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Gordon Moore Wiki/Bio

“Intel Corporation” co-founder Gordon Moore is currently serving as Chairman Emeritus. He has made a significant contribution to the field of technology and has received numerous honors for his efforts. He studied chemistry and physics as a part of his education. Much is unknown about his early years.

Nevertheless, while he was an undergraduate, he showed a keen interest in academic research, eventually earning a doctorate from the prestigious California Institute of Technology. He was one of eight people selected by scientist William Shockley to participate in a study of semiconductors.

It wasn’t until he parted ways with the physicist and joined Sherman Fairchild’s ‘Fairchild Semiconductor’ business that he realized his true calling in life. It was a crucial turning point in his life when he co-founded the ‘Intel Corporation’ and began to combine his scientific expertise with economic acumen.

However, Moore’s Law, which he coined before to the creation of this corporation, made him a household name. Gordon made a significant contribution to the advancement of technology with this work. Apart from these accomplishments, Intel’s CEO is widely regarded as an inventor and is expected to produce many more innovations in the future.

In Redwood City, Gordon attended ‘Sequoia High School’ before enrolling at ‘San Jose State University’ When he finished his B.Sc. degree in chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1950, he went on to become a professor of chemistry. On his way to Caltech (California Institute of Technology) for his Ph.D. in Chemistry/Physics was soon after, which allowed him to focus on both fields.

John Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory, located in Baltimore, was the site of Gordon’s postdoctoral research from 1953 to 1956. ‘California Institute of Technology’ awarded him his Ph.D. in 1954. (Caltech).

Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, part of the business Beckman Instruments, was where he worked alongside William Shockley. Eight personnel who had been brought into the laboratory by Shockley left the laboratory at that time, and Moore was one of them. The ‘Traitorous eight,’ a group of eight bright Ph.D. grads, were collectively dubbed as such.

Sherman Fairchild, an American inventor, and entrepreneur lent his support to these eight traitors. They founded the ‘Fairchild Semiconductor’ company with the help of this group of eight. ‘Fairchild Semiconductor’ hired Gordon in 1965 as its director of research and development (R&D). Moore’s Law was coined by the magazine “Electronics” at the same time as the interview, in which he made a remark on the future of semiconductor components.

On April 19th, 1965, a journal called ‘Electronics’ published this observation. According to the article, ‘the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits has risen every year since the integrated circuit was developed’ This is expected to continue for at least the next decade, he predicted.

It wasn’t until 10 years later that he changed his prediction and said that the trend will continue for two years instead of one year. The semiconductor sector has greatly benefited from this development. In 1968, he and businessman Robert Noyce formed NM Electronics. The ‘Intel Corporation’ was born from the ashes of this enterprise.

Moore was Executive Vice President of the ‘Intel Corporation’ before he was chosen President of the company in 1975. From April 1979 through 1987, this brilliant scientist held the position of CEO of the corporation. He was also a member of the ‘Caltech’ board of directors at the same time as the chairman of the company’s board of directors.

The biotechnology company ‘Gilead Sciences’ employed him as a member of its Business Advisory Board from 1991 until 1996. He was later promoted to a position on the company’s Board of Directors. As a member of the ‘California Institute of Technology’s Board of Trustees in 1993, he was elected to the position of Chairperson (Caltech). A life trustee of the institute, he currently serves on the board.

He served as chairman of Intel’s board of directors until 1997 when he was named chairman emeritus. The ‘Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’ was co-founded by Moore and his wife Betty in 2000. This group is primarily concerned with protecting the environment. A few years ago, he worked for a non-profit organization called ‘Conservation International.’

Since its start, he has been an integral part of the development of the technology behemoth ‘Intel Corporation,’ which he co-founded. The ‘Moore’s Law’, however, is his most significant contribution to the realm of technology and is often regarded as his most significant finding. Every two years, an integrated circuit’s number of electronic components doubles, according to a law that has a massive impact on the semiconductor industry’s downsizing.

A member of the ‘National Academy of Engineering,’ he was inducted in 1976. This honor was bestowed upon him by President George H. W. Bush in 1990. 1998 saw him elevated to the ranks of “Fellow” at the “Computer History Museum.” ‘Othmer Gold Medal’ was awarded to him in 2001 for his outstanding contributions to chemistry and science.

After being honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Bower Award for Business Leadership in 2002, President Bush awarded him both honors. A year after receiving this honor from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, he was elected a fellow of the organization.

After being honored in 2008 for his contributions to the field of telecommunications with the IEEE Medal of Honor, two years later he was awarded the “Future Dan David Prize” for his exceptional work. Gordon married Betty Whitaker on September 9th, 1950, and they have two children, Steve Moore, and Kenneth Moore, together.

Caltech and the University of California are only two of the many organizations to which he has donated large sums of money. His generous donation helped build the ‘Thirty Meter Telescope,’ the second-largest optical telescope in the world.

Gordon Moore Phone Number


When Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld awarded him the ‘Order of the Golden Ark,’ it was in recognition of his efforts to conserve the environment. Senior Vice President Claude Gascon of Conservation International was also honored for his efforts in this area.

Award and medals have been bestowed on this renowned scientist by a wide range of organizations, such as the Society of Chemical Industry and the Electrochemical Society. According to ‘Forbes,’ he was worth $6.8 billion as of June 2015. Moore was the first human genome sequenced using Ion Torrent’s Personal Genome Machine Platform.

American engineer and co-founder of Intel Corporation Gordon E. Moore (born January 3, 1929, San Francisco, California, U.S.) At the University of California, Berkeley, Moore earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry (1950) before moving on to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, where he earned his master’s and doctorate degrees in chemistry and physics (1954).

At Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory, Moore worked on the physical chemistry of solid rocket propellants used in U.S. Navy anti-aircraft missile systems after graduating. By this time, Moore had decided that the private sector provided more exciting research with bigger prospective returns.

A recent creation that had yet to be put into practice, the transistor, was a particular favorite of Moore’s. It wasn’t long until William Shockley, a Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the transistor built the Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory in Palo Alto and hired Moore to work there.

Moore and seven of his colleagues left the company and formed Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation in Santa Clara, California, with Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation after a hectic year and a half under Shockley’s management ended with an appeal by Moore and others for the company to hire a professional manager. The “traitorous eight,” as Shockley referred to the defectors, presented themselves as a ready-made solution for Fairchild in 1957.

The new business quickly became a prominent transistor maker with the help of Fairchild’s funding and investments from each of the founding members. Following the elevation of co-founder Noyce (the creator of the integrated circuit) to general manager in 1959, Moore was named director of the new company’s research and development.

Moore realized during his time at Fairchild that, no matter how much science was involved in the conception of silicon wafers, there would always be an art-like talent associated with their fabrication. Intel’s first large commercial success was a result of Moore and Noyce’s decision to force research scientists and engineers directly to work on the fabrication of chips, especially the magnetic oxide semiconductor memory chips that were the company’s first big commercial success.

Moore served as vice president (1968–75), president (1975–79), chief executive officer (1975–87), and chairman of the board of directors (1979–97) of Intel at various times. He was Caltech’s chairman of the board of trustees from 1993 until 2000. The National Medal of Technology was given to Moore in 1990.

However, despite all of his accomplishments, Moore may be most known for a pretty straightforward statement of fact. As part of a special edition of Electronics in 1965, Moore was asked to anticipate what would happen in the coming decade. According to Moore’s law, the number of transistors on a silicon chip has increased at an exponential rate throughout time. It takes a year for the number of transistors on a silicon chip to double.

Moore altered his timetable to two years in 1975 when growth slowed. Despite his amended law, the number of transistors quadrupled approximately every 18 months for over 40 years beginning in 1961. Moore’s law was alluded to as if it were a technological law with the certainty of Newton’s laws of motion by the media. If Moore’s law is repealed, we’ll have to wait and see.

One or more integrated circuits in a computer memory device are known as semiconductor memory. See computer memory and integrated circuits for more details. Engineering is the application of science to the best possible utilization of nature’s resources for the benefit of humanity. According to the Engineers Council for Professional Development, the field is defined by applying “scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, and apparatuses or manufacturing processes and works utilizing them singly and in combination; to construct and operate the same with full cognizance of their design, or to forecast the behavior under specific operating conditions; all as respects an intended function, econometrics, and the environment.” Engineers are sometimes referred to as those who build engines, machine tools, and machine parts. In Great Britain, the term engineering is more liberally defined.

Facts About Gordon Moore:

Birthday/Birth Date: 3 January 1929 (age 92 years), San Francisco, California, United States
Birth Place: San Francisco, California, United States
Children: 2
Age: 92 Years old
Official TikTok:
Occupation: Actress
Height: 6’0″
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Gordon Moore: NA
Net worth: 1,040 crores USD (2021) Forbes
Total TikTok Fans/Followers: NA
Facebook Fans: NA
Twitter Followers: 1,780 Followers
Total Instagram Followers: 1852
Total YouTube Followers: NA

Some Important Facts About Gordon Moore:

1. Gordon Moore was born on 3 January 1929 (age 92 years), San Francisco, California, United States

2. His age is 92 years.

3. His birth sign is Capricorn.

4. His height is 6’0″.

5. His net worth is 1,040 crores USD (2021) Forbes.

Gordon Moore Fan Mail address:

Max Gordon Moore, D2 Management,

10351 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 210,

Los Angeles, CA 90025-6937, USA.

Gordon Moore Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail and More Details

Gordon Moore Phone Number, Email ID, Address, Fanmail, Tiktok and More
Email AddressNA
Facebook NA
House address (residence address)San Francisco, California, United States
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gordonjmoore/?hl=en
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Phone Number(310) 288-3040
Snapchat IdNA
TicTok IdNA
Twitter https://twitter.com/gordonmoore
Whatsapp No.NA

Gordon Moore Phone Number:

Gordon Moore Address: San Francisco, California, United States

Gordon Moore Phone Number: (310) 288-3040

Gordon Moore Whatsapp Number: NA

Gordon Moore Email ID/ Email Address: NA

Gordon Moore Social Profiles

Gordon Moore Facebook Fan Page: NA

Gordon Moore Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/gordonmoore

Gordon Moore Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/gordonjmoore/?hl=en

Gordon Moore Snapchat Profile: NA

Gordon Moore YouTube Channel: NA

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