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Andy Schrock Wiki/Bio

Andy Schrock

In addition to his own YouTube account, Andy Schrock also has a personal YouTube channel, where he posts videos about skateboarding, stand-up comedy, and his personal life. He also has a channel for his own videos. Even though he has written books, Andy Schrock is also very good at business. He has his own skateboarding businesses, and they are all very profitable.

When Andy Schrock turns 37 in the year 2021, his life will be over. On January 19, 1984, he was born at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born to parents who lived there. That’s what his birth sign is called, and it is called Capricorn. She and her husband were born in the United States.

The first time Andy Schrock worked was in 2009. He started on the video-sharing site YouTube in that year. In addition to videos about skateboarding and comedy, his own YouTube channel also has videos about his own life. In addition, he is a published author and the owner or manager of a number of skating-related businesses.

After getting more than one million subscribers on YouTube in July 2016, he did it again in August 2016. He also owns and runs FORCE Skateboard Wheels and ReVive Skateboards, both of which he started and made. Over 60 million people have seen “How to Play with Your Toddler 101: PlayGround,” a video he made with his older son that has gone viral. It shows how to play with your toddler. In September of 2014, he posted a video on YouTube called “2-Year-Old Skater Meets Tony Hawk!”

Andy Schrock wikiPeople have seen his most popular video, “We Want Revenge 3: Spots Needed,” a lot. “How to 3 Flip (Or Die)” is also very popular. If you want to watch more of “Hollywood High 16: Crazy Guy Harasses Skateboarders,” you can find two of the episodes on Netflix. When he used YouTube, the videos that were the most popular in 2009 and 2010 were the following: His and his friends came up with the name “We Want Revenge” after making short videos to promote longer skateboarding videos on YouTube in 2009.

In addition to skating, he posts videos that show the funny side of pranks and real-life situations. As he said in the video, “20,000 Subs!,” he became famous in his professional life when he reached 20,000 subscribers on August 19, 2011. He did this on YouTube at the time. ‘Revenge! Girlfriend!?’ I yelled out. Finally, in July 2016, he passed the one million subscriber mark on his YouTube channel, which was a big deal for him. Another time in 2014, he started to appear in videos with his son Ryden, who is now 13. His son made a video called “How To Play With Your Toddler 101: PlayGround!” on April 30, 2015. It was called “How To Play With Your Toddler 101: PlayGround!” Over 65 million people have already seen the video.

Among other things, he is the founder of two skateboarding brands: ReVive Skateboards and Force Wheels. Other than that, he’s been cast as Gibby in the upcoming TV show “Paved New World,” which is about a young man coming of age. He was also a member of the TurboToyTime web-based group of people who talked about toys. He has also skateboarded for a few smaller sponsors and has made his own skate videos when he has time on his own. His novels have not been published because there hasn’t been enough money for him to do so.

Andy Schrock has made a lot of money on YouTube and has his own channel. Because he makes a lot of money, he can afford to live a good life. It’s a big deal for Andy Schrock to be a YouTube star and a skateboarder. He also owns ReVive Skateboards and is a co-owner of Force Wheels. He was born in California and raised in California, so he was born and raised there.

For his YouTube channel, Andrew Schrock, he posts videos about skateboarding, skateboarding, comedy, and his daily life. You can find these videos on Andrew Schrock. In some of his videos, there are other professional skateboarders, which isn’t very often. His son Ryden is also a big part of many of these stories. They show how the father and son team get into all kinds of trouble together. One million people follow him on YouTube, and his channel was one of the most popular in 2016.

He has made a lot of films called “Father-Son.” Some of the most popular are “How To Play With Your Toddler 101: PlayGround!” and “Father-Son Golf Trickshot / The Loop.” He has the same level of popularity on other social media sites, like Twitter and Instagram. People who skateboard and do business with him use them to spread the word about them. A book called “Yesterday Erased,” which came out in 2013, is the end of his work.

A fast-food cashier was the first job Andy Schrock had. He then started making videos for his YouTube account. For small sponsorships before starting his YouTube channel, he also competed as an amateur skateboarder and won some small prizes for it. This happened on June 11, 2007. He made a YouTube account. It began with videos on YouTube with titles like “Funniest Montage Ever (720 double flips)” and “How NOT to Skate a 13 Stair Handrail.” These videos quickly gained a lot of subscribers. When he started making videos in late 2009, he started spending more time on them and posting things like “Andy Schrock – YouTube Skate Part.” It was easier for him to become a YouTube partner when more people started to follow his channel, which made it easier.Andy Schrock picture


In 2009 and 2010, he started getting a lot of attention for the videos he put on YouTube. “Hollywood High 16: Crazy Guy Harasses Skateboarders,” “We want Revenge 3: Spots are needed,” “How to 3 Flip (Or Die),” and “Public Pranks: Fast Food Idiot” were some of the most popular. They were all made between 2009 and 2010. A series of full-length skateboarding videos called “We Want ReVenge” that he and his friends made in 2009 was a big hit on YouTube, so they made more videos. “ReVenge Skateboards” is the name of a company that makes skate boards. This is in addition to how popular the YouTube series is. There has been a rise in demand for the skateboarding items that were shown in the films

There was more to him than this. He also made videos about pranks and real-life events that made people laugh. Date: This took place on August 19, 2011. He made a video called “20,000 Subscribers!,” which he made to show how many people had joined. As soon as I heard the words “revenge” and “girlfriend” Andy Schrock’s YouTube channel reached a big goal in July of 2016. He had more than one million subscribers at the time. In 2014, he started posting videos of his son Ryden online, which helped him get a lot of people to follow him.

Video 101: PlayGround! has been watched by more than 65 million people since it was made in April 2015. In addition to Father-Son Basketball Time, Father-Son Play Time, and Father-Son Dog at the Skatepark!, he has a lot of other videos that people like. When he’s not running these businesses, he also owns two skateboard companies called “Force Wheels” and “Revive Skates.” Businesses: These are two separate things that happen. TV show “Paved New World” has also cast Andy as the lead in the show about coming of age. In 2018, the show will be on TV.

The date that Andy Schrock was born in the city of Cincinnati was on January 19, 1984. State: Ohio, United States. When he and Brittany Lynn got married on July 29, 2013, it was a private event. Their first child was born on January 28, 2012. Ryden is their first child, and he was born on that day in 2012. Then, Ryden was born 7-8 weeks early and had to stay in the hospital for two months because he was so small. He was kept in a very specialised care unit for a long time. Finally, on March 26, 2012, he saw his family again. His wife and son are often in his videos.Andy Schrock image

He is the right size and weight for him. It’s because of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram that Anders Schrock has become a big star. A lot of people like him on YouTube as well. Since the beginning of the year there have been a lot of people who have been following him.

ReVive Skates and Force Wheels are two companies that Andy Schrock started with his brother. He is also an author, professional skateboarder, and co-founder of the companies, which are both now well-known in the skateboarding world. As a skateboarder, he is also very good.

His name is still known even though he has a wife and kids now. He made it when he did crazy skateboard tricks in front of millions of people when he was younger. When he has more than 4 million Instagram followers by 2021, he’ll let his son do some of the crazy things that he does.

When things seem like they’re out of this world, he always rises to the occasion. People already know a lot about the YouTube star who has had more than 3 billion views. People who were born on the 19th of January are called Andrew Schrock. His birthday was January 19th, 1984.

Since he was young, Andy hasn’t told anyone about his past. He has been happy to show off the family he has built over the years. In the same year that Ryden was born, Andy had a long-term girlfriend named Brittany Lynn, who was also his best friend. Their first child was born together. After eight weeks, Ryden was born on January 28, 2012, which was the 28th of January that year.

To keep the baby safe, he had to stay in intensive care until his due date came around, which was almost two months early. The 26th of March finally came, and he was able to go home with his mother and father.

After going through a lot together, Andy and Brittany were ready to take a chance on a new friendship. On July 29, 2013, they said “Yes.” In Florida, they were on the beach when they heard the news about it. They didn’t make a big deal about Syria Allen Schrock coming into the world a few more years later.Andy Schrock b‭io

Facts About Andy Schrock:

Birthday/Birth Date:  January 19, 1984
Birth Place: Cincinnati
Age: 36
Official TikTok:
Occupation: YouTuber
Height: 6 feet
Popular Friends: NA

Business Facts:

Salary of Andy Schrock:
Net worth: $1,500,000-$2,000,000 (More info Below)
Total TikTok Fans/Followers: 481.6K  
Facebook Fans: 114K
Twitter Followers: 37.8K
Total Instagram Followers: 248k
Total YouTube Followers: 4.44 Million

Some Important Facts About :

  1. Andy Schrock was born on January 19, 1984
  2. His age is 36
  3. His birth sign is Capricorn

Andy Schrock Fan Mail address:

Andy Schrock,

Andy Schrock Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Info, Texting Number, Fanmail and More Details

Andy Schrock Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website


House address (residence address)Cincinnati
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone Number+1(516)912-0011
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

Andy Schrock Phone Number:

Andy Schrock Address: Cincinnati

Andy Schrock Phone Number: +1(516)912-0011

Andy Schrock Whatsapp Number: NA

Andy Schrock Email ID/ Email Address:

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Andy Schrock Facebook Fan Page:

Andy Schrock Twitter Handle:

Andy Schrock Instagram Profile:

Andy Schrock Snapchat Profile: NA

Andy Schrock YouTube Channel:

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