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Ceeday Wiki/Bio

A lot of people know Ceeday because he plays a game called “Fortnite” on the “YouTube” platform. Ceeday was born in the United States of America on May 16, 1998, and she lives there now. His name is William. Also, he goes by “Will.” In Ceeday’s family, there are two siblings. One is an elder brother and the other is younger.

Then, in October of 2014, Ceeday started his own “YouTube account.” In September of 2016, he did, however, show off his first music video on YouTube. He used to go by the name “Ceedaygaming” when he was younger.

A popular online-only first-person shooter game called “Destiny” was where he spent most of his time making videos. Ceeday released the first gameplay video for “Destiny” at the end of 2016. It was called “Asylum- Trials Highlights & Loot 11/25/16,” and it featured highlights from the game’s Asylum mode. In addition, he made videos for other popular games that were available at the time.

2017 was a good year for Ceeday. It was fun for him to use humour to make his gaming videos more interesting. In the wake of this, he quickly grew his fan base to a large number. Ceeday’s funny gaming videos were what helped him get more people to subscribe to his YouTube account. When he started making videos for the new computer game “Fortnite,” the pace of his career sped up a lot.

His “Fortnite” videos have had more than a million “views,” which he says is because of his hard work. Before this happened, he released his first “Fortnite” video in April. This happened only two months after that. Most of the channel’s “Fortnite” movies have been watched more than a million times, according to its statistics.

Ceeday Phone Number

It’s the most popular Fortnite videos on YouTube if you watch the videos that show the default skins. These movies show Ceeday as a default skin player, as well as supporting and joking around with other default skin players at different points in the movie.
The YouTuber is also well-known for taking on “Fortnite” challenges, which add new twists to the gameplay videos that people watch on the site. He has to use new weapons and equipment that have just been added to the game “Fortnite.” This is the bulk of his work. This is the most popular “Fortnite” video on the channel’s YouTube channel. The video called “Port-A-Fort-Failure” is the most popular one. More than four million people have signed up to get news from the channel.

Ceeday has a lot of fans on YouTube, but he didn’t post anything for about a month between July and August this year. He made a video for the game “DRUM GUNS 1” the last time. After that, he gave an explanation for why he wasn’t there, saying that he was moving. His fans didn’t believe him for a second.

This is what the title of a video by Ceeday said when it was released on August 7, 2018. In this video, he talks about why he hasn’t been part of the community. Online video game player Ceeday is from the United States and is very good at it. In the last few years, he has become famous for his funny ‘Fortnite’ gameplay videos that he posts to his YouTube channel. For his first videos, he played the video game “Destiny.” Later, he turned his attention to the video game “Fortnite.” Because of his ‘Fortnite’ gameplay videos on YouTube, he has a lot of fans there now. His videos are known for having comic-book-style elements in them. When he plays, he also takes part in other “Fortnite” challenges, which adds excitement to the gameplay videos. Ceeday has had a lot of success in the gaming industry, and has a lot of fans. The number of people who follow him on YouTube is close to four million at this time.

Ceeday is now thought to be one of the most popular “Fortnite” gamers on “YouTube,” having more than a million subscribers on the video site. As for him, he hasn’t told anyone about himself.

The first time Ceeday set up his own YouTube account was in October of 2014. He did, however, post his first YouTube video in September 2016. He used to go by the name “Ceedaygaming” when he was younger. The popular online-only first-person shooter game “Destiny,” which he played often, was the subject of most of his videos. A video called ‘Asylum- Trials Highlights & Loot 11/25/16’ came out at the end of 2016, and it was made by Ceeday. In addition, he made videos for other popular games during the same time.

There were a lot of people who knew Ceeday in 2017. It was fun to watch him play the game in his videos. This led to him having a huge following right away. He made funny gaming videos that helped grow his YouTube channel, which now has a lot of followers. When he started making movies for the new video game “Fortnite,” he saw even more of a rise in popularity. His ‘Fortnite’ movies helped him get more than a million ‘views.’ After his first “Fortnite” video, which went viral, came out less than two months ago.

Between July and August of last year, Ceeday didn’t post anything on YouTube, even though he had many fans. It was the last video game he played. It turned out that his family had moved to a new house and he couldn’t make it.

This is a video that Ceeday made called “I SURVIVED LIGMA.” It was made on August 7, 2018. There is no more video. It’s here that he tells us why he hasn’t been very active and how that’s why.


There are a lot of videos on the channel about “Fortnite” that have had more than a million “views.” People who watch a lot of “Fortnite” videos on YouTube talk about the default skins that come with the game. As a default skin player, Ceeday can be seen in these movies. At times, he helps and taunts other default skin players. He is also well-known for taking part in “Fortnite challenges,” which add new twists to the games he makes into movies that people watch. His main job is to use weapons or items that have only recently been added to “Fortnite,” so most of his work is done with them. Most people have seen the video called “Port-A Fort-Failure” on the channel. As many as four million people have signed up.

In the past, Ceeday hasn’t done as well on other social media sites as he has on YouTube. As of today, more than 228 thousand people are following him on Instagram. The number of people who follow him on Twitter stands at a little more than 37,000. Ceeday: In the old days, it used to be called Ceedaygaming. Now, it’s called William Wilson. A YouTuber and a comic gamer from the United States are two of the things that he does. Fortnite Battle Royale and Destiny aren’t the only games he likes to play. He also likes to play a lot of other popular video games. A lot of people follow him on YouTube. There are over 370 videos on his account and he has a lot more than 6 million followers.

Ceeday was born in the United States on May 16, 1998, and he or she was born there. When he was born, his real name was William Wilson.  He has at least two younger siblings, if not more. He has a lot of them, and they are all very close to him. He hasn’t been found yet (his Twitter says, New York). Then, in July of 2018, he moved to a new house (or so he says). He will be 23 years old in 2020, so he can go to college. Born in the United States of America on May 16, 1998. Every May 16, he throws a party for his birthday. When they were born, they were born under the sign of Taurus.

For his age, he’s about the right height. Based on the pictures that have been taken, it looks like he has a lot of height. In terms of his height and other physical measurements, however, the general public doesn’t know any more about them at this point in time. When new information comes to light, we will make changes to this section.

No one knows where he went to school or college while in the country. If we get the information we need, we will add to this section as soon as we can do so.

There, they raised him. Ceeday was born and raised in that place, and she moved there when she was a child. People do not know who his parents are, so we don’t know what their names are. Because his siblings aren’t known, we don’t know for sure whether or not he has any. Whenever this information is available, we’ll make changes to the text in this section.

As far as we know, he hasn’t made any of his relationships with other people public yet. If he is married or not, it’s not clear. Information about his partner will change when more is learned.

His net worth is said to be somewhere between $1 million and $5 million. His main source of income is being on YouTube and making videos. With all his different jobs, he has a lot of money. He likes to live an easy life.

People in the United States know Wilson from his YouTube videos about the game Fortnite: Battle Royale that make fun of things that happen. William was famous because of fate. His YouTube channel has been going since the start. Since then, he has made videos about the game. The reason he left Destiny was because he had grown so much as a person because he had made content for Fortnite so much.

It’s also well-known that he does challenges in Fortnite so there are more twists and hard tasks to do in the game. In many cases, he has to use new weapons when he takes on new tasks. To hold no more than five of the same weapon at the same time.

As far as YouTubers go, he is undoubtedly the most popular Fortnite player when it comes to the number of people who watch his videos on YouTube. Most of the people who play Fortnite watch his videos, which is more than the whole group. Most of the time, when he posts a new video on Trending for Gaming, his is the most popular. Ceeday is a well-known YouTuber who has been getting a lot of attention because of his work with the popular video game Fortnite. Ceeday is from New York City. It’s his real name. He is thought to be worth $2 million. His videos are mostly about games, like videos about Fortnite. This is what he talks about.

People pay attention to him when he pretends to be a default skin player in his videos, so they get a lot of attention Before making videos about the Destiny video game, CeedayGaming was his YouTube name. In 2017, he became a funny gamer.

Facts About Ceeday:

Birthday/Birth Date:  May 16, 1998
Birth Place: New York
Age: 23
Official TikTok:
Occupation: YouTube Star
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Ceeday:
Net worth: NA
Total TikTok Fans/Followers:
Facebook Fans:
Twitter Followers:
Total Instagram Followers:
Total YouTube Followers:

Some Important Facts About :

  1. Ceeday was born on May 16, 1998
  2. His age is 23
  3. His birth sign is Taurus

Ceeday Fan Mail address:

New York

Ceeday Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail and More Details

Ceeday Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Email AddressNA


Facebook NA
House address (residence address)New York
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ceeday98/?hl=en
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone Number+1(228)231-9198
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Twitter NA
Whatsapp No.NA

Ceeday Phone Number:

Ceeday Address: New York

Ceeday Phone Number: +1(228)231-9198

Ceeday Whatsapp Number: NA

Ceeday Email ID/ Email Address: NA

Ceeday Social Profiles

Ceeday Facebook Fan Page: NA

Ceeday Twitter Handle: NA

Ceeday Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/ceeday98/?hl=en

Ceeday Snapchat Profile: NA

Ceeday YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZyxY8Q7xgUCXfFViWkjrSw/featured

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