the base. They are required to employ the prescribed army composition in order to perform the mission before the allotted time successfully.

Those that finish the challenge before November 1 will be rewarded with cash, elixir, experience points, magic items, and dark elixir. They will be rewarded with 400 experience points and a Shovel of Obstacles if they achieve a three-star triumph. Attacking the Town Hall with two Royal Ghosts and a Giant Skeleton will be much simpler for you to take down the surrounding structures. Place a Royal Ghost or Giant Skeleton in the center of any group that contains a Hidden Tesla. Put one Bat Spell on either side of the base in the upper right-hand corner of the play area.

If you follow these instructions, you should have no trouble completing the Spooky Challenge. You can always use the Archer Queen to salvage the situation and come out on top of the competition if any of your moves go wrong. Hero skins are among the most valuable items in Clash of Clans because they enable players to differentiate themselves from the rest of the player base and enhance the game’s aesthetic appeal. Four hero skins are available in Clash of Clans: the Barbarian King, the Grand Warden, the Royal Champion, and the Archer Queen.

Some hero skins may only be earned by completing the in-game season duties, while certain limited edition legendary hero skins must be bought straight from the store. Other hero skins can only be obtained by performing the in-game season tasks. Those who purchase a Royal Pass will get a one-of-a-kind hero skin every month. The Royal Pass for the August season is one of a kind since it finally added a new hero skin to the Royal Champion. This makes it a one-of-a-kind item. While there are not presently any legendary hero skins available for the Royal Champion, the developers of the game have decided to include a new hero skin in the Royal Pass to accommodate the latest party theme.

The Barbarian King, Grand Warden, and Archer Queen each have many hero skins available to them in this game. The Royal Champion is featured in the limited-edition hero skin called “The Party Champion.” This skin depicts the hero in a party-themed outfit while also showing them clutching a music player in one hand. The ensemble is blue and consists of a hat, a necklace with a clock, and sunglasses. That makes me think of the Party environment in Clash of Clans, the most recent addition to the game.

Some hero skins may only be earned by completing the in-game season duties, while certain limited edition legendary hero skins must be bought straight from the store. Other hero skins can only be obtained by performing the in-game season tasks. Every month, users of the Gold Pass will be given a new hero skin to use. The Gold Pass for the January season is one of a kind because it finally grants the Royal Champion a brand-new hero skin that is only available via this pass. Since there aren’t enough legendary hero skins for the Royal Champion, the game’s creators have included a new hero skin in the January Gold Pass for the new Warrior theme. This hero skin may be unlocked by purchasing the new Warrior theme.

The Archer Queen, Grand Warden, and Barbarian King have unique hero skin that can only be unlocked with the Gold Pass expansion pack. With the limited-edition “Warrior Champion” Royal Champion hero skin, the champion is depicted as a Warrior brandishing an old spade and shield. The gold accent is attached to the cap that comes with the purple outfit. This brings to mind the most recent base defense challenge in Clash of Clans, titled “Happy New Year 2023.” Like that of the hero skin known as the Pirate Champion, players need to acquire the Gold Pass for the January season and amass 2600 points in order to get this particular hero skin.

The purpose of this skin is to differentiate the hero units owned by a player from those owned by other players by providing them with a unique look, set of effects, and overall appearance. The arrival of the Builder Base to Clash of Clans was greeted with excitement by players since it provided them with a second base to construct on the other side of the ocean. The gameplay of Clash of Clans received several new elements with the release of the Builder Base, in addition to having some of the previously available ones modified. It comes with the Clock Towner, making it possible to speed up gathering resources, research, and building. It came equipped with the Gem Mine, which provides the user with an endless supply of free gems.

And perhaps most importantly, it featured its one-on-one combat system, in which you and another player would simultaneously attack each other’s bases, with the winner being the player who caused the most damage to their opponent’s stronghold. As opposed to their Home Village counterparts, the soldiers you use in battle also have access to various unique powers. Let’s discuss the 2017 Challenge for the Clash of Clans 2022 Clashiversary. This is the first time that we have been fighting alongside Builder Base soldiers.

This is one of the less complex problems that have been presented. Following his strategy, I could breeze through this task and get three stars in several attempts. To begin destroying the Tesla, first position one drop ship in the upper right-hand corner of the map. Place a minion on the opposite side to eliminate the top army camp, then position the Battle Machine next to the hedge stone with four flags surrounding it. Next, scatter the remaining minion horde around the bottom of the base and then disperse the remaining three drop ships throughout the ground around them. Last but not least, position two baby dragons on the left side of the base.

Judo Sloth Phone Number, Email Address, Contact No Information and More Details

Judo Sloth Addresses:

House Address:

Judo Sloth, England

Fanmail Address / Autograph Request Address:

Judo Sloth,

Judo Sloth Contact Phone Number and Contact Details info

  • Judo Sloth Phone Number: Private
  • Judo Sloth Mobile Contact Number: NA
  • WhatsApp Number of Judo Sloth: NA
  • Personal Phone Number: Same as Above
  • Judo Sloth Email ID: NA

Social Media Accounts of Content Creator ‘Judo Sloth ’

  • TikTok Account: NA
  • Facebook Account (Facebook Profile): NA
  • Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/JudoSloth
  • Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/judosloth
  • YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@JudoSloth
  • Tumblr Details: NA
  • Official Website: NA
  • Snapchat Profile: NA

Personal Facts and Figures

  • Birthday/Birth Date: January 15, 1989
  • Place of Birth: England
  • Wife/GirlFriend: NA
  • Children: NA
  • Age: 34 Years old
  • Official TikTok: NA
  • Occupation: Youtuber
  • Height: 5′ 11″ Feet


  • Salary of Judo Sloth: $8.77 million
  • Net worth: $8.77 million
  • Education: Yes
  • Total TikTok Fans/Followers: Not Known
  • Facebook Fans: Not Known
  • Twitter Followers: 52.9K Followers
  • Total Instagram Followers: 54.2K followers
  • Total YouTube Followers: 2.37M subscribers

Judo Sloth Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Phone NumberNA
House address (residence address)England
Official WebsiteNA
Snapchat IdNA
Whatsapp No.Not Available
Personal No.N/A
Instagram Idhttps://www.instagram.com/judosloth
Facebook IdNA
Tinder IdN/A
Twitter Idhttps://twitter.com/JudoSloth
Email AddressNA
Office NumberNA

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Some Important Facts About Judo Sloth:-

  1. Judo Sloth was born on January 15, 1989.
  2. His Age is 34 years old.
  3. His birth sign is Capricorn.

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