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Charlie Landsborough

He has a terrific sense of truth, warmth, and genuine compassion, and he is just fantastic to watch in concert. Charlie is not only a talented vocalist, but he is also a terrific composer, and several of his songs, like “I Will Love You All My Life,” have been covered by other artists and become popular. Among the numerous songs that he has written, “What Color Is the Wind” is another fan favourite. To see this guy perform on stage is in and of itself a thrilling event; but, to really make his acquaintance and get to know him on a personal level is an experience that is absolutely mind-boggling.

His nice and extremely modest demeanour makes one want more and leaves you wanting more and leaves you believing you have known him all your life. His way makes one believe they have known him all their lives. His personal concern and kindness toward his fellow man, as well as the people who know and care about him, are only prenominal. Even though I’ve gone to as many of his shows as I can around the nation and have been a fan of his music since 2007, I still can’t get enough of him or the music. I just started listening to his music in 2007. Everything that he does has such an infectious quality to it.  This man will be celebrating his 70th birthday on the road with his tour bus with his wife, son, and a lifelong friend who all work with him. Having just finished a tour of Australia two weeks ago, this man is not afraid of hard graft as he will be celebrating his 70th birthday on the road with his tour bus on October 26th.

On the evening of Charlie’s birthday, he will be in Northing, and I will be there as well, just to take part in some of the magic that this guy has. However, I am certain that he will still recognise me in the crowd and play a song especially for me since he has seen me so many times before and is aware of the fact that I was given the news unexpectedly that I am becoming blind. I am only one of the many, many individuals to whom Charlie extends his personal touch and generosity, but I am aware that even casual admirers will be thankful for the rest of their lives for what he does and what he stands for. It is generally known that Charlie and his five-piece band play to sold-out crowds and that Charlie is able to keep concertgoers fascinated with his passionate and revealing lyrics as well as his extremely personal tales throughout their performances.

Charlie Landsborough is a musician whose music defies categorization; at times, he plays folk music; at other times, country music; at other times, rock and roll; and at other times, gospel. If you walk into a music store, you could discover Charlie’s music in the country or easy listening department. However, this betrays the character of a guy who is uncomfortable with classifications but spans a variety of musical styles, since Charlie’s music can be found in all of these categories. Charlie was, for a significant amount of time, uncertain of his own talents. In fact, when he first took the initial tentative steps as a songwriter, it was more as a vehicle to showcase his vocal talents than to express his own personal insights; however, as anyone who has listened to Charlie’s music would agree, he shows a depth of compassion and understanding which seems almost incongruous to his simplistic yet captivating style. Charlie’s music has been described as having “a depth of compassion and understanding which seems

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His own personal song writing blends easily on the ear and is always inspirational; the powerful and often personal lyric content mixed with his wit and repartee has led to a winning formula that has earned him admiration from fellow professionals and fans alike. His wit and repartee have led to a winning formula that has earned him admiration from fellow professionals and fans alike. Charlie is a prolific composer who has inspired several notable artists, including Jack Jones, Pat Boone, Foster and Allen, George Hamilton IV, and Daniel O’Donnell, to record their own versions of his tunes. Since 1995, Charlie has been touring the United Kingdom and Ireland twice per year, which has helped him develop a significant fan base for his live performances. He has given performances at the majority of the world’s most prestigious concert halls and theatres, including the London Palladium, the Labatt’s Apollo, the Birmingham Symphony Hall, the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, the Belfast Opera House, the Belfast Waterfront, and Dublin’s National Concert Hall.

The Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra performed alongside Charlie and his band during the prestigious Liverpool Summer Pops festival, which took place in front of a sell-out crowd of more than 4,000 people. Charlie also played the headline slot at Birmingham’s sold-out charity night at the Symphony Hall, not to mention playing to packed houses all over the world. It would be impossible to include all of Charlie’s accomplishments in one article due to the sheer number of them; nevertheless, we will note that he has received awards for Best Songwriter, Best Song, Best Male Vocalist, Best Album, and International Country Album of the year. In addition to that, the Country Music Association Awards in Nashville have considered him a candidate for the category of Best Global Country Artist.

Many of his albums have reached number one on the country charts and have also broken into the top ten on the pop charts in the UK. He is a genuine celebrity who has an enormous amount of skill and has sold well over a million CDs. After over three decades of toiling in obscurity, Charlie finally got notoriety; as a result, he serves as an inspiring example to all of us on the need of perseverance, adopting a “never give in” mentality and remarkable belief in order to get there. He worked as a teacher, among other things, while he continued to compose and perform on a semi-professional basis. However, by the year 1994, he started to have the impression that his aspirations would not be realised. He has shown that despite the challenges that life might throw our way and the unexpected turns that fate can take, brilliance can always emerge victorious in the end.

Don’t believe everything you read in the music media; age is not a factor in achieving success; what’s more essential is unwavering determination and unadulterated skill. Particularly one song was going to have a profound impact on his life. What Color is the Wind is a book written by Charlie that chronicles the narrative of a young blind youngster and his efforts to see the world around him. As a direct consequence of Gerry Anderson playing the tune on radio in Northern Ireland, the song was brought to the attention of television chat show presenter Pat Kenny in Dublin, who requested Charlie to perform on his very successful Kenny Live programme (RTE January 1995). Following Charlie’s appearance, the show received the highest number of calls it had ever received. One week later, Charlie’s album, also titled What Color is the Wind, shot to the top of the Irish charts, dethroning Garth Brooks, who had been there previously, and beating out fierce competition from Celine Dion and The Chieftains.

For Charlie, this was like a dream come true, and ever since then, he has gone from strength to strength, and is now one of the performers in Irish music who has sold the most records in the history of the genre. Following his first popularity, Charlie has made appearances on a number of other television series. In particular, his performance on GMTV and the now much missed Pebble Mill Live, which resulted in the switchboard being jammed with a record number of enquiries to the show – plus many more appearances on T.V.

Charlie’s ability and notoriety have led to many more significant events, one of which was an invitation to finish Ireland’s Special Paraplegic Olympics with his own song, also titled “Special.” Additionally, he was George Hamilton IV’s guest on the Grand Ole Opry for a total of three nights. He is not only gifted with a beautiful voice, but he also has a great deal of aptitude when it comes to creating songs. He had a variety of occupations throughout his life, culminating in the position of educator. This provided him with a solid foundation from which to draw inspiration for writing the timeless melodies that bear his name. Through the use of these songs, he is capable of causing you to cry tears of despair, then tears of pleasure, then complete happiness, with your feet tapping and the desire to dance in your heart.

Gerry Anderson, who works for BBC TV, offered a comment that encapsulates the situation perfectly: “Charlie is like excellent wine; he grows quietly over a long period of time, and when the cork is opened, it was well worth the wait.” I was born on October 26th, 1941, making me the eleventh and last child in my family. My mother was transferred to Wrexham in order for her to survive the bombing, and she didn’t come back to Merseyside until after I was born. Aggie was the name of my mother, and my name, Charles Alexander, was given to me after my father. My cherished siblings are Harry, Derek, Arthur, Jack, Dot, Sylvia, Doreen, and Joyce. Harry is the oldest, and Derek is the youngest.

I spent my childhood in the dockland neighbourhood of Birkenhead, and the view from our front window consisted of a variety of different things, including docks, landfills, railway lines, oil plants, and the coal wharf. Although it may seem gloomy, my upbringing was everything from that. My childhood was filled with joy since I spent it in the company of a kind and supportive family, many animals, and of course, music. In addition to the guitars and other musical instruments, each of my brothers was a sailor, and they often brought presents back from their travels throughout the globe. I remember being mesmerized by the aroma of the wood in a guitar that had been brought all the way from Spain, having my imagination set ablaze by the sight of a small canoe that had been carved by natives of West Africa, receiving pistols with real revolving chambers from the United States, and purchasing my very first pair of dungarees from Canada. It’s no surprise that I was so excited to see each of my brothers when they had returned from their respective vacations.

The three brothers that belong to Charlie, seen above from left to right: Arthur, Derek, and Harry One of Charlie’s other brothers is named Jack, who may be seen in the picture above. Our home was always jam-packed with pets, and in addition to canines and felines, we also maintained chickens and ducks in the backyard at one point or another. There were also birds, including budgies, canaries, and finches, as well as a very unusual present in the form of a monkey that had been brought in by my brother Harry. This quaint little treat, which had the unoriginal name of Jacko, helped me gain a lot of popularity among my schoolmates. Aside from these things, my brother Jack, who was a kind of scouse version of Saint Francis, was always bringing home a variety of four-legged orphans and strays.

I recently went inside that home, which is scheduled to be demolished soon, in order to have one final look around for the sake of sentimentality. In my head, it had seemed to be a lot larger than it really was. In point of fact, it was really little, and it boggled my mind to consider how such a large number of people and animals could have called it home. My father informed me that when I was approximately three years old, I would sing myself to sleep even though I was always surrounded by music. One of my earliest memories is of sitting on his knee at a party and duetting with him on the song “You Take the Tables and I’ll Take the Chairs.” He was a ballad singer and was known in the area as the Silver Voiced Tenor. Gracie Fields and Hank Williams were two of my mother’s all-time favourite performers; what a unique combo!

The first guitars I’d ever seen belonged to my brothers, who were returning from their travels with them. They also brought back amazing country music by performers like Hank Williams, Jimmy Rodgers, Ferlin Husky, and Montana Slim. They often came home with a large group of friends and a case of beer, and I would sit mesmerized as they passed the time by giggling and singing together for many hours. Back when I was in elementary school, I had shoulder-length blonde hair (yeah, I always had long hair), and for a time I wavered between the aspirations of being a great artist or a great football player (see the photo!). At the time that this photograph was taken, the long hair had been trimmed short; I believe that my brother Arthur was responsible for this basin-cut, which was so named because it was common practise to place a basin over one’s head and cut around it in the days when barbers were expensive.

Charlie is shown here with his sisters Doreen, Joyce, and Sylvia, from left to right. When Charlie was in elementary school, he would often demonstrate his artistic abilities. My brother caught me off guard when he saw me attempting to play the guitar when I was around fourteen years old and attending Grammar School. I believe I had mastered the first few notes of the Harry Lime theme by that point. He paid no attention to my awkwardness and instead demonstrated a few chords to me. I was hooked! I used to stay up till the wee hours playing Hank, Elvis, Jimmy Rodgers, and other artists. My education began to suffer, and my headmaster, the kind Mr. King, later remarked that I’d had a good academic future ahead of me until I’d discovered that “damn banjo.” My education began to suffer, and my headmaster later remarked that I’d had a good academic future ahead of me until I’d discovered that “damn banjo.” All praise be to God for that “damn banjo.”

When my mother passed away when I was just twelve years old, I became somewhat disillusioned with the world, and as a result, I left school earlier than usual and made occasional appearances in the workplace. I started off as an apprentice telephone engineer, then moved on to working on the railroads and in wheat mills, and finally found myself attempting to fit in with the guys. I will never forget the day that I was taken to the courthouse on a bus with a few other people. I was restrained in shackles while I listened to the radio and heard Elvis Presley’s “Don’t” and the exquisite Ella Fitzgerald’s “Every Time We Say Goodbye.” I was really hoping that the titles didn’t have any hidden meanings in them at all. I was fortunate enough to be granted probation, and after being appropriately humbled by the whole event, I went home to my family, who thanked me and forgave me.

However, I quickly became dissatisfied with my circumstances and came to the conclusion that the only way to satisfy my need for adventure was to travel, just as my brothers had done before me. After seeing that the Navy Office was closed, I enlisted in the Army without telling any of my relatives about my decision. My sisters were inconsolable, but I forge ahead to Wales, equipped with my guitar and sporting a D.A. haircut, in order to complete my training. After that, I submitted an application to work in Hong Kong, but the army followed the standard procedure, so I ended up in West Germany instead. I began playing in bands with names like the Rockoons and the Onions, and I met a lot of wonderful friends while I was there. I still keep in touch with some of those people when I go on my trips.

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The Cuban missile crisis is one event from my time in the service that will stay with me forever. Due to the fact that I was just forty kilometres from the border, I was sure that my life would end in a relatively short amount of time. After entering the NATO camps, which were a hub of activity, the situation became more chaotic. What did I discover when I returned to our camping area? Our guys were busy sprucing up the flooring and the knobs of the lockers in preparation for an inspection the following day. How happy I was when I saw that the Russian warships had turned! After four wonderful years, I reached a point when I needed a change and decided to buy my way out. According to my military record, I am a smart and dependable individual who is also a fast runner. That’s not exactly the most illustrious profession, is it? Despite this, I was able to pick up German and figure out how to have a drink with people from different parts of the United Kingdom without passing out.

When I got out of the service, I went back to Birkenhead, where I found myself unemployed. I moved to Coventry, and after working there for a while as a postman, I made the decision to go back to Germany. I had approximately the value of a half crown on me when I showed up in Dortmund for the audition for the band that would later be known as Chicago Sect. Back in my hometown, I used to perform country songs and ballads in the local bars, but I didn’t know anything about Tamla, Motown, rock, or any of those other genres. As I shook my head in response to each song that the band recommended, they were not impressed by my level of ignorance. Someone asked me whether I was familiar with Ray Charles just when it seemed that I might have to take a hitchhike back home. It was Georgia I knew! I sang it and was in. We are grateful to you, Hoagie Carmichael!

During the period that I spent in Dortmund, which was around nine months, I got married to Thelma, who had been a dream of mine since since I had first seen her in Birkenhead when I was a youngster. I was supposed to be putting money down for our future while I was in Dortmund, but the truth is that I had a great time there and came back broke. Thelma paid for my suit for the wedding with a check from her mother, and she, together with our two witnesses (who were the only other people there outside the priest), paid for everything else, including our drinks and other expenses. We celebrated at Murphy’s, the neighbourhood bar, unbeknownst to anybody else there. Although I was a member of many local bands and had a variety of jobs during the day, I became a little more responsible once I got married. I worked as a manager at a grocery store, a driver, in the military, as a quality control engineer (I bluffed my way into the job), and I eventually became a teacher. My dreams were always about music, no matter what.

During the years that I spent teaching, I started writing songs in an effort to realise my dream of being a professional singer and to achieve the level of musical acclaim that I desired. Ironically, I started making a reputation for myself as a writer, but people ignored my singing talent. On the other hand, as a result of my songs, I started talking to individuals who would go on to become some of my closest friends. People such as George Hamilton IV and Daniel O’Donnell, as well as Foster and Allen, of course. Tony Allen was the one who first invited me to Ireland, and ever since then, I’ve made it a point to visit the country. I really like the intoxicating combination of pleasure and sorrow, anarchy and respect, the humour, the music, the people, and of course, the occasional pint of Guinness!

I had arrived in the year 1994 with the impression that almost all of my efforts had been in vain, and I had questioned God as to why he had blessed me with musical skills while also stymieing my efforts at every turn. I found that as soon as I gave over control of my will to God, He moved quickly and strongly on my behalf. With the assistance of Gerry Anderson, Pat Kenny, several Irish DJs, the Irish people, and of course Ritz Records, my goals and ambitions gradually started coming true. I have no doubt that this will be the case if we continue to get support from all of the wonderful individuals that we have met throughout the whole of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, including you. I pray that God will bless you and reward you abundantly for everything that you have done for me and my family, including Thelma, Charlie Jr., Allan, and Jamie. Yours, Charlie.

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