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Bose Corporation Corporate Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address, and Corporate Office Info

Dr. Amar G. Bose, an electrical engineering professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, created Bose Corporation in 1964 after being dissatisfied with the sound quality of a newly purchased stereo. He introduced a speaker system four years later that came close to replicating the feeling of live music. Today, the company produces music and home entertainment systems, as well as loudspeakers for use in the home, automobiles, and professional settings. Additionally, Bose manufactures noise-canceling headphones for aircraft and consumer use. Amar Bose gave his interest in the Bose Corporation to MIT in April 2011. The university will play no part in the business.”

Amar G. Bose launched the company in 1964. Bose, then a graduate student at MIT, had purchased a stereo system eight years beforehand and was dissatisfied with its performance. This prompted him to investigate the role of reverberant (indirect) sound in determining perceived audio quality.

Bose began considerable study aimed at elucidating what he perceived to be inherent flaws in high-end audio systems. The system’s primary flaws, in his opinion, were that the overall design of the electronics and speaker failed to account for the spatial properties of the radiated sound in typical listening spaces (homes and apartments) and the implications of spatiality for psychoacoustics, specifically the listener’s head as a sonic diffraction object. He founded the firm eight years later, charging it with the purpose of achieving “Better Sound Through Research,” the business’s current slogan.

“One magazine in the United States, a very respected publication, included a reviewer named Norman Eisenburg who was extremely knowledgeable about music. I used to take the loudspeaker to the reviewer in those days. I loaded my son and megaphone into my car and drove away. I positioned this small device on top of the large speakers he was using and turned it on; within five minutes, he said, ‘I don’t care if this is made of green cheese; this is the best sound, the most realistic sound, I’ve ever heard.’ He published an article titled ‘Surround and Conquer’. He was not known to do such things. Every member of the press recognised his musical expertise, which resulted in fantastic evaluations one after the other, and we were able to survive.”

The model 2201, Bose’s first loudspeaker product, scattered 22 compact mid-range speakers throughout an eighth of a sphere. It was designed to be placed in a room’s corner, utilising reflections off the walls to expand the room’s perceived size. The frequency spectrum of this system was flattened using an electrical equalisation. The listening tests yielded unsatisfactory results.

Bose concluded from this research that incomplete knowledge of psychoacoustics inhibits one’s ability to quantitatively define any two arbitrary sounds experienced differently, as well as to appropriately characterise and quantify all aspects of perceived quality. For example, he feels that distortion is greatly exaggerated as a factor in the perceived quality of the complex sounds that make music.

Similarly, he does not believe that other easily measured parameters of loudspeakers and electronics have any measurable relationship to perceived quality, and hence does not publish those specs for Bose products. Bose believes that the final criterion is the listener’s sense of audio quality (or lack thereof) and personal preferences. This unwillingness to provide data is a result of Bose’s rejection of these measurements in favour of “more relevant measurement and evaluation techniques.”

Bose Corporation Corporate Headquarters Address and Phone Number
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Bose Corporation Corporate Headquarters Address

Bose Corporation

The Mountain Framingham

MA 01701 USA

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Bose Corporation Headquarters Address: 4th Floor, Tower B, Building No. 10, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase-II, Gurugram, Haryana 122002, India

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