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Gabi DeMartino Wiki/Bio

In Los Angeles, California, Gabriella Demartino was born May 5, 1995, and is now 26 years old. People call her Gabby. Her full name is Gabby Nelida DeMartino, and she was born in Mexico. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is where she was born and raised. Even though she lived there for a while, she moved to Los Angeles, California. Her sisters are Niki and Alex, and her brother is also her brother. The two of them have the same DNA. Jeffrey Garcia-DeMartino and Nelida Garcia-DeMartino are the parents of her child. When Gabriella Gabi was born, she was just a few minutes after her twin sister, Niki. This made her the younger of the two children.

It turns out that her siblings and parents are all on YouTube. In Phillipsburg, her parents are both dentists. They work together at a practice there. It turns out that they, too, come from Cuban immigrants. Gabi and her twin sister, Niki, both graduated from Notre Dame High School in Pennsylvania. They then went to DeSales University, which is in Pennsylvania. Gabi wanted to study musical theatre at first, but in the end, she decided to get a degree in communications.

In addition to blogging about fashion and beauty, Gabriella Demartino sings, and tries to write her own music as well as acts and dramatizes in movies and TV shows. After their older sister helped them start their YouTube channel @00RemakeGirls in 2010, she and her twin sister Niki started making videos and posting them to the channel. In response to the success of their first Instagram account, the twins decided to start a new one. They called it @nikiandgabibeauty at first. So they changed their names to “Niki and Gabi.”

Gab started her own YouTube channel, “Fancy Vlogs By Gab,” in July 2015. She wanted to share her own stories and show people what it was like to live in the world. In 2016, she broke into the music business with the song “Ever After,” which was her first single. Before the end of January 2020, she signed a deal with the record company Roc Nation. Her debut record will come out the spring of the next year.

Gabi DeMartino Phone Number

At some point in the early 2010s, she and her twin sister started a YouTube channel called ’00RemakeGirls,’ and it has been going strong ever since. Their first video on the channel had curls that looked like Demi Lovato’s. In their movie, people were enthralled. They started yelling for more of it. When Gabi was on vacation, she always liked to look at YouTube videos. This time was no different.

Her YouTube videos did not even make her think about how well-known she was going to be. After high school, the twins kept making more videos, and they did this over time. They went to college at the same time as running their YouTube channel. As their love for YouTube grew, she decided to start her own channel on the site, and she did so. They can keep up with her trips, shopping hauls, and everyday life by watching her videos on her own YouTube account! People think Gabi is just a fashion expert, but she is also a great singer who works with her sister on the lyrics of her songs.

It’s been a long time coming, but the talented women have just released their first music video, called First, on YouTube. They also put on live shows in front of people. Also, Gabi has signed a lot of endorsement deals with a lot of different businesses as well. Even though she is very attractive, she is a typical girl who likes to spend her time shopping, going on vacation, and looking good.

Join her sisters and friends. She also likes having them with her on her trips. Gabi likes to sing, too, and when she isn’t making videos, she’s probably writing lyrics for other people’s songs or writing her own. In addition, the young YouTuber wants to one day start her own makeup line on YouTube. 00RemakeGirls is a YouTube channel that has a lot of information about it.

00RemakeGirls was on YouTube on December 9, 2012, and she did a live version of “Wipes Your Eyes” by Maroon 5 for the video there. They started a new YouTube channel together on July 21, 2013, and it is still going strong today. On July 22, 2013, Gabi and Brandon made their first YouTube video. It has been seen more than a million times, and it was the first one they made.

It was on November 3, 2013, when she did a live version of Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Avenue as part of the 00RemakeGirls show. As part of the 00RemakeGirls project, she did a cover of The Phantom of the Opera on January 4, 2014. Love Me, Harder, by Ariana Grande and Blaise Delfino was her cover of the song. She uploaded it to 00RemakeGirls on November 25, 2014. It was a big hit right away!

Next, on April 19, 2015, she put a cover of Ariana Grande’s Just a Little Bit of Your Heart on her YouTube channel. In the same way, 00RemakeGirls was last updated on July 2, 2015, which was the last time she added something. Good For You is a music video that Selena Gomez and her best friend Allie Bennicas made together. Selena Gomez helped Allie Bennicas make the video.

At a press conference on January 16, 2020, she said her first album will be out in the spring of 2020. She has signed with Roc Nation, a record label in the United States. In the same way, the next day, she said that she had decided to add new songs to the album’s extras.


Later in 2020, she’ll go on the Fancy Vlogs Trip. This will take her across the United States and Europe, where she’ll be joined by Niki, who will sing new music as part of the tour. Her first album, Fancy Friends would have been released in April 2020, if the artist’s plans were correct.

Another reason why Gabi would be a good choice for Ariana Grande’s music video is that Gabi and Ariana look a lot alike. There had been a fight between Gabi and Ariana’s fans just a few months ago. Ariana wanted to surprise her fans and show that she and Justin were not in competition with each other, so she came up with a way to do that.

In sixth grade, Gabriella met her first boyfriend. They were together for a long time. Once before her freshman year began, she had been dating the same guy for 2 years. He ended up with one of her friends instead, and he didn’t even know her! At Notre Dame High School, Gabi was still a student. In October of that year, Gabi started to date, Brandon Grube. This summer, they met up for the first time. It was two months before the start of a new school year.

A plush puppy was given to Gabi as a thank you gift for being invited to Brandon’s senior homecoming. When they were waiting for the bus outside his locker, they had their first kiss. This was the first of many. Brandon and Gabi aren’t the same age, so Gabi had to get permission from her parents before she could accept Brandon as a love partner.

As of July 25, 2015, she was in a relationship with Collin Vogt Their new home was outside Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They lived there until the end of 2018. People call it The Castaway Cottage for a reason, and that’s why they do. In honor of their fourth anniversary, they took a trip to Bermuda, where they want to build a second home in the long run. Gabi and Collin want to start a family together soon, but they don’t know when.

A video Gabi made on August 9, 2019, called “I threw up during an expensive massage,” was shown on youtube. Gabi said that she and Collin plan to raise their kids in Bermuda. Another time, she talked about moving from LA’s “Cinderella Cottage” because she only went there a few times a year. They plan to buy a second home in Bermuda in the next year after they get married, she told the class.

Gabi made a video with Collin the next day in which he said that he would propose to Gabi in the next few weeks. There was also a plan in place for the names of their children. If they had daughters, they would call them Elowyn and Clara. If they had boys, they would call them Eden and River. It’s even more exciting for them because in June or July 2020, they will rent a home in Bermuda for a month. They plan to get married on an island, have fun on a vacation, and see the Northern Lights on their honeymoon.

In terms of height and weight, she is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs around 49 kg. Aside from that, there is no information about how she looks. Her eyes have the same brown tint as her hair, which is dark brown. It turns out that her siblings and parents are all YouTubers, and so are all of her siblings and parents. When Gabi from the “Nick and Gabi” YouTube channel had a lot of fans, she’s become one of the most well-known beauty experts you’ll find on the web. There’s a YouTube channel called “Niki and Me” that she runs with her twin sister, “Niki.” It has more than 4.7 million subscribers.

Her YouTube channel is called “Fancy Vlogs by Gab,” and it is a single channel that only has Gab’s daily videos. As of now, almost a million people have signed up for her YouTube channel. If she has a Twitter account, she can keep her fans up to date on a regular basis. It has a lot of followers: 517,000. Also, Collin Vogt is in a relationship with her. She encouraged him to start a YouTube channel, and she has been very happy to appear in some of his videos to help get the ball rolling! 00RemakeGirls is another YouTube account that she runs with her sister, Alex, and a friend, Niki. They make videos together. This was actually her very first YouTube account.

They started a YouTube account called “00RemakeGirls” in 2012. It had videos about their lives and a “Demi Lovato-inspired curls tutorial,” but it also had other videos about their lives. People were drawn in by their video and wanted to see more, so they wanted to see more. As a child, Gabi always spent her summer vacations watching YouTube videos. She, on the other hand, did not know that she would become so popular on YouTube. As they went through high school, the twins started to make more videos, but it took them a while. They went to college at the same time as they kept their YouTube account up to date. Gabi decided to start her own YouTube channel because her friends were becoming more interested in the site, so she did it.

With her YouTube account, she tells her fans about her trips, shopping trips, and everyday activities. This is a big surprise if you thought Gabi was just a fashion expert. She’s an amazing vocalist who works with her sister to write the lyrics for her songs. This is the music video for the song “First.” It’s very interesting to watch. Live concerts are also a way for them to show off their skills, as well. Some brands have hired Gabi to be a brand ambassador for their products.

Facts About Gabi DeMartino:

Birthday/Birth Date: 5 May 1995 (age 26 years), Pennsylvania, United States
Birth Place: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Age: 26 years
Official TikTok:
Occupation: YouTuber
Height: 5’3″ Females
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Gabi DeMartino:
Net worth: NA
Total TikTok Fans/Followers: 1.8 Million
Facebook Fans: 1.9K
Twitter Followers: 1.1 Million
Total Instagram Followers: 4.4 Million
Total YouTube Followers: 13 Million

Some Important Facts About :

  1. Gabi DeMartino was born on 5 May 1995 (age 26 years), Pennsylvania, United States
  2. Her age is 26 years
  3. Her birth sign is Taurus

Gabi DeMartino Fan Mail address:

Gabi DeMartino,

Gabi DeMartino Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail and More Details

Gabi DeMartino Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website


House address (residence address)Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone Number+1(424)216-6445
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

Gabi DeMartino Phone Number:

Gabi DeMartino Address: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Gabi DeMartino Phone Number: +1(424)216-6445

Gabi DeMartino Whatsapp Number: NA

Gabi DeMartino Email ID/ Email Address:

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Gabi DeMartino Facebook Fan Page:

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Gabi DeMartino Snapchat Profile: NA

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